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Brian Francisco
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
College: Northampton Community College
Occupation: Sales
* Entry Submitted: 1/2/10


Nichua M. Liaci (Williams)
Spouse: Michael
Residence: Tatamy, PA
Children: Julian Liaci; Aaliyah
College: Allentown Business School
Occupation: Corrections Officer


Natalie (Fatta) Huber
Spouse: Michael Huber
Residence: Easton, PA
Children: Michael Samuel Huber 11/13/07 & Rocky- our boston terrier!
College: Moravian College, Lehigh University
Occupation: School Counselor
Other: Wow--there are so many many memories from All Saints that I wouldn't know where to begin.  I made my best friends there and miss everyone I don't get to see anymore. Keep in touch, guys!

Kylee Herrick
Spouse: STILL none!!
Residence: Gaithersburg, MD
Children: None, but I have 2 doggies, Tucker and Ella!  They're the sweetest!!
College: University of New Mexico
Occupation: Business Owner/Chef, I have a gourmet dog bakery, but I also cook for humans and I am soon going to Italy to train!  :)
Other: I maintain "Pirates" was good times! :)  I wish ASRS had stayed open long enough for our class to graduate, but I will always remember it as my alma mater.  Love you all!! :)

Eric Hungarter
Spouse: none
Residence: Lopatcong, NJ
Children: none
College: Mount Saint Mary College
Occupation: Air Transportation Supervisor, USA 3000 Airlines
Other: In response to Kylee Herricks comment about Pirates of Penzance.  It grossed $17.00, an all time low for a theater performance.  My brother Jeff was destroyed and he has never been the same.

Christine (Koonce) Shaffer
1997 - Bethlehem Catholic
Spouse: Donovan Shaffer
Residence: Allentown, PA
Children: Dylan Scott born 9/1/06; Drew Carter born 2/23/08
College: B.A. Psychology from Moravian College
Occupation: Staffing, Robert Half Int

Raffaella Riotto
1997 - by way of Bethlehem Catholic High School
Spouse: single
Residence: Naperville, IL
College: BS in International Business from The College of New Jersey; MBA with a Marketing Management Concentration from DePaul University of Chicago (currently in progress)
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales Representative for Janssen Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals (Johnson & Johnson)
Other: To my Jersey girls- Nat, Anna, and Chrissy -- I miss you guys!


Maria C. Alvarez
Spouse: Not married
Residence: New Brunswick, NJ
Children: 1 son (2 1/2 years old)
College: Jersey City State College, Jersey City , NJ
Occupation: Executive Director of nonprofit organization
Other: B.A in History

Kevin Casey
1996 Notre Dame of Green Pond
Spouse: Karen
Children: Logan and another due in July 07
Occupation: Chemical Tech for pharmacutical company

Theresa Catalli
1996 from PHS
Residence: still in P'burg
Children: Michael Vincent (10/30/02)
College: WCCC, Lehigh Valley College
Occupation: Career Services at LVC, and Phillipsburg Care Center
Other: I MISS YOU GUYS!!!!
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

Lindsay (Cornish) Keller
Year: 1996, but ASR shut down so graduated from Bethlehem Catholic
Spouse: Jeff Keller
Residence: Howell, NJ
College: BSN-Seton Hall University (2004); BA- Lafayette College (2001)
Occupation: Labor/Delivery Nurse at Monmouth Medical Center

Wade Duncan
Spouse: Ennedelia
Residence: Groton Ct.
Children: Breille
Occupation: U.S. navy
Other: Anyone seen or heard for Brock

Justin Formanek
Spouse: na
Residence: NYC!
Other: Would have graduated in `96, but move and attended Hunterdon Central after freshman year. Really just hoping to find some of my old buddies.

Bob Fulper

Andrea (Hadley)-Corben
Spouse: Glenn Corben
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
College: Centenary College/Rutgers University
Occupation: Swim instructor/teacher

Michelle Hannan
Residence: Franklin Park, NJ
College: BS - Penn State University; MS - Penn State
Occupation: Recruitment Sourcing Manager - Johnson & Johnson
* Entry Added: 11/28/08

Maria (Kirkman) Volk
Spouse: Brian Volk - class of 1996
Residence: NJ
Other: married on April 12, 2008
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

Kara (Nagurney) Feulner
1996- From PHS
Spouse: Robert Feulner
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
Children: Expecting our first in Sept.'s a girl!
College: Bloomsburg University
Occupation: Elementary School Teacher in Great Meadows, NJ
Other: It was really nice to stumble onto this website.  I often think about the good ole ASRS days and wonder what happened to everybody after the school shut down.

Jay Whymark
Residence: Northampton, PA
Children: Wyatt Robert (5); Andrew Thomas (3)
College: Kutztown University, Class of 2000
Occupation: Advertising Coordinator, formerly taught high school art
* Entry Added: 11/28/08

Meredith (Yuran) Dieda
Graduated from ND Green Pond
Spouse: Matthew Dieda - married 9/17/05
Residence: Allentown, PA
Children: if you count 2 poison dart frigs and 2 degus...
College: DeSales - Biology; Indiana University of PA - Safety Sciences
Occupation: Senior Safety Engineer aka Health and Safety
* Entry Added: 11/28/08


Paul Dumschat
Year: 1995-per Notre Dame East Stroudsburg
Spouse: single
Residence: Belvidere, NJ
Children: hopefully none, but i'm staying out of mexico for a while
College: a lil of harvard on the highway, WCCC
Occupation: retail mgmt...old navy

Elaine (Espinola) Keltz
Spouse: Billy Keltz
Residence: Washington, DC
Children: Jaden Jesse Keltz was born on July 2, 2007...gabby the wonderdog..... and pickles, rest in peace homey.
College: Loyola College, Baltimore, MD; Semester at Sea; SS Universe Explorer
Occupation: Senior Sales Consultant; Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Other: Billy and I married September 17th, 2005 in Washington, DC.

Brad Fickel
Spouse: n/a
Residence: dade city, zephyrhills
Children: not yet
Occupation: been working at local computer store almost 4 years now senior tech.
Other: hope to hear from some of you that i know and find out when the reunion is

Jessa Francisco
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
College: Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
St. George's University, Grenada
Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas
Occupation: Veterinary Student due to graduate may, 2010
Other: Manhattan, KS
* Entry Submitted: 1/2/10

Lisa (Haring) Koza
Spouse: Jonathan Koza
Residence: Belvidere, NJ
Children: Nolan Stanley Koza 10/1/06
College: East Stroudsburg University: Communications and B.A. Psychology
Occupation: Stay-at-home Mom

Jeff Hungarter
Spouse: Single
Residence: Stewartsville, NJ
Children: None
College: Western New England-Undergrad; FDU-MBA
Occupation: Marketing Manager at Philips Lighting
Other: ASR, we were all livin the dream! Llegar is available to host parties for a small fee so keep him and kappus in the loop. Throw T-Roops in the mix too.

Lisa A. Jiorle
Year: 1995 Bethlehem Catholic
Residence: Nazareth, PA
College: College Misericordia B.S. in radiologic technology, Lancaster Institute for Health Education - Invasive cardiovascular technology
Occupation: Registered cardiovascular invasive specialist at St. Luke's Hospital, Bethlehem, PA.

Martin Kappus
Spouse: Dawn Marie DeLuca
Residence: Somerset, NJ
Children: N/A
College: Marist College (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Occupation: Plastic Sales
Other: Thanks for putting the website together Harvey!  It was great to read up on fellow alumni...

Catherine (Koonce) Scholz
Spouse: Gregg Scholz
Residence: Boston, MA
College: Rutgers University, College of Pharmacy
Occupation: Associate Director - Clinical Pharmacology at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Thomas Ruppe
1995 from Notre Dame High School
Spouse: Alison Ruppe
Residence: Bethlehem PA
Children: Not yet
College: Broome Community College (Binghamton NY); State University of New York at Brockport
Occupation: Inbound Logistics Manager for NYK Logistics
Other: I Miss all you guys from ASR!!!! Hope to hear from some of you soon


Gene Behme
Spouse: Stacie (Bendel) Behme
Residence: Warren Heights, Lopatcong, New Jersey
Children: None yet!
College: Kings College (1998) BA in Elementary Education; Nova Southeastern University (2000)  Masters of Teaching and Learning
Occupation: Teacher

Jennifer Bolcar
Residence: Horsham, PA
College: Ithaca College Undergrad Degree, Temple University Graduate Degree
Occupation: Professional Concert Violinist and Freelance Musician in Philadelphia, and I am part of the administration at Temple University's Boyer College of Music. (Instrumental Department)
Other: "I have been working at Temple University for almost 7 years, and have been a professional freelance violinist in the Philadelphia area for 9 years.
* Entry Updated: 7/13/10

John Franceschino
Residence: Delaware Heights, Phillipsburg
Children: Mountie (my 4 year old yellow Lab)
College: West Virginia University, Graduated from NJ State Police Municipal Class of 2000
Occupation: Phillipsburg Police Officer
Other: On August 18, 2001 I will be marrying Beth Pursell, a Belvidere elementary school teacher.

Anne (Gustitus) Margolin
Spouse: Raphael Margolin
Residence: Easton, PA
Children: Molly Grace born 12/7/05 and 2 cats (Sammy & Riley)
College: Marywood University
Occupation: 3rd grade teacher at Mansfield Twp. Elem. School
* Entry Updated: 11/29/08

Liam Hayden
Residence: Hoboken, NJ
College: Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY, '98
Occupation: Thomson Financial

Jennifer (Heitmann) Krichevsky
Spouse: Eugene Krichevsky, married on August 24, 2002
Residence: Bethesda, MD (outside D.C.)
Children: Allison Paige and Melina Reed- twin girls born June 11, 2007
College: University of Scranton, B.S. Nursing; University of Maryland, M.S. Nursing
Occupation: Nurse Practitioner
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

Michael Jack
Residence: Jersey City, NJ
College: Arizona State University
Occupation: Relationship Manger, TD Waterhouse Investor Services

Kelly (Markus) Franco
Spouse: Gordon Franco
Residence: Easton, Pa
Children: None, yet...don't even have a cute name of a pet that I can put here.
College: Graduated from Bloomsburg University, getting Master's degree from Moravian college
Occupation: Special Education teacher at Phillipsburg Middle School, and Educational Director for REACH program.
Other: I feel like I am supposed to write something witty! I have enjoyed reading about fellow alumni and the stories posted here have made me laugh. Would love to hear from people.

Brian Murphy
Residence: Easton, PA
College: Northampton Community College
Occupation: Director for Channel 69 in Allentown, PA. I direct the television newscasts and I am also head of the graphic design dept.

Celeste (Nicholl) Siggers
Spouse: Terrence B. Siggers
Residence: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
College: The University of Alabama - Roll Tide!!!; Faulkner State Community College
Occupation: Office Associate at The University of Alabama
Other: I would really like to hear from some of you guys!!!

Kyle Piazza
Spouse: Nicole Piro Piazza
Residence: Union, NJ
College: Kean University
Occupation: I work for the state of NJ, living a great life with my wife.  We plan to start having children soon, and moving to Whipanny, NJ soon.


April Asbury
College: B.A. Emory & Henry; M.A. Hollins College
Occupation: Instructor Radford University

Kimberly Casey
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
College: Kutztown University 1997 BS Education and a minor in Math
Occupation: Clinical Research Assistant (CRA) for a small bio-tech company in Annandale, NJ

Stacey Lynn (Church) Sutton
Spouse: going thru a divorce
Residence: Still in good ol' Phillipsburg
Children: I have two little boys Zachary (6) and Peyton (5)
College: No college for me just working and being a mom
Occupation: I work in Bound Brook for a Insurance Broker (I'm the their cheerful receptionist) LOL .. also going to school once a week in Islin for Microsoft Office

Allison (Cornish) Perrucci
Spouse: Christian Perrucci
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
Children: Ava Rae Perrucci born 6/27/04; Angelina Mary Perrucci born 12/14/06; Roman Michael Perrucci born 11/20/2008
College: University of Denver MA (2001); Muhlenberg College BA (1997)
Occupation: Stay at home mom/Psychiatric Screener Per diem Warren Hospital ER
* Update submitted: 7/24/09

Toby  Dallas

Allison Drake
Website: facebook
Spouse: Wade Panovec
Residence: Somerset, NJ - Franklin Twp.
Children: no real ones yet - but 2 pitbulls Chloe (6) JJ (2)
College: Cazenovia College, Cazenovia NY
Occupation: Is there enough room - - Claims Manager, Builder Coordinator...commercial contract manager
* Entry Submitted: 1/14/10

Brian C. Espinola
Spouse: Tara Tully Espinola
Residence: Baltimore, MD
Children: One on the way, due 7/18/06
College: Loyola College, Baltimore MD
Occupation: IT Enterprise System Architect / Senior Software Engineer.
Other: My brother Dan had submitted the original (and wacky) info for me here. Hello to everyone in Class of 93. It's been too long since I've seen any of you. Email me if you come to Baltimore/DC. I recently had a TOBY's hot should too.

Marc Hungarter
Residence: Bridgewater, NJ    (I live with my brother Jeff 95', Martin Kappus 95', Matt Mcgrath 93')
College: Marywood University
Occupation: Teacher
Other: I think we need to get Scott Lee on this list...Ahhhh Gentlemen!!!

Jennifer (Kenny) Kaszuba
Spouse: Gregory Kaszuba
Residence: Fredericksburg, VA
Children: none
Occupation: District Manager/Operations Manager

Megan Markus
Website: on facebook
Spouse: Nothing yet
Residence: Scranton, Pennsylvania
Children: Ryan Michael Markus born Sept. 21, 2009
College: Marywood University '98 - Double degree in Music and Theatre
Occupation: I run a day care center where currently I have an enrollment of 75 children between the ages of 3 and 12. They definitely keep me on my toes!!
Other: Well we are fast approaching our 10th year reunion and I am dying to know what everyone has been up to in the last 10 years. I hope everyone is well, and would love to hear from anyone from my past. If there is any talk of a reunion, I would love to get information
* Entry Updated: 1/4/10

Curtis Marler
Spouse: Marciane
Residence: Stewartsville, NJ
Children: Aimee 3\7\08  Caetano  1\2\11
Occupation: QC Lab Supervisor 2nd shift / Linde
Other: I could write a book about all of the twist and turns I went through after '93.  I've been working in the lab for 13 years now.  During my many trips to Brazil I proposed to my lovely wife Marciane underneath the (Cristo) statue of god that overlooks Rio De Janeiro.   Two years after we first met we married and now have two little ones at home.  Marciane is the balance my life always needed.  She has a BA in education from the Federal University Do Acre in Brazil but is a stay at home mom, thanks to my job at Linde.  I still talk to Dennis Ruppe and recently lost my phone with Sanjay's information, both of which are doing great.  Feel free to email me if you wish.  Hope you are all doing well!!! -Curtis
* Entry Submitted: 3/20/11

Joseph O'Donnell
Residence: Lebanon, NJ
College: Marist College
Occupation: Human Resources Representative

Lesley Peters
Residence: Phillipsburg
College: Georgetown College, Georgetown, KY
Occupation: Teacher in Franklin Township

Veronica (Razawich) Farnsworth
Spouse: Timothy Farnsworth
Residence: Easton, PA
Children: None yet, thank goodness!
College: B.A. American Studies, Lafayette College.
Occupation: Sr. Information Management Coordinator
Other: Hi Everyone!  I always think of my high school years and still share stories with old friends.  I have been working at Ortho Biotech, a Johnson & Johnson Company (in Raritan, NJ) for over 5 years now and I love it.  I was married on September 8, 2001 to an engineer I met while working at J&J. We went to Tahiti on our honeymoon--it was beautiful! Amy Craig was one of my bridesmaids and Stacey (Church) Sutton was there too.  Tim and I just bought a house in Easton, PA.  For some reason, we migrated back to this area.

Vince Rullo
Spouse: Patrice Gareau
Residence: Cleveland, OH
Children: Ashli - 7; Carter - 3 months
College: University of Charleston
Occupation: Engineer

Dennis Ruppe
Spouse: Mylene
Residence: Clifton, NJ
Children: Dennis 11 and Isabelle 4
College: William Paterson College
Occupation: Coach and codirector of the NJ Devils Hockey Diversity Program; also special ed teacher in Newark, NJ
* Entry Added: 11/28/08

Courtney Russell
Website: Facebook
Spouse: Sarah Russell
Residence: New Hampshire
Children: zero
College: Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Occupation: Safety Coordinator in the utility industry
* Entry Added: 12/16/11

Anna (Schiraldi) Boyle
Spouse: Keith, Married in May 2003
Residence: Own a home in Whitehall Pa
Children: No Thanks!
College: BA, Psychology from Lafayette College, M.Ed. Special Education, Lehigh University
Occupation: Behavior Specialist Consultant

Doug Walker
Spouse: Leigh Anne Donahue
Residence: Alexandria Twp, NJ
Children: Sophia (07/01/03), Ethan (06/18/05) & Josalyn (02/18/08), and maybe a couple more--may as well fill the minivan
College: University of Miami
Occupation: VP, Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
Other: Walter Williver:  "Anybody in there?"  Roger Waters:  "Anybody out there?"
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

Dan Walulik
Residence: Silver Spring, MD
College: University of Rochester
Occupation: US Navy, Civil Engineer

Hazel Elizabeth Wulff
Spouse: What?  Am I supposed to limit myself to just one?  Please!
Residence: Whitney Point, New York
Children: Not sure---I remember being abducted by an alien mothership, but as to what happened on board, I cannot say.....
College: Lafayette College; State University of New York at Binghamton
Occupation: Sales Supervisor, AIG Marketing (Vestal, NY) (replace)
Other: First of all, I can't believe they promoted me.  Second, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who extended their condolences in regards to my mother's death.  It was greatly appreciated by myself and my family.


Mary (Duffy) Maslonka
Spouse: Christopher Maslonka
Residence: Alpha, NJ
Children: Caitlin; Brianna Elizabeth
College: Syracuse University 1996 B.A.; Syracuse University 2000 M.A.
Occupation: School Counselor

Shawn Edwards
Spouse: Janell Chapman
Residence: Hanover, Pa
Children: Michael and Ellee
Occupation: Baltimore City Police Department, Narcotics Unit

Erin (Flynn) Tripp
Spouse: John Tripp
Residence: Hoboken, NJ
College: Trenton State College; Montclair State University, MA Speech Pathology
Occupation: Speech Pathologist

Jennifer Jiorle
Residence: Hampton, NJ
College: Ithaca College, Beaver College
Occupation: Physical Therapist

Regina (Koonce) Duffy
Spouse: Thomas Duffy (Class of 1988)
Residence: Easton, PA
Children: Shannyn Marie born April 15, 2005
College: B.A. Psychology from Moravian College and M.Ed. from Lehigh University
Occupation: 3rd Grade Teacher, Parkland School District

Lou Nardone
Spouse: none
Residence: Seaside Heights
Children: none
College: yeah right!
Occupation: Advanced Line tech for Cablevision; Scuba Capt. of Seaside Heights Fire dept.
Other: Anyone with contact info from back in the day. Just trying to reconnect with fellow classmates!

Christine (Ruppe) Piper
Spouse: Ryan Piper
Residence: Easton, PA
Children: John-Thomas "Jack" Piper born 6/14/07; Tess Mariana 9/09
College: Kutztown University, NCC, Desales University
Occupation: PA Realtor  Weichert Realtors in Easton
* Entry Updated: 4/29/10

Sal Sciascia
Spouse: Susan (June, 2002)
Residence: Middleboro, MA
Children: Oliver Keith born March 25th, 2005
College: University of Maine at Farmington, B.A. Biology
Occupation: Zebrafish Facility Director, Harvard University
Other: I am currently working on my Master's Degree in Biology from Harvard and I plan to get an exciting, low paying job in the Natural Sciences field.

April-lee M. (Searles) Whittaker
Spouse: Brantley E. Whittaker IV
Residence: Virginia
Children: Andrew (14), Cheyenne (12)
College: WCCC, NRCC & ODU
Occupation: Office Nurse - Cardiology
Other: Have resided in Virginia now 5 years.  Love it here!!! Near Completion of a B.S. in Social Work emphasis on counseling. I am married to a wonderful man, and we have been therapuetic foster parenting 2.5 years.  Look forward to hearing from everyone!!!
* Entry Updated: 5/27/10

Brian Spagnola
Spouse: Lynne Marie
Residence: Bangor, PA
Children: Michael is 5, Andrew is 3, and Eliza is 15 months.
College: Culinary Institute of America
Occupation: Executive Chef of the Fox and the Hound in Lebanon, NJ
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

Matt Spann
Email: "mspann at"
Residence: Far Hills, NJ
College: Providence College
Occupation: Realtor - Spann Realtors, GMAC Real Estate

Andrea Beth Trembler
Website: non-existant
Spouse: Ha, Ha, Ha ...
Residence: Phillipsburg, New Jersey
Children: Some day.
College: Lock Haven University, PA
Occupation: Judiciary Clerk, Warren County Criminal Division
Other: Active volunteer member of Big Brothers/Big Sisters since 1995. "Will we EVER have a reunion?  And if we do, will anyone go?

Laura-Erin (Walsh) Twist
Spouse: Dan Twist
Residence: Great Meadows
Children: Twin boys: Adam James & Ryan Patrick-2005
College: Montclair State University
Occupation: Self-employed

Stacey (Wombocker) Anthony
Spouse: Eric
Residence:  Macungie, PA
Children: Morgan Claire, born on Dec. 3, 2007
College: Marywood University - BS in Education; East Stroudsburg University - Masters of Education
Occupation: Elementary Teacher - Saucon Valley School District
* Entry submitted: 1/22/09


Justin Babula
Spouse: None
Residence: 396-7 Kettle Creek Rd, Toms River, NJ 08753
Children: None that I am aware of.
College: Mount Saint Mary's College
Occupation: HR Recruiter
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

Brian P. Casey
Residence: Phillipsburg, N.J.
College: Elon College
Occupation: Accounting

Colene (Convey) Lewert
Residence: Easton, PA
Children: Allison and Kylee
* Entry Submitted: 2/9/09

Rebecca (Daniels) Biggwither
Spouse: James Biggwither
Residence: San Diego, CA
Children: Ian Richard (7/26/07)
College: Seton Hall University
Occupation: Elementary Education Teacher

Lisa M (Davis) Miller
Spouse: Shawn Miller
Residence: Alpha, NJ
Children: Kayla M. Miller, born Jan. 25, 1996; Kelsey L. Miller, born Oct. 3, 1999
College: University of Pittsburgh at Bradford
Occupation: Superior Quartz Products

Andy Delaney
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
College: Upsala College
Occupation: Buyer, Product Manager (Reda Sports Inc.)

Allison (Douglas) Roemersma
Spouse: Brian Roemersma (Class of 1991)
Residence: Palmer Township, PA
Children: Tye Hendrik May 6, 2002 & Addison (Addy) Leigh November 25, 2003
Occupation: Stay at home mom

David Ehasz
Residence: Stewartsville, NJ
College: Juniata College, BS Ecology 1995; East Stroudsburg University, Masters of Education,  1997
Occupation: Special Education Teacher, Belvidere High School

Daniel J. Espinola
Spouse: Robin Eaccarino, Belvidere'92
Residence: Easton, PA
Children: 1.Ian Noe (June 2001) 2.Alexandra Elise (March 2003)
College: Mt. St. Mary's College, Emmitsburg, MD; Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA:BA Business Management; Warren County Vo-Tech, School of Cosmetology
Occupation: Hairstylist. Salon Jean Francois, 9 Washington Street, Morristown, NJ 07960 (973)644-2281
Other: Hey all...Come check me out at my new salon...i'll hook you up!!!

Donna Franceschino
College: Moravian College, Class of 1995
Occupation: Gale & Wentworth Construction Services, Project Accountant

Jeff Hebbe
Spouse: Laura Anema (2004)
Residence: Palmer, PA
Children: Ryan Edward (2006); Taylor Skye (2009)
Occupation: Pitney Bowes Management Services (2004)
Other: I'd love to hear from my classmates as well as people from other classes.
* Entry updated: 12/17/09

Brian Hutchison
Residence: Nederland, CO
Children: One kick-arse dog... Neo
College: Upsala College
Occupation: University of Colorado Sports Medicine - Insurance Specialist High School Wrestling Coach

Robert Karch
Spouse: Carrie Karch
Residence: Frederick, Maryland
Children: Madison 2years and Tyler 6 mos
College: Elon College--- Computer Science
Occupation: Quality Assurance--Test Lead, United Parcel Service

Stephen Lattig
Spouse: Heidi Lattig
Residence: Lopatcong, NJ
Children: Jayna Grace Lattig
College: Allentown College St Francis de Sales
Occupation: Vice President of Haynes Motor Fuels

Frank L. Napolitani
Residence: 385 Ocean Boulevard, Suite 6K, Long Branch, NJ  07740   732.222.2093
College: Johnson & Wales University; Providence, Rhode Island
Occupation: President & CEO of Twin Lights Capital, LLC.  I provide venture and expansion capital for emerging companies.  I also work closely within the alternative investment community and have equity stakes in 3 hedge funds (2 onshore and offshore - Caymans).  I've recently relocated my offices to Hoboken, New Jersey. 
Other: I heard there is a 10 year reunion for the class of `91 the Saturday after T'giving.  I'd be interested in lending a hand where needed.  Call me:  732.222.2093

Susanne Page Fox
Spouse: Fred Fox
Residence: Bloomsbury, NJ
Children: Brenden Fox
College: Technical Institute
Occupation: Chubb Group of Insurance Companies - Residual Market Analyst

Melissa (Pitetti) Lanpher
Spouse: Steve
Residence: Belchertown, MA
Children: Logan Paige, age 7 and Chase Daniel, age 5
College: Mount Ida College, Newton Centre, Ma; Curry College, Milton, Ma
Occupation: Stay at home mom!!!!
Other: Planning on going back to college this fall for Nursing!
* Entry Submitted: 6/21/11

Victoria (Razawich) Dalessandro
Spouse: Benjamin (we got married on June 21, 2008)
Residence: Stanhope, NJ
Children: none - just my horse, Finnegan
College: Moravian College (BA in English, 1995)
Moravian College (Teacher Certification, 1997)
Raritan Valley Community College (AS in Science and Mathematics, 2007)
Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher and Curriculum Specialist at Bright Horizons of Rockaway
Other: I hope that everyone from the Class of 1991 is doing well, and that you are all enjoying your summer!  My summer started off well since I got married on June 21!  My sister, Veronica (Class of 1993), was my matron of honor, and Lisa (Davis) Miller's two little girls were also in my wedding party.  We went on a cruise to Puerto Rico, Tortola, and the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon.  I have enclosed my new contact information, so feel free to let me know how you are doing.  I would love to hear from you!
* Update Submitted: 10/6/11

Glenn M. Risko
Spouse: none
Residence: Stewartsville, NJ for the time being
Children: none
College: William Paterson U. - 1998, Psychology, Lincoln Tech - 2006 - HVAC Service
Occupation: Service Tech for heat/a.c./gas fireplaces
Other: I haven't really spoken to anyone since graduation, I fully realize that I am terrible at keeping in touch. Here I am now though, so contact away! I was recently enrolled on facebook and came in contact with some P.C. folks, apparently the internet is good for that. Hope everyone is doing great.
* Entry Added: 11/28/08

Brian Roemersma
Spouse: Allison (Class of 1991)
Residence: Palmer Township, PA
Children: Tye Hendrik May 6, 2002 & Addison (Addy) Leigh November 25, 2003
College: King's College - 1995; Roger Williams University School of Law - 1998
Occupation: attorney at Pfeiffer, Winegar, Wilhelm, Glynn & Roemersma

Vincent Sciascia
Spouse: Shanna
Residence: Bethlehem Twsp. PA
Children: Not yet; just our dog, Snoopy
College: Delaware Valley College
Occupation: Golf Course Superintendent

Paul J. Spann
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
College: John Carroll University
Occupation: Realtor - Spann Realtors, GMAC Real Estate

Tara (Tobaygo) Wittig
Spouse: Robert C. Wittig, Jr.
Residence: Odenton, MD
Children: Sophia Elizabeth, 2/2/09
College: West Virginia University
Occupation: Johns Hopkins-Case Mix Coordinator
* Update submitted: 7/15/09

Stephen Walulik
Spouse: Tara Donnelly
Residence: Lopatcong, NJ
Children: Ryan Stephen (1/25/99); Sean Joseph (7/18/01)
College: Catholic University of America - BS Biomedical Engineering
Occupation: Director of Fixation Development (Orthopaedic Trauma and Reconstructive Devices)

Brian Wyant
Residence: Ewing, NJ
Occupation: Warren County 9-1-1
Other: Hmmm, what to say...I fear that if I begin, it will quickly become highly verbose and VERY boring.
Anywhoo, glad to see so many people listed on the site -- and hope to see more!  Feel free to drop me an email (but make sure you put something like your name or "pchs" in the subject if you have some off-the-wall email address, so I can differentiate it from the spam mail...)


Sandra (Abel) Kelly
Spouse: Richard Kelly Jr. 10-8-94
Residence: Phillipsburg NJ
Children: Richard Kelly III born 11-21-95
College: Northampton Community College
Occupation: State of New Jersey - Skill Sponsor for the Disabled

Rob Ambrose
Spouse: Kristen
Residence: Greenville, SC
Children: Drew-Born 10/15/2001; Connor-Born 11/13/2003
College: University of South Carolina
Occupation: VP of Marketing
Other: Can you believe that it will 15 years since we graduated HS come June.  Best wishes to all!

Joseph E. Attalla
Spouse: Roberta
Residence: Pennsylvania
Children: None yet, just got married October 6, 2000.
College: Chubb Institute graduated Honors
Occupation: Calabria Foods, Controller

Trish (Carmody) Owen
Spouse: Jeremy Owen
Residence: Kansas City, MO
Children: Graham Owen (08-20-01); Jack Owen (02-12-03)
College: University of Northern Iowa, Early Childhood/Elementary Education
Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher @ St. James Catholic School

Bill Casey
Spouse: none
Residence: Phillipsburg
Children: Collin Alexander 2 Oct, 1992; Connor David 13 Dec, 1993.
Occupation: Computer Programmer/Systems Developer for American General Information Services, Parsippany, NJ.
Other: Despite my incessant interaction with these binary beasts, I only recently discovered this website.  So, first, thank you Harvey for the effort in creating and maintaining the site. Well, it is refreshing to see everyone doing well in their selected endeavors; but I can't help myself, at least for a moment, to look past the professionalism and maturity of the present and replace it with a few fond images of all the crazy things that occurred during our 4 years in high school.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion and feel free to e-mail.

Lisa (Chemidlin) O'Hare
Spouse: Terry O'Hare (class of 1988)
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Emily-7 yrs old, Jane-4 yrs old & Daniel-2 yrs old

Peter Dachisen
Spouse: Tracy Brush
Residence: Tampa, FL
Children: Peter Andrew Born on October 25, 2004
Occupation: Tournament Director, Florida State Golf Association

Ingrid Dahlin
Residence: Saratoga Springs, NY
College: Arizona State University
Occupation: Account Supervisor, Palio Communications

Kristi R. Daniels
Residence: Arlington, VA
College: Fordham University, Bronx, NYC, 1994
Occupation: Vice President, Fleishman-Hillard International Communications
Other: Great idea! I'm glad someone initiated the site. . .I'll throw out an idea for discussion. . .how about a open-year reunion for all PCHS grads??? A reunion that spans a number of decades. . .could be fun!!!

Kathryn Drewes
Residence: Sewell, New Jersey
Children: Patrick (5/2/94) and Alexandra (5/6/99)
College: University of Tennessee; Auburn University; Lincoln Memorial University
Occupation: Middle School Language Arts teacher
Other: Hi everyone!  I realize I didn't graduate from PCHS, but I did spend a great year there!  Hope to hear from some old friends!
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

Nicole (Duvier) Stephenson
Spouse: Dan Stephenson
Residence: Charlotte, NC
College: Syracuse University
Occupation: Technology Project Manager - Bank of America

Christina Dwyer
Spouse: Not yet but soon  8-25-2001
Residence: Milford, NJ
Children: None
College: Northampton Comm. College
Occupation: Financial Service Provider/ Portfolio Manager
Other: I am getting married on August 25,2001.  I can't wait.  I would love to hear from everyone.  

Beth (Franceschino) Lilly
Spouse: Travis Lilly
Residence: Forks, Pennsylvania
Children: TJ born 6/28/00 and Megan born 7/23/02
Occupation: Construction Administrator

Scott Frega
Spouse: Happly Divorced since 2006!
Residence: Pohatcong
Children: Gabrielle 1996; Nicolas 1997; Ryan 2000
College: Raritan Valley Community College 1992; New Jersey Institute of Technology (BSME) 1995
Occupation: Work in Randolph, NJ as a commercial Designer/draftsman

Susan (Ruppe) Gurneak and Chris Gurneak
Spouse: Chris Gurneak
Residence: Lopatcong, New Jersey
Children: Christopher 9-04-00, Matthew 6-15-04
College: Trenton State College, BSN in Nursing; Trenton Police Academy
Occupation: RN & Police Officer
Other: Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!!! We have a lot of catching up to do!!!

Julie (Harnett) Guralchuk
Spouse: David Guralchuk
Residence: Easton, PA
Children: One on the way!
College: No college, however, attended Katharine Gibbs Business School
Occupation: Program Coordinator, Sales Training, Merck & Co. Inc.
Other: Hope everyone is doing well. Feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear how everyone is doing.

Gretchen (Herrick) Scarborough
Spouse: Bret Scarborough
Residence: Elk River, MN
Children: Blake Makenna 7-31-96 and Brynn Margaret 9-18-06
Occupation: Purchaser for Cintas First Aid and Safety

Greg Hummer
Spouse: not yet
Residence: Forks Twp. PA
Children: None that I know about
Occupation: Warren County 911 Supervisor
Other: Helped coordinate emergency response from Warren County Fire and Ems to New York City on 9/11/01. I also went as part of our emergency response group. Hope everyone is doing well. Anyone feel free to email me.

Colleen O'Brien Hurley
Spouse: Joe
Residence: Stillwater, NJ
Children: Erin-5, Megan-8 months
College: East Stroudsburg University, PA
Occupation: School Nurse, Mansfield Twp. School
Other: Had a great time at the 15 yr. reunion.  sorry more people didn't come.  I would love to hear from my classmates.

Eric Koonce
Spouse: Laurie Kipp
Residence: Palmer, PA
Children: Erica M. Koonce, born 9-21-02
Occupation: carpenter

Veronica Ann (Lambert) Frady
Spouse: Larry J Frady Jr
Residence: Ft Riley Kansas
Children: Patty, Stephanie
College: Alvernia College; Capella University MS In Human Services
Occupation: Criminal Juctice Instructor HCC,
Teacher's aide St. Geroge
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

James A. Lastowski
Spouse: Lisa Lastowski
Residence: Belton, TX
Children: We lost our first back in '98. Connor Gabriel May 31, 2002
College: Fayettivlle Tech Comm Coll; Univ of North Carolina at Pembroke; East Carolina University (Grad School)
Occupation: Well I'm now a stay at home Dad while my wife is doing a Psychiatry Residency. Working on my RN from home.
Other: Hello to all hope everyone is doing well. I'm living in NC again after I moved to FL. I'm currently here in Durham working at Duke University Hospital. My job is with a company called Starmed. I work as a contract employee surgical technologist and have the option to travel to different hospitals across the country every 13 weeks or stay where I am at. I finished my BS in Exercise Physiology and tried to continue in personal training for bodybuilders and powerslifters but NC is so out of shape that it didn't pay. This year I'm going for my second BS in Nursing at Chapel Hill. I'd also like to take this time to apologize to Rob Ambrose. I sent him an e-mail explaining why. Any way take care everyone and God bless.

Brett Lewis
Spouse: Jill Taylor Lewis
Residence: Creedmoor, NC
Children: Children: Austin William 6/12/01; Anna Marie 8/5/04; Abby Elizabeth 9/9/07
College: UNC-Chapel Hill. 1990. BA Economics
Occupation: Plant Controller, Revlon, Oxford NC
Other: Hi folks....enjoy keeping in touch. Hope all is well with everyone!

Eric Linzer
Spouse: Pamela
Residence: Newton, Massachusetts
Children: Hayes James, born 1/14/99, Abigail - born 7/24/01
College: Boston College; Suffolk University Law School
Occupation: Communications and Public Affairs Director
Other: I've been living and working in the Boston area and don't get home much.  This web site is a great way to get back in touch.  Feel free to email me, and if you're ever in Boston feel free to look me up.

Chris Lorenzo
Spouse: Maria (Fowler) Lorenzo
Residence: Carroll, OH
Children: Lindsey Margaret Lorenzo, September 18, 1994; Christopher Michael Lorenzo II, December 29, 1997; Hannah Noreen Lorenzo, January 2, 2001; Dylan George Lorenzo, February 4, 2002
College: Salisbury University, 1994
Occupation: Marketing Director, Rocky Brands, Inc.
* Update submitted: 2/12/09

Jon Marrello
Spouse: Mabel
Residence: Palmer, PA
Children: Moorea Ann she was born aug.15, 2000; and baby son born nov. 5, 2002 Ari'i
College: Lincoln Tech. and Northampton Community
Occupation: Mechanical draftsman and estimator.  Some day I will conquer the world and all will bow to me. lol
Also looking to open indoor/outdoor paintball arenas.

Heather M. Oakley
Spouse: Still looking
Residence: Washington, New Jersey
College: Warren County community College (Washington NJ, Class of 1996)
Cleveland State University (Cleveland, Oh Class of 1997)
Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Graduated May 2001
Occupation: Law Clerk
Other: I have just graduated from law school and plan to take a little break before I take the Bar. I plan on taking the Ohio Bar in Feb. 2002 and the New Jersey Bar in July 2002. I make frequent trips back to New Jersey to visit. Hopefully, I will get a chance to see some of you. Love you all!!!
Update: Aunt to 9 great nieces and nephews (by birth), and many more by choice.

Sonia Parker
Spouse: hmph
Residence: Jacksonville, Florida
College: University of Southern Maine
Occupation: Randstad North America

Mike Phillips
Spouse: Amy Phillips
Residence: Easton, Pa. 
Children: Kara Phillips 08/24/99;   Michael Phillips 04/24/2001
College: Kutztown University
Occupation: High School History Teacher
Other: I just found this site and it is great! I hope everyone is doing well. I am staying very busy with my kids, teaching and coaching. Class of 1990 football kicked Ass!!! Looking forward to the 15 year reunion.

Karen Reape
Spouse: successfully alluded the ball& chain
Residence: Jacksonville, Florida
Children: A cat named Jerry Garcia
Occupation: Aesthetician and Nail Tech

Robyn Rice
Spouse: none
Residence: St. Augustine, FL
Children: someday
College: Georgia State University, MA; State University of West Georgia, BA
Occupation: Special Education Teacher, specializing in Deaf Education
Other: I know I didn't graduate at PCHS, but I have fabulous memories of my time there! I hope all is well with everyone!

Christopher Roessner
Residence: Manasquan NJ, Oceanfront
College: York College
Occupation: Senior Recruitment Accounts Manager- Asbury Park Press/Home News Tribune/Ocean County Observer
Other: Life's a beach. Just found this site. Great to see so many names. Missed the 10 year because of 2 feet of powder in the Rockies. Duty calls!

Kerri Shine
Residence:  Stockerton, PA
Occupation: Groomer
* Entry Added: 12/1/11

Ginny (Stabp) Condit
Spouse: Darrin Condit
Residence: Fredon, New Jersey
Children: Zachary born 1/28/92 Rachel born 3/26/96 Tucker born 12/28/99
Other: I would like to hear from anyone in our class or from the other classes. Hope to see you at the reunion!

Allyson Tino
Spouse: None
Residence: Palmer, PA
Children: None
Occupation: Human Resources Administrator

John Vogel
Residence: Chicago, IL and Hunterdon, NJ
College: Fairleigh Dickinson University
Occupation: CEO RavenHaus Publishing, NJ
Managing Editor DoubleDown Magazine, IL
Managing Editor Gaming Express Magazine,IL
Journalist, various newspapers
Other: I wish the best to everyone, however I regret that I will be unable to attend the reunion.

Beth-Ellen Walsh
Residence: Mt. Olive, New Jersey
College: Montclair State University-BA Psychology (1995); New Jersey City University-MA Counseling and Human Services (2002)
Occupation: Director of Guidance at The Academy of St. Elizabeth, Convent Station, NJ
Other: I think it's great that there is such a great turnout on this website.  I am glad to see that everyone is doing so well and am looking forward to seeing alot of you at the 15-year reunion!!
* Update Submitted: 1/13/10


Kimberly (Armstrong) Matthews
Spouse: Greggory Matthews
Residence: South Carolina
Children: Wesley 7years, Dakota 6years, Landon 22months
Occupation: Stay at home mom

Tim Ayers
Spouse: Shannon
Residence: Hunterdon Co. 
Children: Two boys- age 6 & 2 1/2
College: Albright, Fairleigh Dickson
Occupation: Elementary School Principal
Other: Even though now I look back and laugh at all of the great times I had at PC, I never really thought much about it once I graduated college.  I ran into Cathy Reavy recently and started to think back to my high school years.  Much like the others posting here, I kicked around for bit and didn't really know what I wanted to do.  As hard as it may be to believe, I'm now in education and really enjoy what I do.  I wish everyone the best.
* Entry submitted: 7/1/09

Sharon (Black) Norment
Website: Facebook: Sharon Norment
Spouse: Dean Norment - Yes, this is the wonderful man I dated my Senior year in HS (19 yrs married in June)
Residence: High Bridge, NJ
Children: Angela (14) Michael (11) Jessica (9)
College: Thomas Edison College - Business Adm. Degree
Occupation: Advertising Account Sales Manager - (18 yrs in this field, love it!); Clipper Magazine - Gannett Co
Other: It was great to read how everyone is doing, I was surprised to see how many of us still live local. Miss you all, we had some great times in HS.

Patty Brill
Spouse: Harry(DeJ) Brill
Residence: Clark, Missouri
Children: Brandon - 18, Jodie - 13, Amanda -8
Occupation: After many years in management at Target I gave it up to be Sturgeon Middle School Secretary and I LOVE it!
Other: After my mother's passing away in May of 2009 I started to hear from alot of people form PC. I started to think alot about HS and all the great times that we had. It would be great to have a reunion so we could all see each other again!!
* Entry submitted: 11/17/09

Marie Cascio
Spouse: Sheldon
Residence: Clinton NJ
Children: Matthew 5 and Elizabeth 2
College: Plan on attending with my kids LOL...just to annoy them
Occupation: Stay at home Mom
Other: I have searching on Facebook for the 1989 Pburg Catholic Class, man we didn't even make the facebook cut...I think we should protest...If anyone out there from 89 sees this drop me a line....
* Entry Added: 9/21/08

Lenny Chrucky
Spouse: Jennifer (Unangst) Chrucky - Married 10/5/01 @ St. Joseph's in Washington, NJ
Residence: Washington Twp., NJ
Children: Lea Crisabella 12/26/93,  Hailey Madison 01/07/04, Hayden Christopher 08/26/05
Occupation: Rehab. Therapist & Professional Photographer

Missy Conklin
Residence: Holland Twp. NJ
Occupation: Teacher
After PCHS, I attended York College for 1 year. Hated it, and transferred to Moravian College, where I double majored- BA in psychology and teacher certification-K through 8. I was soon hired by Holland Township School, where I taught fourth grade and first grade. I became tenured, and am currently pursuing my Master's Degree in Educational Technology. Last summer I applied for a position with Union Township Elementary School as their computer teacher. I teach grades 1-7, and am enjoying it.

Alyssa Cox
Spouse: none
Residence: San Francisco, CA
Children: none
College: Musicians Institute for Vocal Studies, Hollywood, CA; Bauman College, Natural Chef Training
Occupation: Vegan Chef/Personal Chef
Other: I have been in San Francisco for 11 years now, have lived in Hollywood also, where I went to school for singing...wanted to be a rock star! 
Still enjoy singing and painting, but concentrating now on vegan cooking!  Will be the vegan chef for the upcoming 2005 Van's Warped Tour...a huge punk music tour all over the U.S. and Canada!
I enjoy the west coast, and San Fran is gorgeous, but I miss the east coast.
Hi to everyone, hope you are all well, and I wish you the very best!

Kelly Coyle
Residence: Hoboken, NJ;  Long Beach Island, NJ;  Killington, VT
Occupation: Work with Rusty Staub for the New York Police and Fire Widows & Childrens Fund
Other: Even though I only went to PCHS for 2 years, I thought I'd add my name anyway.   I work in NYC on 5th Ave and 59th Street overlooking Central Park.  Monday thru Friday I reside in Hoboken, NJ in my apartment and I spend the weekends at my place in Long Beach Island (only during summer months) and then Killington, VT (only during the ski season).   Even though I make it a point to never come to Phillipsburg unless i absolutely have to, it would be cool to hear from some of you, especially those living in the Hoboken, LBI, Vermont, NYC area.   The only people I see on a regular basis are Mike Sullivan and Rob and Sean Reavey (in LBI).    I have no plans on getting married anytime soon... long term relationships are just too bothersome and boring to me, but if I find a guy that will keep up with me.... I'll keep him.   If you're ever in the area, look me up.

Christian Denker
Residence: Palmer, Pa
Children: only the four legged kind
Occupation: currently playing at Crayola
* Entry Submitted: 6/16/11

Tori (Doney) Patrick
Spouse: Todd Patrick
Residence: Parkland, FL
Children: Isabelle, 5 and Chelsea 3
College: Rollins College
Occupation: Regional Vice President with Enterprise Rent-A-Car
* Entry Added: 9/27/08

James Foerst
Spouse: Cara Herrick Foerst
Residence: Westfield, New Jersey (Union County)
Children: None yet
College: Seton Hall University 1996; Seton Hall University School of Law 1999
Occupation: Attorney
Other: After messing around for a few years, I eventually decided that I wanted to be a lawyer and a politician.  I passed the bar exam (NY and NJ) in 1999 and was elected to local public office in 2003.  My parents still live near Belvidere.  For anyone who knew my brother John Foerst (Class of 1985) he was unfortunately killed in a car accident in Hackettstown in 2003 but left me with a great nephew, Daniel Foerst, who just celebrated his 11 birthday this year.

Joseph Frick
Spouse: Amy Brook
Residence: Hoboken, NJ
Children: One cat (sort of a small, furry child)
College: Rutgers University BA/BA 1994, Economics/Philosophy
Occupation: Director of Marketing, ARM, Inc. NY, NY

Christopher Ghignone
Spouse: Kristen Morrison
Residence: Palmer, Pennsylvania
Children: Abby Christine
College: wilkes university
Occupation: worlds greatest dad, and i love every minute of it!!!!
Other: The greatest of times i think all come down to a few rare moments we can all look back on and smile. I know sometimes we wish we could change some of the things we did, the people we hurt. I wish i was a better friend to alot of people back in high school. But that is all a part of growing and figuring out who we are. To all those people who when they think of me think only about the bad times i may have caused them, i am truly sorry. I wish i didn't know now what i didn't know then. I ask for your forgiveness. On the other hand i hope when people think of me they can still smile, and yes he made a difference in my life. May all of you who visit this site be blessed with love and joy for the rest of your days.

Jodi (Ghignone) Gross
Spouse: Walter Gross
Residence: White Township, New Jersey
Children: Sarah 11, Julia 9, Jacob 7
College: Art Institute of Philadelphia
Occupation: Stay at home mom :o) and Part time teachers aide for Knowlton Township Elementary School
* Entry Added: 12/13/08
* Update Submitted: 1/2/09

Judy (Gorrie) Hambleton
Spouse: Mick, 6/14/97
Residence: Easton, PA
Children: Anna, 9 and Emma, 5
College: DeSales University, BA in Management, 1/98
Occupation: Project Coordinator @ Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
* Update submitted: 9/19/09

Marc Heil
Spouse: Misty Lee Taiana
Residence: Barto, Pennsylvania
Children: Our first child Connor is due August 24, 2004!
College: That time period was all a haze.
Occupation: Director of Building Services; Plant Operations, Engineering & Property Management: Waverly Heights, Ltd. Gladwyne PA
Other: Yes, I'm still alive... contrary to popular opinion that I drank myself to death or something after high school. Although it is true that back in the early 90s I lost my drivers license for three years for drunk driving, spent a few days in jail, was sent to dry out a while in some detox hell in North Jersey... but after several hundred hours of community service, a bunch of AA meetings, a few "re-education Program" group sessions... I started to realize the Catholic School party was over and I needed to straighten myself out. I've covered a lot of ground between then and now. Somewhere along the line I turned into the suit wearing professional stuffed shirt that I never wanted to be... you know, live near the country & commute to the big city of Philadelphia with all the other white collar wonders. While attending a graduation party for Scott Hawk and his wife in May 2004, I was talking with Scott Shepherd and he told me about this site. Besides the occasional bump into Eric!
Ericson those are the only two guys I ever talk to from School. My, how things have changed. I moved around a bit after high school.  In 2000 I married my wife Misty, after we lived in sin for about two years, and now we're expecting our first child and our four year anniversary. Life is pretty good. I learned a long time though that if you didn't go to school with us then you'll never really believe the stories we tell. We had some great times that resulted in some incredible stories. Good luck and best wishes to all. Have wonderful lives. Remember as you as crawl back into the woodwork of life... we really had some fun. I would have never had it any other way.

Jennifer A Jaworski
Spouse: divorced it    :)  No time for the BS.
Residence: Jersey City, NJ.
Children: one cat, Molly, age 10.
College: Felician College, Lodi, NJ; Hudson County Community College  (Graduation ~ 2007!!!)
Occupation: EX UNIX/PC/MAC Systems/Network/Hardware Administrator, Web Page Designer, ISP, Music Teacher for too many kids, and Daycare Provider.

Presently, I'm a Full Time Fine Arts Student/Part Time Computer Geek/Part time going nuts and loving every bit.
Student Assistant and jack of all trades, Hudson County Community College Writing Center Tutorial.

Other: 18 credits a semester??? How am I suppose to have a life? ...if i can recall what one is...
Recently lost the SGA election for Pres, so I'm hanging with PTK now. Oh, I made National Deans List, Who's Who, etc.  =p~ so there. I'm going to Columbia Univ. come hell or high water. Can I toot my horn now? pleeeeease?
• The Gasser Group / Acting From the Heart participant (2000-present) (
• HCCC SGA Night Senator 2005, Vice President 2006
• Published in Tapestry Literary Magazine, HCCC 2006
• Poetry Ambassador, National Poetry Month 2006,
• Vice/Co-President of Theatre Arts Club, HCCC, 2004-2005
• Published articles/stories in church newsletters.
• Sudden short stories/poems published on websites.
• - Poems featured in publications.
• Oil Paintings/Sketches featured in instructors’ student portfolio.
• One hour Internet Radio Show (WKLEE 1996-1998).

Stacy (Kalnas) Donello
Spouse: Peter Donello
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
Children: Evan-6 & Caitlin-3
Occupation: Stay at home mom!!!
Other: Great to see what everyone is up to!!

Anthony Lambert
Spouse: single
Residence: Easton PA
Occupation: FrontEnd Manager at ShopRite in Clinton
Other: I have been all over the USA and to several different countries. I have no kids but i have five nieces & nephews. I just bought a house in Feb 2005 in Bethlehem.

Suzanne LoGuidice
Spouse: just dating
Residence: Washington, New Jersey
Children: No Children. I love being an Aunt to my three wonderful Nephews. My sister Lori's two sons are Taylor 7 and Blake 5. My sister Nancy's son Dante is 2 and she is expecting another baby in the fall!
College: Arizona State University; Lasell College, Newton, MA; Piedmont Technical College where I received my Certified Nursing Assistant. I plan to go back for my RN
Occupation: Certified Nursing Assistant at Hackettstown Regional Medical Center on their Progressive Care Unit (a step down unit from ICU)
Other: I lived in South Carolina on and off for years. Where I was a Secretary/Nurse Tech in their Emergency Room. I loved working there and realized that I do want to go back for my RN. I moved back to Jersey almost 3 years ago and happy to be back. I had some wonderful friends down there but really missed being up north.
* Update submitted: 2/27/09

Mark McGlothlin
Spouse: Stacey
Residence: New Jersey
Children: None yet--but a great Basset Hound puppy named Katie
College: A.S, B.S, Thomas Edison State College, Dbl. major Aircraft Maint. Management/Flight Department Operations
Occupation: After college graduation I worked as a Flight Instructor for five years at Solberg Aviation in NJ, flew as captain for several corporate flight departments in the following years, and currently fly as a Learjet Captain for East Coast Jets in Allentown, PA.  I love my career and wouldn't consider doing any thing else.

Gina Pesaresi-Jones
I was active in sports (basketball, field hockey, and softball). I was VP of the National Honor Society. I had the best time at PC. My fondest memory was tying Brother Richard to his chair with his cassock belt in First Year Religion. But didn't every class do that?

I went to the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford and graduated in 3 1/2 years. I then went on to law school at Widener University. When I graduated from law school, I was an attorney for the Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement for 2 years in Allentown. I was also a Lehigh County Public Defender for 1 year. I recently got married in Alpha on July 17, 1999 and moved to Oswego, New York where my husband is from. We have two children Danielle Theresa Jones born 9/4/02 and Dominic William Jones born 5/27/05. I am now an attorney advisor for the Social Security Administration's Office of Hearings and Appeals.

My brother and 2 sisters also went to PC. My sister Roseann graduated in 1976 (I think). She is now married, has 4 children (Leeann, 19; Andrea, 8; Jacob, 6; Emma, 4) and lives in Upper Black Eddy, PA. My brother Fran graduated in 1980. He is married, has 2 girls (Samantha, 9; Sydney, 3) and lives in Alpha. My sister Linda is married as well, has 2 children (Tyler, 8; Alyssa, 6) and lives in Easton. Linda's two children attend All Saints or SPSJ school, what ever they call it now.

When I got married last summer, two of my fellow alumni were in my bridal party. Judy Gorrie and Kelly Marazas. Both of the class of 1989.

I'm not sure if anyone remembers but who could forget Silvio Morganti, the janitor. When Sil passed away in 1996 (I think), he was buried with his PC hat, PC jacket and with a PC yearbook from my graduating year. I enjoyed seeing Sil everyday at school. He would say, "Hey, Pesares, how's you pop?" meaning my dad. What a sweet man, and he loved PC so much. Say a prayer for him.

Rosemarie Royer
Spouse: Michael Egan
Residence: Clinton Twp, NJ
Children: Liam Joseph, 10/11/99, Gavin Russell & Kaylin Elizabeth, 8/13/01, Tyler Michael, 11/23/03, Tristan Joshua, 2/22/06
College: Fairleigh Dickinson University, AA in Mass Communications, Baruch College, BA in Corporate Communication, Currently working on MS in Psychology
Occupation: The best and most rewarding job in the whole world, being a mom!
Other: After high school, I went to college in NJ, but then moved to NY (Manhattan and Queens) in 1991, and lived there until November 2002. I lived in Summit, NJ for 2 years and just moved to Clinton Twp, NJ in Sept 2004. It's great to be back in Hunterdon County and closer to my parents. I love being a mother to five beautiful children! We have three dogs, a Bichon named Pollyanna, and two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Lolli Lou and Maxi Moo ;-)

Kyle Speirs
Residence: Chicago, IL
College: Earned my BA from DePaul University, and MBA from The University of Chicago
Occupation: HR Management for a global company in the Supply Chain Solutions field.
Other: I've traveled all over Europe, and the Caribbean Islands.  I'm buying a second house in South Beach.
* Entry updated: 12/18/11

Michael Sullivan
Residence: New Jersey
College: B.S. The College Of New Jersey--Special Education; M.A. Rider University--Counseling and Personnel Services; Kean University MA Educational Leadership 2008
Occupation: 8th Grade Guidance Counselor; HS Soccer Coach, MS Head Basketball Coach, HS Baseball Coach; Student Council Coordinator

Natalie Zrolka
Spouse: Kyle...Married September 14, 2002
Residence: Bangor, PA
Children: Eventually...
Occupation: Accounts Payable Manager for MCI Electric in Pittstown, NJ.


Randy Arrasmith
Residence: San Diego, CA
College: National University - BS Computer Science; Naval Postgraduate School - MS Systems Engineering
Occupation: Computer Scientist/Systems Engineer at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR) in San Diego, CA

John Baker
Spouse: Heather Baker
Residence: Whitehall, PA
Children: Kiersten 12/14/2003
College: East Stroudsburg B.S. Biology, B.S. Environmental Science minor Chemistry
Occupation: Environmental Engineer For DePaul Group Philadelphia PA
* Entry Added: 11/28/08

Kevin Byrnes
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
College: University of Scranton (Class of 92)
Occupation: Business Operations Manager - Alcatel-Lucent
* Entry submitted: 8/9/11

Megan (Cornish) Reamer
Spouse: Scott Reamer
Residence: Santa Fe, NM and Crested Butte, CO
Children: Jackson Edward Reamer born 5/8/01; Ella Baldwin Reamer born 12/30/02; Olivia Anderson Reamer born 8/29/06; Charles Davis Reamer born 8/28/09
College: Lafayette College (BA)
Occupation: Stay at home mom
Other: Look forward to hearing from people.
* Update submitted: 10/11/09

Thomas Duffy
Spouse: Regina Koonce (Class of 1992)
Residence: Easton, PA
Children: Shannyn Marie born April 15, 2005
College: B.S. Computer Science--East Stroudsburg University
Occupation: Computer Programmer

Samuel Fierra
Spouse: Debbie Geraffo Fierra
Residence: Long Beach Island, NJ
Children: Alexa Mary-4, Frank Samuel-1; Now there are three!!!  Samuel Robert III was born in Feb. '06.  Somebody stop me!!!!
College: California University of PA (BA Theatre Arts, Jersey City State College (MA - Teaching), Rowan University (MA - Student Personnel and Counseling Services)
Occupation: Guidance Counselor -- Southern Regional Middle School (Don't laugh), Head MS Basketball Coach (I asked you not to laugh) Assistant Boys Soccer Coach (Now that's enough already).  I also coach HS Girls Softball.
Other: Looking forward to hearing from you, especially from the Class of '88.  Hope all is well with everybody!!!

Steven Gardner
Spouse: Elizabeth
Residence: Lancaster  Pennsylvania
Children: Daughter Kathleen, born 6/16/06
College: B.S. Communication Trenton State College
Occupation: Owner, operator, corporate and television production company
Other: Worked as tv news videographer for almost ten years, now operating my own production company, 1st child coming any time!

Kathleen (Gilbert) Japkowski
Spouse: Michael Japkowski
Residence: Indiana
Children: Megan, Nathan and Kyle
Occupation: Own and operate "The Club", a combination arcade and day care center with other activities in North Judson, Indiana.
Other: Moved to Philadelphia after high school and met Mike who was in the marines.  Moved to his home state of Indiana after we got married.

Matt Goedtel
Spouse: Violetta
Residence: Stewartsville, NJ currently.  Lived in Essex Jct VT for 1 year (too cold & boring for our taste).  Next stop - Arizona!
College: Lincoln Technical Institute (1989) - Automotive Technology, The Chubb Institute (1994) - Computer Programming, Raritan Valley Community College (1993-1996) Criminal Justice, Computer Science (not completed)
Occupation: Microsoft Corporation - Senior Consultant MCS

MaryEllen (Gojdycz) Craigle
Spouse: Donald
Residence: Belvidere (white twp) NJ
Children: Alexia(20), Desirae(15), granddaughter Hope(2)
Occupation: Branch Supervisor, E53 Federal Credit Union
* Entry Added: 11/28/08

Sasha Graham
Spouse: Bill Brady
Residence: Manhattan
Children: Isabella
College: Hunter College BA in American Literature
Occupation: Take your pick: actress, producer, food stylist and currently a stay out of the home Mom

Patti (Gustitus) Raniszewski
Spouse: Christian Raniszewski
Residence: PA 
Children: Theresa Rose born 4/9/02, Lauren Elizabeth 3/3/05 and one cat (Cecilia)
College: Marywood College
Occupation: 6th Grade Language Arts teacher at Lopatcong Middle School.

Denise (Horn) Podwats
Spouse: darren
Residence: nazareth, pa
Children: Ivy 5-13-1995; elle  6-30-2003; baby due in november 2008
College: churchman business school, centenary college, cedar crest college
Occupation: educator
* Entry Updated: 9/22/08

Steven J. Karch
Spouse: Ann-Marie Reilly
Residence: Harmony Twp.,  NJ
Children: Emma Reilly (2-11-98); John Steven (3-30-03)
College: Wilkes College '92; Rutgers University School of Law - Newark '02
Occupation: Attorney

Cathleen (Keegan) Pursell
College: Springfield College, Springfield, MA 1992
Spouse: Jeffery Pursell (7/27/96)
Children: Tristan Keegan Pursell born - 11/24/99 
Residence: Palmer Township, PA
Occupation: OraSure Technologies, Inc. Bethlehem, PA

Abel Konari
* Entry submitted: 7/3/09

Christine (Laczhazy) Swartz
Spouse: Shawn
Residence: Easton, PA
Children: Andrew Willis(2005) and Ella Madeleine(2006), and kitties
College: Misericordia College
Occupation: The way I derive my income is by working as a Quality/Validation analyst at Merck but my real job is being the best Mommy possible to our two beautiful children Andrew & Ella.
Other: Hello to All -hope everyone is doing well!! :)
* Entry Updated: 9/21/08

Jeff LoBalbo
Spouse: None
Residence: Easton
Children: None
College: Wilkes University
Occupation: Graphic Designer in Edison, NJ

Maura (McDonough) Shay
Spouse: Kelly Shay '88
Residence: Manheim, Pa-Lancaster County
Children: Killian Robert-March 20, 1996, Aine Brislin-April 15, 1998, Padraig McGrath-September 25, 1999, Brogan Francis-February 25, 2003
Occupation: Stay at home Mom
Other: After 10 moves in 11 years I hope we are finally settling down.  We've had four children in four different places!  It has been one crazy ride.  I must love the guy!  We love visitors so get in touch if you are in the Lancaster area.  Kelly's working at a beautiful Inn.

Scott Merring
Email: or
Spouse: None
Residence: Easton, Pa.
Children: None
College: Northampton Comm. College
Occupation: Music sales/Guitar instruction @ Dave Phillips Music, Phillipsburg, NJ.
Other: Just wanted to update with my current email address. hope all my old friends are doing well. drop me a line! take care...

Tina (Polhemus) Hartnett
Spouse: John Hartnett
Residence: MA
Children: Katie, Caroline and Tommy
College: Lafayette College, BA; Boston College, MBA
Occupation: VP, Fidelity Investments
* Update submitted: 8/15/10

Jim Reape
Spouse: Stacee Rae Reape
Residence: Green Cove Springs, FL
Children: One on the way due July 4th
College: Boston University 1992
Occupation: High School History Teacher/ Head Wrestling Coach/ Defensive Coordinator in Football at Clay High School Green Cove Springs, FL

Colleen (Reavey) Ingram
Spouse: Larry Ingram
Residence: Lebanon Township, New Jersey
Children: Jack, age  9 1/2 (born 8-94), Kaylee 8 1/2 (born 11-95)
College: Rutgers College; BA English and Elementary Education Certification
Occupation: Elementary Ed. Teacher. Taught first grade, third grade, and seventh grade Language Arts. For the past eight years I have owned and operated a home daycare. My husband and I recently purchased our pizzeria/restaurant and I am currently enjoying our children's sports and  activities.
Other: great website...interesting to see how busy everyone is too!

Laura (Riopel) Linn
Website: facebook
Spouse: Justin Linn
Residence: Indiana
Children: Steeler and Blayzer
College: Ancilla. Going back for degree
Occupation: homemaker
* Update Submitted: 4/20/11

Jim Sands
Spouse: Alicia
Residence: Nazareth PA
Children: Samantha  01/10/01; Jimmy  03/17/03
Occupation: IBEW Electrician Local 102
* Entry Updated: 11/28/08

Kelly Thos. Shay 
Email: business:
Married Maura McDonough (also class of 1988)
Living in Bethlehem, PA
We have been married since 1993 - Lived everywhere and then some New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont......
4 children: Killian Robert 3/20/96, Aine Brislin 4/15/98, Padraig McGrath 09/25/99, new son 2/25/03 Brogan Francis
Occupation: Executive Chef Bethlehem Steel
Other: Yes we decided after roaming all over the Northeast to put down roots and settle back in the Lehigh Valley.  We would love to hear from and other alumni in the area especially from the class of 1988.
Other: Starting a new business in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas - A Cooking School In Your Home.  We come into your home and teach classes any where from 1-20 people.  Check periodically with our website above as to details and particulars.  Please feel free to contact us through the business email as well.

Eric M. Wachter
Spouse: Christine Paini
Residence: Bath, Pa
Children: Elena Marie 4/26/98; Abigail Melanie 11/14/00; Michael Vincent 6/14/07
College: Seton Hall University '92
Occupation: Sales - Enterprise
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

Linda (Wendling) Spagnola, Esq.
Spouse: Raymond Spagnola  (PC class of 1989)
Residence: Just moved to Budd Lake, NJ (summer of '04)
Children: Emmelia Dale Spagnola, born 8/8/01; Katerina Rae Spagnola, born 4/28/04
College: Rutgers College -  B.A. 1992; Seton Hall Law School - J.D. 1996
Occupation: Program Director for Paralegal Studies at Union County College. I couldn't stay away from school ! I know - what a geek. I am a "recovering" attorney - I don't practice anymore but I keep my license current to keep my friends out of trouble. And of course I am still dancing, I am taking Ballet classes at the Garden State Ballet Company.

Richard Zecchino
Spouse: Dana
Residence: Lansing, Michigan
College: Villanova University (1988-89); Coastal Carolina University (1989-94); Michigan State University Law School (1997-2000); New York University Law School (2001-02)
Occupation: Attorney


Chris Amato
Spouse: Erica Amato
Residence: 15 Drexel Drive, Northampton, PA
College: Lock Haven University, New York Chiropractic College
Occupation: Chiropractor

Kimberly A (Arrasmith) Bartholomew
Spouse: Ricky T. Bartholomew
Residence: Pohatcong Township, NJ
Children: Brooke, Kyle, and Khara
Occupation: Investment Specialist, Sovereign Bank program

Stacey (Benner) Brown
Spouse: JR
Residence: Cumberland Gap, TN
Children: 2 daughters (14 and 3 yrs old), 2 stepsons (21 and 17 yrs old), 1 granddaughter and 1 granddaughter due 1/10/07
College: Lock Haven
Occupation: Stay at home mom and loving it
Other: Worked in pharmaceutical sales before marrying my husband.  We recently relocated to TN and built a house not far from my in-laws and grandbabies.  I have one granddaughter now ( I the first one to be a grammy?? ) and one granddaughter on the way!!

Robert Bevins
Spouse: Jen Bevins
Residence: Easton P.A.
Children: Shelby my little girl born 07/10/98, Bailey my son who is just like me born 07/19/00
College: NCCC for awhile, Wccc for awhile, Camden County Correctional Academy Class #43
Occupation: Warren County Department of Corrections
Other: I really have not talked to any one from school in a long time I just found this website. Feel free to email me and we can get together or something. Still the class clown

Karen Bingert
Year: 1987
Residence: Freehold, NJ
College: I attended Trenton State College (Class of '91) and graduated with a BA in Secondary English Education.  My next stop was Georgian Court College (back to a Catholic school!) for my Masters in Administration, Supervision, and Curriculum Planning:  Management Specialty (Class of '99).
Occupation: I am currently working as a vice principal at Hillsborough High School... and love it!  Before that, I taught high school and middle school English, speech, drama, creative writing, et al, for seven years in an urban school then a suburban school... and miss it.  (I miss the interaction with the kids but not grading the papers!)

Amy Jo (Blanchfield) Curran
Spouse: Patrick
Residence: Maplewood, NJ
Children: Anna Genevieve Curran 5/6/2001; Maia Mary Curran 12/12/03
College: Mount Saint Mary's College BA 1991
Occupation: My husband and I have our own Interactive Design Business. 

Jennifer Anne Bober
College: Trinity College, Hartford, CT, BA English Lit.
Spouse: None
Children: None (good thing or my brother would be breaking legs)
Residence: Garfield, NJ
Occupation: Development & Public Relations, Daughters of Miriam Center/The Gallen Institute, Clifton, NJ
Other: Aside from the job that pays the rent, the job that keeps me sane is singing at Our Lady of Sorrows in South Orange.  What a surprise one Sunday to have Amy Jo walk up to me as I was turning pages for the postlude.  It's her parish too!

Coleen (Casciano) Scott
Spouse: Harold Scott III (Class of 86)
Residence: West  Simsbury, Connecticut
Children: Sean-8; Julia-5
College: Ursinus College 1987-1991; Centenary College for Teacher's Certification
Occupation: Moving back into the workplace as a substitute teacher because our "baby"  has gone to full day Kindergarten!
Other: We just attended Harold's 20th reunion at the Hotel Bethlehem. It was great to see everyone, including Arwed who flew in from Germany just for the event!!

Email: ( my space email is
Spouse: Mark
Residence: Williams Township (aka the country of Easton)
Children: Corina(12) Chelsea(12) Mark (9) Mason (6)
Excalibur,Xena,Zoe,Muggsie,Cosmo,Lydia,Kiarra (my 4 legged babies)
Well not only being a full time mom which I love to be. I am still at Walmart as the front end manager 12 years and still going Yuckie sometimes! But I do get to see alot of old friends! Bob Bevins, Kim (Zorzi) Shoemaker, Matt Noel (at least I think it was you because you looked different so I never said hi) Mandee Richline (MY bud) Teresa (Craigle) Michel, Kerri Walsh (my other best bud), Stacey (Heil) Izarek, Danny Dunlap, Bill Phillips. I think this is why I keep going back to wally world! I get to see old faces and I can see how beautiful there families have become!
Other: If anyone has a myspace my email is I am myspace addicted.I just have the up most fun with it! So if you want be my friend! You will have to tell me who you are because i just don't except any one.   PEACE AND MUCH HAPPINESS TO EVERYONE!!!!!!

Christina Cox (professional name-Christina Lamberti)
Residence: Phillipsburg, New Jersey
College: Westminster Choir College, The Academy of Vocal Arts in Philadelphia
Occupation: Professional opera singer
Other: I am finally back in the Lehigh Valley after living away for the past nine years. I just recently returned after living in San Francisco for the past four years where I was working with the San Francisco Opera.

Kate (Dawson )Stone
Spouse: Jeff
Residence: Albany, New York
Children: Jeffrey age 6; Michael age 4
College: Wells College
Occupation: Human Resources - Trainer - AFLAC New York (yes, the duck company!)

Barbara (Fox) Burczynski
Spouse: Jason
Residence: Tucson, AZ
Children: Magda Hope (2/28/05-1/7/07), Elise Faith (3/9/06), ?? (due 7/3/08)
College: West Chester University (Alpha Phi)
Occupation: Wife and Mom
Other: How bout a reunion, gang? Give me SOME reason to come back to NJ!!

Stacy (Heil) Izarek
Spouse: Steve
Residence: Wilson Borough, Easton PA
Children: Stephen 19, Matthew 13, and Kaitlyn 10
Occupation: Elementary School Secretary Avona Elementary School
Other: I would love to hear from any "old friends" out there. Yes, I am having issues with getting closer to the big 40! (even though I have a few years to go!) But I hear that life begins at 40 so we shall see!  I still feel 21....ok, 25!  Hope to hear from you soon!

Eric  Herdan
Spouse: My wonderful, beautiful, sweet, caring, and one of a kind Amber Rae
Residence: Wallingford Connecticut
Children: My Three wonderful children which are Innes, Andy and Lindsey
College: Embry Riddle and UNF and still going after all this time
Occupation: Logbook Coordinator for Sikorsky Aircraft.  Did My 20 Years in the military and guess one can say I am a full pledged civilian once again.
Other: Loving Connecticut. Just say post military life has been great and still getting use to the civilian sector.
* Update submitted: 4/1/11

Kathleen (Jorgenson) Hartzell
Spouse: Daniel
Residence: Palmer Township PA
Children: Kaitlyn Elizabeth 2/2/95
College: Churchman Business School
Occupation: Medical transcriptionist
Other: Have been happily married since 1992 with a beautiful daughter. Employed by a large medical group in Bethlehem as head of their medical transcription department. Enjoy spending time with friends and traveling with my family

Denis Kane
Residence: Chicago Illinois
College: Southern Illinois University/University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Occupation: Industrial Equipment Sales

Spouse: Katrina
Residence: Mooresville, Indiana ( near Indianapolis)
Children: Lance (Dec. 2001), Liam (April 2006)
Occupation: Pilot- Fright Dog for a FedEx Feeder
Other: Life was good till 9/11. I got laid off from United Airlines I was an aircraft mechanic Nov '01. Reevaluated my life and changed careers. Headed out to where I wanted to be originally- flying. Started flying for a commuter airline in Florida. Had a bad experience almost quit. In July '07 started working for a company called Mountain Air Cargo. I'm based in Indianapolis so I could stay here until something better comes along- we'll see. In the mean time raising my boys, enjoying life.
* Update submitted: 12/4/09

David Lissner
Spouse: Meghan Lissner
Residence: Bethlehem Twp, NJ
Children: Addison Born 1/28/09
Occupation: Detective, Somerset County Prosecutor's Office
* Update submitted: 2/5/09

Tom Malia
Spouse: Margaret Malia
Residence: Havre de Grace MD
Children: Maggie (born Dec 15th 2000)
Villanova Occupation: Self employed consultant

Christine (Myers) Chaillet
Spouse: Kevin
Residence: Fanwood, NJ
Children: Justin (2000), Jonathan (2002), Joshua (2006)
Occupation: I used to work in the Operational side of banking (before kids).  Now I'm kind of a stay at home mom as I have 3 part time jobs.  One I work at the local YMCA teaching preschool gymnastics  My second job is doing morning and afternoon care during the school year  for 2 boys that live up the street.  My other job is my true passion - A Creative Memories Consultant.
* Entry submitted: 8/19/09

Vance Opdyke
Residence: 522 Barrymore St. Phillipsburg
College: Catholic University
Occupation: Logistics Manager

Christian Paolino
Spouse: or something like it
Residence: Bloomfield, N.J.
Children: Three nephews & two nieces
College: BA: Communication, William Paterson University 1998; MA: Media Studies, New School University 2007; Design classes at Parsons
Occupation: 17 years in the Dilbert Zone and counting, wearing a bunch of different hats.  Also work at a personal training facility and doing freelance web design
Other: God, we're old!  Things are good.  Been in a LTR since 2003, continue to travel (last year's highlights were Egypt and a second trip to Iceland, this year going to Malta and on a European cruise) and do a lot of work in the Episcopal church.  I'm on MySpace, Facebook, etc., if anybody wants to get in touch that way.

Fr. Richard J. Piatt, O.S.A.
Residence: London, England
College: Lafayette College (1991); Villanova University (1993), Washington Theological Union (2001)
Occupation: Currently working on my Ph.D. in Drama at Goldsmiths, University of London.  My focus is on the Theater of the Oppressed through the lens of Liberation Theology.
Other: Well, I'm finally moving to the other end of the desk, this time to campus ministry and part time theater faculty, at least for a few more years before I return for my Ph.D.  I was ordained a deacon in January and will be ordained to the priesthood in July! I guess Msgr. C. is not the only director/priest in town anymore!!

Margaret (Pursell) Fowler
Spouse: Don Fowler
Residence: Hopewell, NJ
Children: Jack (June 8, 1996), Michael (April 28, 1998), and identical twin boys Gavin and Sam (October 17, 2001)
Graduated from Albright College in Reading, PA 1991
Worked for Merrill Lynch until 1996. Now I am in doing what I consider the most important job in the world - raising my two boys!

Jamieann (Roy) Eisel
Spouse: Eric
Residence: Palmer Township, Pennsylvania
Children: 1 son, Zachary, aged 9
College: American Institute for Paralegal Studies, Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA
Occupation: Paralegal
Other: Contently married for 13 years with a 9 year old son, a dog and working in Phillipsburg, New Jersey for an attorney for the past 13 years.

Jeff Rusin
Website: As the rest of the world.....Facebook
Spouse: Never married, but in love with my beautiful girlfriend Gina
Residence: Lehighton Pennsylvania
Children: Happy to say, no children--past, present or future
College: Graduated with a BS from Cedar Crest College
Occupation: Entrepreneur/Consultant for fire protection services in the health field.

Steven D. Schaible
Spouse: married Debbie Lyscik in 1995..we eloped in Jamaica...WOO HOO!!!
Residence: Milford N.J.
Children: Steven Andrew age 10; Erick Paul age 8
Occupation: Worked retail for 18 years as Produce Mgr.
Quit in 2004 and started day trading and been at it ever's nice to be your own boss.
Other: I just found out that my friend John Foerst died in 2004.
Rest in Peace John! are missed very dearly!
Where's "Toastie"?
* Entry Submitted: 12/12/09

Brooke Stabp
Residence: Phiilipsburg, NJ
Children: Brooke James Stabp
College: William Patterson & Caldwell College
Occupation: Preschool Teacher

Jean (Stana) Calvani
Spouse: Michael Calvani (1986)
Residence: Mason, Ohio
Children: Ashley, Emily, Michael
College: Allentown College of St. Francis de Sales
Occupation: Stay at home mom

Claudia (Storm) Powell
Spouse: Tom Powell
Residence: Lake Harmony, PA
Children: Abigail Elizabeth (b. Feb. 5, 2003)
College: Moravian College (BA); Rutgers University (MA)
Occupation: French & Spanish teacher @ Saucon Valley Middle School

Bill Taylor
Year: 1987
Residence: Sterling, Virginia
Children: Zachary 7, Alexsys 4, Gabriella 1
Occupation: General Manager for Modell's Sporting Goods in Fairfax, VA

Lauren Tesigni
Spouse: David Power
Residence: Manhattan
College: Fairleigh Dickinson University. B.A. 1991
Occupation: I'm trying to figure out how to not work and still get paid.
Other:  I'm happy to see everyone is doing so well. I love being a New Yorker but I do miss Phillipsburg sometimes.

Don Varga
Spouse: Not for quite some time...
Residence: Almena, Wisconsin, population 729
Children: Elyssa Kaye, 15
College: Winona State University, Winona Minnesota
Occupation: Security Supervisor, St. Croix Casino and Hotel, Turtle Lake Wisconsin
Other: I spent some time as a dispatcher with the Wisconsin State Patrol, and I've been working in the casino industry for the past two years, as well as doing volunteer EMS in my spare time.  I may be in the northwoods up here in Wisconsin, but it's always fun and exciting.

Michael Wade
Spouse: Engaged a few times...maybe more than a few but who's counting.
Residence: After leaving the pretty countryside I grew up in for 7 years of school, I came back to it with a new appreciation and love living in the town I grew up in.  We are very lucky to have lived in Hunterdon and Warren County.  Simply beautiful.
Children: At 38 years old and single I am 1 cat away from being the weird cat guy down the street! haha
College: George Washington University, with a degree in something...can't even remember. Although I did drink a few beers with Vance at Catholic U.  Did a joint JD/MBA program at BU
Occupation: We all have our skills.  I drink alot.  At least I am consistent! :)
Other: Although its rare that I get to see people, chance meetings with old classmates always brings an unexpected pleasure.  I truly loved my year and a half at PC.

Kerri-Lynn Walsh
Residence: Kearny, New Jersey
College: Montclair State University (1991) B.S. Political Science
Occupation: Court Services Supervisor-Child Abuse Unit in Bergen County, NJ

Kim (Zorzi) Shoemaker
Spouse: Kyle Shoemaker
Residence: Still live in White Township (Belvidere,NJ)......I think I will be here forever.....
Children: Lauren age 13
College: Kutztown University
Occupation: Finally got back to the work force part-time as a Basic Skills Teacher at my daughter's school.
Other: Life is good but crazy.  Our daughter just turned 13 so you know what they say about those teenage years.
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08


Dave Argentati
Spouse: Christina
Residence: Mohnton, PA (Reading, PA Suburb)
Children: Emily 5; Julia 3
College: Wilkes University - Bachelors; Bloomsburg University - Masters
Occupation: High School Teacher - 9 years
Other: Hope all is well.  Have been married for 10 years and teaching high school for 9 years.  Coaching basketball at high school leave, the past three as the varsity coach- no surprise there I guess.  Working towards becoming a principal.  Would love to get in touch with Arwed Burrichter (sp?) and the rest to the gang from class of '86.

Sharyn Mary Berger
Spouse: none
Residence: Wilson, PA
Children: none
College: College of St. Elizabeth (til they threw me out...go figure)
Occupation: Customer service manager for building materials distributor in Bethlehem PA....I also run a specialty cake & candy business from my home
Other: I am back in the area, having spent many years between NY & Los Angeles.  You know, I couldn't wait to leave here after PC, and look where I wind up!!  Life's funny that way......

Marie (Budzinski) Viscione
Spouse: Eugene
Residence: Bridgewater, NJ
Children: Lauren 3 and Kaitlyn 20 mos.
Occupation: Production Underwriter for Hartford Steam Boiler in lovely Basking Ridge, NJ.  Spent the first 13 years with St. Paul, basically moving up the corporate ladder!
Other: Happily living in Central NJ.  It's been quite a ride since graduation!

Arwed Burrichter
Spouse: Hila
Residence: Düsseldorf,  Germany  (my hometown)
College: University of Bonn - Bachelor, University of Southern California - PhD
Occupation: Patent Attorney
Other: Got married in 2005 - Will try to come to the 2006 reunion - Looking forward to see everyone and to visit the Serranos.

Michael Calvani
Spouse: Jean (Stana) Calvani
Residence: Mason, Ohio
Children: Ashley, Emily, Michael
College: University of Notre Dame and Lehigh University for Masters Degree
Occupation: Finance Director with Ethicon Endo Surgery

Karen (Cooper) Stanek
Spouse: Tommy
Residence: Blairstown, New Jersey
Children: Katherine February 2003
College: Northampton Area County Community College
Occupation: Mri Technologist
Other: Married for 13 wonderful years and loving every minute.  Finally went back to work full time after being part time for 7 years raising our daughter Kate.  Still in Warren County.
* Entry Submitted: 10/20/11

Jennifer (Cullen) Woodard
Spouse: William
Residence: Virginia Beach, VA
College: Misericordia
Occupation: Supervisor in a law firm (I supervise something like 80 people, it's pure insanity...)
Other: Moved to VA in 1991 and my mom and my sister wound up following along after many years of running back & forth up the coast's quite nice.
* Entry Submitted: 12/19/09

Brian Dale
Master's Degree in Microbiology/Virology, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia P.A. (May 1999)
Still living in Phillipsburg.
Occupation: Associate Scientist at Medarex, Inc. ( developing antibody therapies against cancer, arthritis, and other conditions.

Lisa (DeFrancesco) Mullaghy
Spouse: Stephen
Residence: Yardley, PA
Children: Francesca 11/29/98; Bria 4/20/02
College: BA in Psychology- College of St. Elizabeth
Occupation: Full time mom

Tom DiVittorio
Spouse: Julie
Residence: London Grove, PA
Children: Megan and Tommy
College: Glassboro State / Rowan University
Occupation: Chief Accounting Officer of $2 billion healthcare company headquartered in Southeastern PA
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

Mary (Ennis) Casel
Spouse: Mark Casel
Residence: Daytona Beach, FL
Children: Nicole & James
College: Alvernia College
Occupation: Office Manager/Full-time Mom  :)

Chrisann (Gardner) Marc
Spouse: Steven Marc, engineer
Residence: Atlanta, GA
Children: not yet!
College: Glassboro
Occupation: Account Supervisor for Bennett Kuhn Varner an Atlanta based advertising agency

Diane (Gorrie) Hamilton
Spouse: John Hamilton (Class of 1983)
Residence: Easton, PA
Occupation: Business/Systems Analyst for AT&T in Morristown, New Jersey for over 13 years

Neil Harper
Spouse: Michelle L. Harper
Residence: Ft Bragg, North Carolina
Children: Mary Ashlynn Harper born November 8, 1998; Neil Anthony Harper born May 10, 2001
College: College: BA Public Relations, University South Alabama; MS Science and Technology Journalism, Texas A&M University.
Command and General Staff College, KS
Occupation: Lieutenant Colonel United States Army, Commander 10th Press Camp Head Quarters Iraq and Fort Bragg, NC
Other: I am back in Iraq for a fourth tour. By the time this tour is complete, I will have been deployed to Iraq for more than 48 months. What a great honor it is to serve our Country at a time when our Country needs us. Please pray for our troops as they go in harms-way to defend the freedoms we so cherish.
God Bless
God Speed
* Update Submitted: 7/18/11

Michael Heisey
Spouse: Shari
Residence: Port St. Lucie, Florida
Children: Madison, Morgan, & Jacob
College: York College of Pennsylvania, St. Thomas University School of Law
Occupation: Attorney
Other: For the past 6 years, I have been working for the Public Defender's Office handling felony cases such as Murder, Drug Trafficking, Arson, Rape, etc...  You wouldn't believe the different types of people that you meet with this job.
* Update Submitted: 1/28/10

Veronica (Hoffman) Broomell - (Home) - (Work)
Married Mark Broomell 12/11/99
Residence: Jeffersonville, PA
Degree: BS in Marketing from Chestnut Hill College
Occupation: Marketing Communications Manager for De Lage Landen Financial Services, Inc. ( a leasing services provider

Janel Howell
Partner - Rich Roskilly
Residence: Nazareth, PA
Occupation: Office Manager for Peter Kowalick Jr., RMA, Washington, NJ

Ken Karch
Spouse: Deana  Torres (Warren Hills '88)
Residence: Alameda, CA   (5 min to Oakland, across the bay from SF)
Children: Sons Colin & Zack
College: Moravian College; Rutgers Law School
Occupation: FBI Special Agent

Chris Kopach
Spouse: Judith
Residence: Phillipsburg
Children: Stepson: Jeffrey
Occupation: Toll Corporal @ the rte. 22 bridge in p'burg. The public loves us.
Other: My wife and I own a dog day care business, the only one in the area called for The Love of Dogs Day Care, started in May 2002. Check out the website.

Matt Kovacs
Residence: Morristown, NJ
College: NC State
Occupation: Director of Public Relations - College of St. Elizabeth

Rob Laczhazy
Spouse: Lisamarie
Residence: Escanaba, Michigan
Children: Nicholas Cameron (step-son, 8/9/94), Corwin Bradley (6/17/99), Alexander West (3/19/03), Leila Autumn (11/09/05)
College: Bachelor's in Management from Penn State; Master's Degree in Communication & Information Science from Rutgers
Occupation: Vice-President for Information Technology, Bay College

Charles LaMantia
Spouse: Cindy
Residence: Chatam NJ
Children: Jillian 11, CJ 7,  and Gina 6
College: Went to BS University to get a BS in BS.. lol; Morris County Technical Institute for engine repair
Occupation: Head Caretaker For The Noe Pond Club In Chatham NJ  Website check it out.

Norma LaMantia 
Spouse: Fiancee.. Mark Sherrer - Wedding Date... May 26, 2015
Residence: Hackettstown, NJ
Rebecca 7/26/1987
College: Massey Business College, CC, Tx; UTCC, CC, Tx
Occupation: BMWNA... MT. OLIVE, NJ
Other: Class of '86.. Next year... 20 Years!!.. OH MY!
Having a great Life!..

Judy (Lauer) Wolfinger and
Spouse: Gary Wolfinger
Residence: Alpha, NJ 
Children: Garrett Lee (4)
Occupation: Merck Pharmaceuticals, Whitehouse, NJ
Other: Married for almost 8 years, living in Alpha for six. Stayed in our home town along with both my brothers and sister. Worked at Lipton as the Benefits Coordinator in Flemington, NJ for 8 years until they closed in May of 1999. Took some time off to stay home with my son and just recently started back to work. Garrett keeps us very busy along with out eight nieces and nephews.

Eileen (Lilly) Hendrickson
Spouse: Kevin
Residence: Portland, OR
Children: Luke, Oct. 2004
College: Mary Washington College, BA; Western Oregon University, BS
Occupation: American Sign Language Interpreter

Greg Martino
Spouse: Patty Dailey
Residence: Easton, PA
College: Drexel University
Occupation: V.P. Sales - Harvel Plastics, Inc.
* Entry Submitted: 9/1/11

Jim McCarthy
Spouse: Sharon (married 5/92)
Residence: Bangor, Maine
Children: Thomas (5/94), Abigail (12/96), Hannah (8/99), Gillian (3/03)
College: Boston College, BA Mathematics 1990; Penn State College of Medicine, MD 1994
Occupation: Internist/Hospitalist, Eastern Maine Medical Center
Other: I met my wonderful wife in college and we have 4 great kids who keep us very busy.  I let the Air Force pay for medical school, and they let me spend time in Dayton, OH and Panama City, FL.  I got out in 2001 and came to Bangor, Maine, a great place to raise a family!

Mark Nicosia 
Live in New York. Do computer and video graphics for an advertising agency ... on Macintosh, of course. Go Knicks.

Denise (Pavkovic) Elliott
Spouse: Richard
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Erin Elizabeth (8-13-01); John Richard born December 19, 2005.
College: Alvernia College - BA Communications; Fairleigh Dickinson University - ABA Paralegal Certification
Occupation: Merck & Co., Inc.
Other: After we had Erin, we decided to move back to Jersey to be with family. We still go back to FLA at least twice a year.  Afterall, Erin is not a Jersey girl.   So, here we are back in P'burg, living right behind my parents!  Hope everyone is well. Absolutely cannot believe we are coming up on 20 years!

Linda (Pesaresi) Vail
Spouse: Jon - Married 4/15/89
Residence: Palmer Township (Easton), Pa
Children: Tyler, 14; Alyssa, 12
Occupation: Branch Manager AVP, Unity Bank, Phillipsburg

Barbara (Pisaniello) Bolger
Spouse: Jay Bolger
Residence: Columbus, Ohio
Children: Ethan, age 6 and Anna, age 4 
College: BA from Moravian College
Occupation: Disability Claims Adjudicator III, for the State of Ohio/ Social Security Administration
I've been living in Columbus for ten years now and I'm looking forward to my ten-year wedding anniversary too! (talk about feeling old, but hey, we're all in the same boat there!) I come back to NJ about 2-3 times per year to see my best buds, Judy, Donna and Jackie. I love to fit other buddies into those visits too when I can. Hope you're all doing well!

Luke Roan
Spouse: Kristine Franzese
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
Children: Alexander Franzese Roan, born June 17, 2001 (Father's Day!)
College: Rutgers U. and Spalding U. for clinical psychology
Occupation: Mainly private practice back in P'burg.  I teach some at WCCC.
Other: Looking forward to planting some roots finally.

Jacqueline D. (Russ) Russ-Harford
Spouse: Carl G. Harford
Residence: Allentown, PA
Children: Jackson Daniel born on October 15, 2001; Savannah Leigh born on April 12, 2004
Occupation: Senior Production Manager at a Continuing Medical Education Company, Medisys Health Communications located in High Bridge, NJ.  I've been working in the continuing medical education field for the past 15 years.

Brenda Rynn
Undergraduate: Goucher College, Baltimore, MD - BA in Political Science
Graduate: Temple University, Philadelphia, PA - MA in Creative Writing
Occupation: Moved from Virginia to Mt. Laurel, New Jersey in April and am now working at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. I'm the Director of Recruitment and Development with the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Section - providing free treatment to children, adolescents, and adults through research medication studies. My creative outlet is creating print and radio advertising for our programs.

Rosealeen Rynn
Residence: New Jersey
Undergraduate: Wheaton College, MA
Goucher College, Baltimore MD - BA in Political Science
Graduate: Delaware University, DE - Masters of Public Administration
Currently living in Arlington, VA and working in Roslyn at a $12 million Safeway as Manager. Teaches managerial and employee relations classes for the Safeway's Eastern Division. Also does consulting work for personalized invitations and greeting cards.

Harold Scott
Spouse: Coleen (Casciano) Scott
Residence: Simsbury, Connecticut
Children: Sean Scott 08/06/98; One on the way 08/02/01
College: Northeastern University
Occupation: Northeast Manager Curbell Plastics Inc.

Kate Spann
Spouse: Kevin Rudolph
Residence: Califon, NJ
College: LeMoyne College, Rutgers University
Occupation: Librarian

John Stana
Spouse: Belinda Garza on 1/26/96
Residence: Easton, PA
College: BS - Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ; MA/JD - St. Mary's University, San Antonio, TX
Occupation: Project Manager, M&M Mars


Karen (Angelozzi) Sofhauser
Spouse: Paul Sofhauser
Residence: Phillipsburg
Children: Kyle Edward(10/18/00)
College: Rutgers University
Occupation: Until the birth of my son, I worked as a medical underwriter for an insurance company in Piscataway, NJ.  Now, I am a stay at home mom and very happy!

Hank Arens
Spouse: Thomas Hines
Residence: Arizona
Children: none
College: Rutgers University: BA Journalism, SCC: Interior Design
Occupation: Interior Designer

Kari (Balent) Mesko
Spouse: Tom
Residence: Windsor Woods Allentown PA
Children: Kali 1990, Kadi 1991, JT 1994, Gannon 2003, 2 step daughters Erica 1989 & Heather 1996
Occupation: mom of 6 & social director

Denise Rae Bruckman- Laudenslager
Spouse: Barry Laudenslager
Residence: Forks Twsp.
Children: Devin Charles (5/1/96), Daisy Lennon 10/9/99, Daphne Rae & Delaina Rose (8/21/03)
College: DeSales University, Northampton Community College
Occupation: Adjunct Professor of Exercise Physiology, US Dept of Treasury IRS govn't worker, Substitute Teacher (Yes, I multi-task three jobs and four children)

Maureen (Carnevali) Brantner
Spouse: Bruce
Residence: 58 Rymon Road Washington, NJ 07882
Children: Caitlyn 11yrs old and in 5th grade. She currently attends Brass Castle School in Wash. NJ
College: Northampton County Area Community College Graduate: 1987; Warren County Community College Certificate in Personal Computers  
Occupation: Cert. Dental Assistant from 1987-2003; Currently working for Greenwich School as instructional aide for autistic child
Other: Bruce and I got married May 28, 1989.  Our daughter Caitlyn was born in Sept. 1992.  Bruce and I have been married for 15 years.  We have been living in our house for 7 years.

Peggy (Chemidlin) Lepore
Spouse: None,Divorced
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Christine born February, 1996 Julia born April, 1997
College: Fairleigh Dickinson University College of Dental Medicine
Occupation: Dental Hygienist

Connie (Colonnello) Herring
Spouse: Robert
Residence: Nazareth,PA
Children: Nicolette Lynn-13   Alexandra Ann-10
Occupation: Stay at home mom
Other: Hope all is well with Everyone!!!!
* Entry Added: 1/5/09

Pamela (Dagon) O'Hern
Spouse: Sean
Residence: Lincoln, RI
Children: Kyle (8/24/99) and Abigail (4/2/02)
College: BS Niagara University (1989); MBA Johnson & Wales University (1997)
Occupation: Logistics Project Manager, Tyco Healthcare

James (Jim) Daley
Spouse: Marilyn
Residence: Center Valley, PA
Children: Christopher(10) & Elizabeth(5)
College: Western New England College (89- Biomedical Engineering)
UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Med School (95- MD)
Occupation: Medical Director, Prosthetic & Orthotic rehabilitation; Clinical Instructor- JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute
Other: Finally lost that extra weight I gained since leaving the Navy.  Family is still my main focus, with work and cycling competing for #2
* Update Submitted: 1/17/10

Kelly Deitman
Residence: Firestone, Colorado
College: B.S. Architecture 1989 Penn State Univ.; B. Architecture 1995 Penn State Univ.
Occupation: Architect, Partner with Thorp Associates

Kathleen Fabula
Residence: Clinton Twp., NJ
Children: Two lovely nieces and a wonderful nephew.
College: Rutgers University - Cook College; BS in Biochemistry and Minor in Nutrition (1994) Minor in Science Education(2007)
Occupation: Research Scientist before becoming interested in teaching. I have been a Teaching Assistant, Substitute Teacher and am now looking for a job as a Science Teacher. 
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

Moira (Flanagan) Greto
Spouse: Andrew Greto
Residence: Northampton, Massachusetts
Children: Lucy, born July 8, 1997 and Thomas, born Jan. 9, 2000
College: Parsons School of Design, NYC
Occupation: Senior Designer, FamilyFun Magazine

Nancy Jo (Flynn) Zgoda
Spouse: Mark Zgoda
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Molly 12/22/94; Ellie 12/08/97; Mark, Jr. 9/18/00
College: Kutztown University, BS Elem. Ed / Spec. Ed.
Occupation: Special Education teacher at the Phillipsburg Middle School

Lesley Ann (Frick) Siedt
Spouse: Robert (can it be 15 years already?)
Residence: Phillipsburg, New Jersey
Children: Alex & Victoria, TWINS! 9/7/99
College: B.A. English-Allentown College of St. Francis de Sales 1989
Occupation: Stay at home mom, a.k.a. "Best job on the planet!"
Other: Wow!  25 years next year...hard to believe.  My kids go to SSPJ, talk about deja vu! And who said you can't go home again! :)
* Update submitted: 9/21/09

D.J. "Steve Vil" Gilbert
Spouse: Living in sin for six (as of 2009) awesome years
Residence: Phillipsburg
Children: One stepson, Jerry
College: yes
Occupation: I work in NYC for Fantasma Magic.
Other: Perform and record with the band Powervalve using the stage name "Steve Vil" (check out our site and listen to our stuff).  Still collect magic tricks, still listen to Gary Numan.
* Update submitted: 5/29/09

Thomas Ghignone
Spouse: Kathleen (Liska) Ghignone
Residence: Easton, PA
Children: Brielle Marie (11/28/99) and Alexa Elizabeth (11/17/00)
College: Kutztown University 1989; Pace University Law School 1997
Occupation: In-house Counsel for Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. located in Ridgefield, CT

Robert Gretta
Residence: Chicago, IL
College: Indiana University of PA - B.A. in Theatre; Florida State University - M.F.A. in Directing
Occupation: Professional Actor and Director
Other: I want to say hi to everyone in my class (and others).  I hope you are all doing well.  Life is very, very good.  I am happy and healthy and living in Chicago furthering my professional acting and directing career.  If you ever come through the "Windy City," look me up - I am in the book!

Brian Hawk
Spouse: Sherry
Residence: 434 Dogwood lane  Lower Nazareth Pa  18064
Children: Brianna (08/10/92)    Paige  (04/14/96)
College: ncacc  radio /tv
Occupation: nazareth school district
Other: worked for bell & howell, laid off 1999 now working for nazareth school district. love flying planes and currently applying for commercial flight school.

Elena Hoffman
Spouse: Divorced
Children: Lydia Rose (8/22/96); Jacob Aaron (2/1/99)
Residence: NJ
College: PhD Capella University
Occupation: Graduate Professor of Education, Capella University and Training and Design Consultant
* Update Submitted: 1/9/09

Ann Janasek
Spouse: engaged May of 2011
Residence: Plainsboro, NJ
Children: one dog and some turtles
Occupation: Certified pharmacy tech
Other: I lost all school memories in a basement flood.  Does anyone have anything to share?  I've done pharmacy work for lots of different companies.  My favorite was Bruce Springsteen's vet.
* Entry Updated: 3/16/12

Abraham Kassis
Residence: Easton, PA
College: Hofstra University
Occupation: Lawyer

Rachel Knight
Residence: Alpha, NJ
Children: Virginia Grace (10-1-96)
College: Delaware Valley College
Occupation: Horticulturist

Pam (Loiacono) Pensabene
Spouse: Keith
Residence: Doylestown, PA
Children: Karli Born July 31, 1996; Connor Born May 15, 1998
College: Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science 1990 BS Interior Design
Gratz College MA in Education
Occupation: Elementary School Teacher

Karen (Martino) DeBard
Spouse: John DeBard
Residence: Bridgewater, NJ
Children: Alec 6 years, Chase 2 years
College: Rider University
Occupation: Manufacturers' Representative

Tony Minchella
Spouse: Jennifer
Residence: Middlebury, Connecticut
Children: Anthony (12) Andrew (8) and Daniel (6)
College: St. Bonaventure and Quinnipiac Law School
Occupation: Attorney; principal of own firm since July 2003, with 3 attorneys and 2 support staff.
Other: Hardly any hair left, married for 9 years with 3 fantastic boys and a wonderful wife who I met in College.  Parents still in NJ.  Hope to hear from someone.

Robert Phillips
Spouse: Michele (Russo) Phillips
Residence: Perkasie, Pa
Children: Christina Phillips 8/11/1992, Brianna Phillips 3/4/1998, Morgan Phillips 3/16/2001, yes one more the boy Anthony 5/22/2002
College: King's College Wilkes Barre, Pa BS Human Resources management Minor Pschology MBA business administration Eastern University St. Davids,Pa  
Occupation: General Manager oil Company
Other: I hope everyone is doing great I have been busy over the last 25 years but thing are great where is Reape
* Entry Submitted: 1/26/10

Laura (Pisaniello) Dockham
Spouse: Troy Dockham
Residence: Columbus, OH
Children: Aria Kylie (5), Zuri Anah (3)
College: BS, CJ Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 1991
Occupation: Bank One Corporate Security

Teresa Polhemus
Residence: Boston, MA
Occupation: Special Events and Fundraising Consultant

Mark Seren
Spouse: Eileen Fantazier
Residence: Fort Mill, SC
Children: Ian (1999), Andrew (2002), Madelyn (2003)
College: King's College 1989 - BS in Computers and Information Systems
Occupation: IT Project Manager for a large manufacturing company
Other: Married 12 yrs now.  Moved from Philly to the Carolinas six years ago and haven't looked back (no more snow for me!)  Still playing/coaching soccer
* Entry Submitted: 12/1/09

Stephanie Spann
Residence: Portland, Oregon - It is beautiful out here!!!!!!!!
Children: Freedom Dawn Spann  Born: March 7, 1999
College: Fairfield University and University of Vermont
Occupation: Social worker. Contract Liaison for Multnomah County Aging and Disability Services.  I work with senior nutrition and wellness programs.

Jan (Varga) VanCamp  (Janelle)
Fiance Ron Malchow
Residence: Cumberland, WI
Children: Chrissy Varga, 22; Sara VanCamp, 19; Scott VanCamp Jr., 12; Danny Malchow, 7
Occupation: stay at home mom
Other: I would not trade my life for any profession in the world
* Entry Updated: 7/8/10

Christopher Zorzi
Spouse: Cheryl
Residence: New York, NY
Children: Christen, Hayley, Reed
College: Fordham University
Occupation: Trader
* Entry Updated: 4/19/11


Andy Benderoth
Spouse: Shara (married 09/00)
Residence: Bethlehem PA
College: Moravian College, BS Computer Science
Occupation: Application Engineer, Berks County Intermediate Unit

Sandy Clements-Greene
Residence: Blairstown, NJ
Children: two daughters born in 1993 and 1994, one son born in 1999
College: BS in Early Childhood Education from Chestnut Hill College in 1988.
Occupation: Teacher Aide, but looking for full-time teaching position

Jacqueline Cooper
Other: 20 years in 3, let's try and pull it together!

Tim Costantino
Spouse: Kathleen Connolly, Class of 83
Children: Timothy 5/23/99 and Katherine 11/29/00
Residence: Easton, PA
College: Wagner College

Christine Defrancesco
Spouse: Eric Butrym
Residence: Pennington, NJ
Children: Grace 1997, Celia 1999, Frankie 2000
College: College of Saint Elizabeth
Occupation: mother/homemaker; previously quality control supervisor for biotech/pharma lab

Michael Douglas
Spouse: Shari Poindexter ( Stamford, CT ) /  Writer.
Residence: Burbank, CA
Children: Adisa (boy 7) ~ Sanaa (girl 5) ~ Ayo (boy 1)
College: Howard University / University of the District of Columbia
Occupation: Associate Producer with an independent film company.
I also am employed with a barter/trade company.
Other: S.P.S.J. graduate 1980 / PHS grad 1984
I recognized quite a few names from my 1st through 8th grade Catholic School experience.

Ann (Ernesti) Wells
Spouse: Tommy
Residence: Virginia Beach, VA
College: Virginia Wesleyan College
Occupation: Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics
Other: I didn't graduate with you because I transferred to public school after sophomore year.  But since I was with most of you since 4th grade at Saint Philips and Saint James, I feel like I'm a part of your graduating class.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Patrick Flynn
Residence: Lake Tahoe, California
College: Fresno State; Sierra Nevada College
Occupation: Elementary School Teacher / Basketball Coach and Wilderness Guide/Instructor
Other: Though we didn't graduate together, I was with most of you since the first grade and I'd enjoy hearing from you. After a decade of working as a counselor and outdoor educator, I have recently started teaching and will begin my MA in Literacy Education at Massey University, New Zealand in Feb 2005.
"We can bomb the world to pieces, but we can't bomb it into PEACE." M.F.

Maria (Focht) Dawson
Spouse: Robert
Residence: Warriors Mark, PA
Children: Robert Joseph 3-16-96; Sean Marie 6-10-99
College: The Pennsylvania State University, BS 1987; The Pennsylvania State University, MHA 1994
Occupation: Health Administrator

Neva Frank
Residence: Chicago, IL
College: Cornell University, BS 1988; Fordham University, MBA 1997
Occupation: consultant ;-)
Other: fabulous to see you at the 20th Reunion.
I'm still consulting, but traveling domestically now.   New house is fun, fun, fun (er, work, work, work)

Scott D. Heller
Spouse: Joanna
Residence: Charleston, SC
Children: Alexander (2002) and Sydney (2004)
College: University of Rochester, BA Statistics; Naval Postgraduate School, MS Computer Science
Occupation: US Navy

Eric J. Hockman
Website: http://www.POCONOAUCTIONS.COM/
Spouse: Single
Residence: Paradise Valley Pa.
Children: Megan
College: ESU
Occupation: Auctioneer / Owner of The Pocono Auction Gallery
Other: "The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over." Hunter S. Thompson
* Update Submitted: 1/9/09

Joan (Kadi) Riley
Spouse: Herman
Residence: Alpha, NJ
Children: Christopher, Alexander, Rebecca
Occupation: Homemaker

Darin Knauth
Spouse: Sheree
Residence: Mandeville, Louisiana (30 miles from New Orleans)
Children: Taylor (11/19/92); Baylie (11/07/94); Kyle (11/28/95)
College: James Madison University (BS 1988)
Occupation: Group Supervisor, Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (formerly U.S. Customs Service)

Alfred (Skip) Kaulius
Residence: Muskegon, MI
Married: Jennifer
Daughter: Emily and Abigail
College: Rutgers University: BS Ceramic Engineering
Western Michigan University: MS Engineering Management

Marc A. Kovacs
Spouse: Shannon
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
Children: Michael - born March 2006
College: North Carolina State University
Occupation: Senior Proposal Manager - Foster Wheeler North America Corp.
Other: Planning Class of 1984 25th Reunion.  Please contact me for further info.

Kimberlee (Lewis) Williams
Spouse: Andy
Residence: Nazareth, PA
Children: Rat Terrier "Cecil"
College: Moravian College BA I/O Psych; Lehigh University MA Applied Research
Occupation: Strategy Execution
Other: OK, who said they miss the green uniforms?  See you all at the reunion.   Jenny Williams (aka skinny)...where R U?
* Entry submitted: 7/17/09

Julie Matlock
Residence: Suwanee GA
College: Flagler College, Bauder College
Occupation: General Manager of a Macy's
* Entry Added: 11/28/08

Chas McFadden
Residence: Cincinnati, Ohio

Debra (Miller) Gibbs
Spouse: Brian
Residence: Brooksville, Florida
Children: Kaleigh 9/28/1995; Aidan 2/1/2000
Occupation: Billing Manager - Tampa Florida
Other: Finally did it and got the heck out of Jersey!! Lovin' Florida!!!!

Brian O'Hare
Residence: P'Burg
College: University of Dayton (2 years); La Salle University BA 1988
Occupation: Director of Financial Aid

Michele (Roy) Ritchie
Spouse: Todd
Residence: Canadensis, PA
Children: Bryanna(5 years old)
College: College Misericordia(1988) BS in Education (Special Education); East Stroudsburg University(1990) M.S. in Education
Occupation: Teacher

Dawn (Schmeelk) Huamani
Residence: Bridgewater, NJ
Children: Billy, Justin, Zachary
College: Raritan Valley Community College
Occupation: Manager AT&T

James J. Sullivan
Website:    password: album2007
Spouse: Jenny
Residence: Langhorne, PA
Children: Caroline: June 2001, Katherine: December 2002, Faith: May 2006
College: BS NJIT, MS Villa Nova, MBA Villa Nova, Data Security Certification NYU
Occupation: Senior IT Architect for IBM, Citigroup team

Edward (Brian) Tarrant
Spouse: Mari
Residence: Bushkill, Pa.
Children: Michael-1987; Genis-1991
* Entry Updated: 1/4/10

Joseph Tersigni
Spouse: Kathy Tersigni
Residence: Palmer Township, PA
Children: Claire 8-26-94; Anthony 4-16-97
College:  Rider University, B.S. Marketing
Occupation: Self Employed

Susan (Torquati) Cummings
Residence: Phillipsburg, nj
Children: Hollie 19 Robert 15
Occupation: Head Bookkeeper Colalillo Shoprite Hunterdon County
Other: Having a ball with my kids. They are my best friends. We travel alot together and just hang out. Life is wonderful!

Michael Vangelo
Spouse: Erika Vangelo
Residence: Forks Twp, PA
Children: Kaitlyn Vangelo; Mikayla Vangelo
College: Trenton State College 1988
Occupation: Easton Police Department K-9 Patrol Sergeant

Stephanie (Varga) Karoglanian
Spouse: Matthew
Residence: Syracuse, NY
Children: Nazareth (6/00); Abigail (5/02); Armen (1/04)
College: Churchman Business School
Occupation: AT&T Customer Service


Elena (Azan) Mondi
Spouse: Scott Mondi
Residence: Cincinnati, Ohio
Children: Christina, Ann Marie, Joseph, Matthew, John Paul
College: Manhattanville College - BA Management 1987

Tom Balent
Spouse: Ursula
Residence: the frozen wastelands of Rochester, NY
Children: Devon Tyler 2-28-95  Jarek Michael 11-8-00
College: Finster University of Charlie King
Occupation: Electrician and part time cat juggler
Other: still having nightmares of Sister Piggy Comfart  and Mr. Poppy.

Rita A. (Bartolacci) Foley
Spouse: David M. Foley
Residence: Lock Haven, Pennsylvania
Children: Danielle (11/30/88)
College: DeSales University
Occupation: Asst. Administrator, City of Lock Haven
* Entry Updated: 7/14/11

Traci (Bevacqua) Wehbe
Spouse: William Frederick Wehbe
Residence: Nazareth Pa
Children: Pearl Marie Wehbe
College: Wesley College Dover Delaware
Occupation: Entertainer singer songwriter Vice President Marley Pearl Entertainment Agency

Laurette Brousseau (Kravecz)
Spouse: Mark
Residence: St. Augustine, Florida
Children: Michael (19)  Chelsea (16) Samantha (8)
College: Warren Hosp. School Of Medical Technology and First Coast Technical Institute
Occupation: Cosmotologist
Other: Having a wonderful life with its usual ups and downs  So glad I found this site
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

Carol (Bucci) Mantoni
Spouse: Bernie Mantoni, Class of 1981
Residence: Lumberton, NJ
Children: Alycia 10/22/90, Christina 4/12/93, Daniel 1/15/98
College: Gwynedd-Mercy College, ASN 1986, BSN 1988
Occupation: I work part time as an RN a few days a month in the trauma unit at Hahnemann University Hospital, Philadelphia

Joseph Patrick Carroll
Spouse: Single
Residence: Silicon Valley, CA
College: IADT Sacramento
Occupation: Systems Analyst
Other: Still stuck in the 70's :)
* Entry Updated: 2/24/12

Joanne (Collazo) Di-Bono
Spouse: Mario DiBono
Residence: Miller Place, New York
Children: Regina Marie 7/7/93 Matthew Mario 8/20/97
Occupation: Secretary and Full time Baker.
Other: After graduation I left for NEW YORK CITY. Found a great job, a great guy, got married and now have two gorgeous kids.
* Entry Updated: 12/7/08

Kathleen (Connolly) Costantino
Spouse: Tim Costantino
Residence: Easton PA
Children: Timothy 5/23/99, Katherine 11/29/00
College: Hartwick College

Ann Costantino
Spouse: John Wendel
Residence: Philadelphia PA
College: Fordham University, BA; Temple University, MA

Dennis Furtado
Spouse: Lisa
Children: one boy Derek 22months

Greg Harvat
Spouse: Yes
Residence: Central PA
Children: Yes
College: BA in Criminology from the University of South Florida
Occupation: You don't want to know...
Other: I wish to extend a sincere apology to the lunch ladies, for counterfeiting all of those money tickets that were given out on "Third World Country Day".  I guess the lesson to be learned was not to see how many ice cream bars you could eat in one afternoon.

Robert Heiden
Residence: Reading, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Criminal Investigator for the Reading Police Department

Philip J. Hood
Spouse: Sandy (Rozinski)
Residence: Hazelwood, MO

Rick Kaulius
Home: Charlotte, NC

Rosalie (Kohler) Shoemaker
Spouse: Michael Shoemaker - Married since 1986
Residence: Easton, PA
Occupation: Homemaker

Chuck Lilly
Spouse: Nancy
Residence: Oxford, NJ
Children: Anthony Charles
Occupation: Police Lieutenant/Oxford Twp. Police Department

Patti (Lucas) Helfer
Spouse: Bob
Residence: Hillsborough, NJ
Children: Zachary (2-3-99)and Casey (7-24-01)
College: Rutgers University (1987)
Occupation: NRG Energy, Inc- VP-Internal Audit
* Entry Updated: 11/28/08

Thomas Minchin

Colleen Roan
Residence: Stewartsville, NJ
Occupation: Spanish teacher
Other: Hoping everyone is doing well and looking forward to the new year!

Yvonne (Saam) Furrows
Website: Facebook
Spouse: Kevin
Residence: Southport, NC
Children: Kyle-20; Greg-14
College: Empire Beauty School
Occupation: Homemaker
* Entry submitted: 3/10/10

Suzanne (Scott) Horsley
Spouse: Tom Horsley
Residence: Pennington, NJ
Children: Anne 7-23-96; Thomas 2-18-98; Kathleen 9-26-01
College: William And Mary, BS; University of Akron, MS
Occupation: Mother/Teacher/Coach

Elaine (Seifert) Platt
Spouse: Mike
Residence: Nazareth Pa
Children: Michael-14: David -9
College: Hahnamann University
Occupation: Respiratory therapist-Clinical Services supervisor

Christine (Slack) Neider
Spouse: Philip
Children: Arianna 21, Nicholas 15, Anissa 5, Austin 3

Doris M. Stabp MSW, LSW
Spouse: Randy Scott
Residence: East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
College: B.S. Psychology East Stroudsburg University; Masters in Social Work Marywood University
Occupation: Psychotherapist in private practice
* Update submitted: 11/4/09

Maura Trosset Shaw
Spouse: Married
Residence: Stuart, Flg
Children: 3 boys.  TJ-16, Connor-12, and Sam-7
College: Flagler College; University of Fl(GO GATORS!!)  Now I have a son there!
Occupation: Part-time caterer
* Update Submitted: 1/21/09

Robert Stewart
Spouse: Carla
Residence: Blairstown, NJ
College: Lincoln Technical Institute
Occupation: Product Safety Engineer at Transistor Devices in Hackettstown, NJ. (


Marco Babic
Spouse: Yvette A. Babic
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Children: Claudio (Born in Germany Dec. 4 1998); Matteo (Born in Japan March 2003)
College: Fairleigh Dickinson, Madison NJ
Occupation: Economics
Other: Have been in Japan for about two years now and enjoying it very much. Second son was born in March in Japan.

Liz Barna
Spouse: Probir Roy
Residence: New York, NY
Children: Working on it!
College: George Washington University; New York Law School
Occupation: Attorney
Other: What's new:  I'm so very happily married!

Michael R. Bartolacci
Spouse: Patricia Ann Berger- Bartolacci
Residence: Bethlehem, PA - I am in the phone book if you really want to contact me at home
College: B.A. Engineering (1986) - Lafayette College, MBA (1988) - Lehigh University,  Ph.D. Industrial Engineering (1995) - Lehigh University
Occupation: Assistant Professor of Computer Science for Penn State Berks/Lehigh Valley College, a new 4 year degree granting college within the Penn State University System

Sam Bartolotta
Spouse: Single... YEAH !!!
Residence: Philadelphia, PA
Children: 1 year old Jack Russell named Boris; 13 year old Horse named Leader
College: Northampton County Area Community College; Associate in Business Administration & Fashion Merchandising
Occupation: Corporate Trainer; The Vanguard Group - 401K Company
Other: I've also been into horseback riding the last 10 years, I have friends in upstate N.Y. and the Phillie area that train & show Morgan horses.  I guess I've become a country boy over the years and I have a greater love for animals too.

John-Joseph Bober
Married: Jennifer Dick (10-10-87)
Residence: Hampton, NJ
Children: Veronica Rose, born September 29, 2001
College: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Occupation: Development Manager and Solution Architect
PCHS Memories:
* Update submitted: 9/23/09

Brian Bolcar
Spouse: None
Residence: Warren, NJ
Children: None
College: BS - University of Richmond,  MBA - College of William & Mary
Occupation: CPA,CFA.  Work for a technology start up in the online sector
Other: Moved from Richmond, VA to NYC after Grad school.  Worked 7 years in Institutional Equity Sales.  Got tired of the industry and NYC and moved out to NJ. Never married and no children.  Golf, ski, spend time with my nieces and trying to decide what to do when I grow up.

Colleen Brady
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
Children: Jake 8 years old

Ginny Carita
Spouse: Joseph Dattoli
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
Children: No children - just pets.  My new puppy Cleo is just 16 weeks old and two orange tabby cats named Blaze and Harley.
College: Warren County Community College; Cedar Crest College
Occupation: Commerical Real Estate

David Carmody
Spouse: Jacqueline
Residence: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Children: Keenan
College: U of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ; Kean University
Occupation: Physical Therapist

Caryl (Chando) Almodovar
Spouse: Juan Almodovar
Residence: Bridgewater, NJ
Children: Not yet...we've only been married 4 months.
Occupation: Programmer Analyst
Other: * Yes, believe it or not, I GOT MARRIED! It was in January 2005 and we live in NJ now. Finally met Mr. Right-for-me. He's very sweet and VERY patient.
* We have two cats now, Bayley (mine) and Velcro (his) and they are still adjusting to living together. Of course, there's the language barrier but we're working through that.
* I've gotten laid off, like the rest of the IT population, and will be finishing up here at D&B at the end of July. I'll be looking for something closer to home.
* Please feel free to write!

Joe Chemidlin
Spouse: Lisa Quigley
Residence: Bethlehem Twp. Pa.
Children: Kevin (12/28/91)  Kelly (4/20/95)  Colleen (7/11/98)
Occupation: Heavy Construction Crane Operator

Carla (Clymer) Dlugos
Spouse: Danny
Residence: 8072 Lois Lane, Liberty Twp, OH  45044
Children: Danielle born 8/12/94 and Matthew born 10/24/96
College: Graduated with a BS in Pharmacy from Northeastern University in 1988
Occupation: Currently working on starting my own business in the Financial Services area.  Danny is still with Ethicon Endo Surgery.

Spouse: DENISE MARRIED 9/16/89 (I think)
Children: SHAWN MARIE 12/20/90  ERYN RAE 1/22/92  COLTON RICHARD 3/25/94   HUNTER ALOYSIUS 11/20/96
College: WHO ME?? NOT!

Micalann (D'Antonio) Corcilius
Spouse: Richard
Residence: Mesa, Arizona
Children: Catherine 4/7/97; Richard III 6/14/2000
College: Oral Roberts University
Occupation: Mom
Other: I am happily married and since having my children have moved out of the work force and home.  I am currently home schooling both of my children.

Ralph Dewey
Spouse: Laura
Residence: 14106 Filddlers Ridge Road, Midlothian, VA 23112
Children: Bobby born 2/22/93; Rachel born 10/3/96
College: Old Dominion University, Norfolk VA
Occupation: District Administrative Manager, Ricoh Americas Corp., Richmond, VA
Other: Moved back to Virginia in August 1999 after spending 9 years in Massachusetts.

Alyssa (Dmytriw) Amsbaugh
Spouse: J.R. Amsbaugh - Wedding date October 29, 1989 (and we're still on our honeymoon!)
Residence: Washington, NJ
College: Rider University, B.A. in Journalism, 1986
Occupation: Editor "CleanTech" Magazine
Other: Visit our website at  We have a digital camera so we take tons of pictures and update the website regularly.

Kathy (Fuhro) Piparo
Spouse: Christopher
Residence: Pittstown, NJ
Children: Anna-8/25/97; Natalie-8/16/99
College: Douglass College; University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ-Grad. Sch. Biomed. Sciences
Occupation: Mom

Mark Gorrie
Married: Karen (6/1/91)
Two boys: Nicholas, Brian
College: Churchman's Business School; Allentown College
Residence: Nazareth, PA
Occupation: Owner: Blue Crystal Software Corporation

Theresa (Gretta) Sharo
Spouse: N/A
Residence: Nazareth, PA
Children: Veronica & Frankie
College: Taylor Business Institute
Occupation: Administrative Assistant
Other: Very happy & enjoying life.

Kevin Gully
Spouse: Marie
Residence: Charlotte, NC
Children: 2 Boys - John, Liam
College: BS Fairleigh Dickinson University, MBA Syracuse University
Occupation: Program Executive
Other: All the Best to old friends
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

John Haney
Spouse: Lori (McDevitt)
Residence: Palmer Township, Easton Pa
Children: Jamee (1999); Abbey (2001)
College: Somerset County College 1986; Ramapo College of New Jersey 1990
Occupation: Senior Staff Account/Information Systems Tech for Frazier Industrial Company

Susan (Hnatt) Ringer
Spouse: Joe
Residence: Nazareth, PA (Bushkill Township)
Children: Kyle - Age 16; Nathan - Age 13
College: 20 years of doing time in Corporate America was college enough for me! 
Occupation: Realtor and part-owner of the Northampton County office of Keller Williams.  Contact me if you are thinking of buying or selling...if out of the area, I have a great network of Realtors all over the country I can set you up with!

Clair Kaulius-Beagell
Spouse: Ed Beagell (PHS '81) (7-18-87)
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
Children: Kylie (2/1/00) Nolan (8/31/01)
Occupation: Mom
* Update Submitted: 12/30/08

Beth (Kettle) Marra
Spouse: Joe
Residence: 2436 Bell Rd Montgomery, AL 36117
Children: Jacquelynn 18; Arianna 15
College: Trenton State College
Occupation: Executive Director Non Profit Organization

Sharon (Kolonia) Vietmeier
Spouse: Jeff (married June 29, 1996)
Residence: Pennsburg, PA
Children: None yet
College: Allentown College, BS, Psychology; Beaver College, MEd., Early Childhood & Elementary Education
Occupation: Previously taught Kindergarten and 3rd Grade in Maryland. Moved back to PA to own and operate Sweet Water Golf Course & Driving Range in Pennsburg, PA
Other: Just found out about the web site and having fun looking through it.  Looking to make contacts with old classmates.  Very busy here at the golf course and gearing up for a new season!

Robert E. Korp
Planning Director - Lehigh County, Pa.
Married: Kathleen Whelan
Children: Patrick T. Korp, Ryan T. Korp, Colleen E. Korp, Erin K. Korp
Resides in Allentown, Pa.

Lisa (Kurecz) Fredricks
Spouse: Ray (July 3, 1988) - Fantastically brilliant  EE, specializing in the medical field; he also makes beautiful wood furniture.
Residence: Nashua, NH
Children: Kyle (June 18, 1993);
College: NCACC & Hesser College
Occupation: Mom/Middle School Volunteer (Library & Home Economics)
Other: We have 2 cats-Spock & Minnie.  We are currently a NHRA & IHRA Jr. Drag Racing family.  We travel all over the East Coast to race most weekends from April through October.  Kyle is into drag racing, playing the accordion, and Boy Scouts He enjoys math, astrophysics, drawing comic strips, Star Trek, ancient history & rock-n-roll.
We still enjoy having gatherings at the house.  I still love to bake and do all sorts of crafts.  This past year I added biking to my schedule.  I recently accomplished a very cool thing!  I did a tri-state bike ride of 100 miles in one day; I basically kept a 15 mph pace.  It was a BLAST!  I can't wait for next year!!
No matter how long it's been - drop me a line!
Have a Fantastic Day

Amy (Langer) Trimble
Spouse: Bill
Children: Alexandria 10years old (will be 11 on 10/18); William 8 years old
College: West Georgia State University, BA in Marketing
Occupation: Full time Mom but soon to certify as a Personal Trainer
Other: Finally updated.  Had a fantastic time at the 25th reunion seeing everyone.

Carol Marina
Residence: Easton, PA
* Entry Added: 11/28/08

Bridgette M. (Martin) Alfonso
Spouse: John
Residence: Floral Park, NY
Children: John Joseph 4 years; Colette Suzanne 1 year
College: Marymount College, Tarrytown, NY - BA English/Journalism
Hunter College, NY, NY - MS Elementary Education
Occupation: Currently homemaker, previously teacher
Other: Hi to all my classmates. Hope to see you at the reunion.

Sean McDonough
aka "Moose"
Married, Wanda (April 25, 1992)
Son: James Ryan - 7/23/97, Catherine Elizabeth - 1/2/01
B.A. 1986 King's College; Communications and Government
M.S. 1991 Bloomsburg University; Instructional Technology
Occupation: Information Technology Policy Specialist; Bureau of Educational Technology; Pennsylvania Department of Education
Other: After a dozen years in K-12 educational technology, I've made a jump to the state!!  I've accepted a new position with the PA Department of Education in Harrisburg, PA.  Looking to move down to the Capital area  this summer, but for now, still living in North Central PA outside of Williamsport.
Read what Sean has been up to since graduation and some memories of PCHS.

Robert Merlo

Harvey Minchin
Websites: Business site: - Personal site:
Spouse: Jeanette Buli - Married Oct. 25, 2003.
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Catherine Helen Rose Minchin born Aug. 9, 2004; Barbara Florence Marie Minchin Born July 10, 2007
College: Trenton State College - Graduated 1987 with BA in Music Performance and Minor in Computer Science
Occupation: Computer Operator for Warren County Government / Professional Musician - I play in a variety of local bands, trio, duo, as a solo performer and as a DJ - check out my site at for more information.
PCHS Memories & Photos:

Scott Mulvihill
Spouse: Lori Nankivell
Residence: Allentown PA 18104
Children: Alexandra 9; Olivia 5
Occupation: Freelance TV production
Other: love to hear from anyone...just found out about the site

Mary Beth (O'Brien) McGivern
Spouse: John
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
Children: Caitlin,16; Matthew,15; and Lexi 12
College: Rutgers University, BS: Economics
Occupation: Stay at home Mom
Other: Just founds the web-site, I hope everyone is doing well.  Looking forward to reconnecting with all of you!!!  Great job Harvey..

Kathy (O'Neil) Mulroy
Spouse: Matthew
Residence: Mt. Laurel, NJ.
Children: Sean(8/15/94), Kyle(9/27/96), Shannon(1/30/01), dog Murphy 2005
College: Villanova University
Occupation: Registered Nurse part time, Mom full time

JoAnn (Patrick) Unangst
Spouse: Harry
Residence: Pequest Drive Belvidere, NJ 
Children: Rebekah Lyn (6/11/1990), Stephanie Marie (02/02/1994)
College: East Stroudsburg University
Occupation: Associate Scientist for DSM Nutritional Products Global Application Lab
Other: I would love to hear from anyone!

Mary (Pursell) Hank
Spouse: Married to Ken Hank (6/20/87)
Residence: Living in Easton, PA
Children: Caitlin (4/14/93), Daniel (5/14/96)
College: B.S. Accounting, University of Scranton (1986)
Occupation: I work part-time as an Accounting Systems Analyst for Chubb & Son Inc. in Warren, NJ.

Kelly (Redington) O'Neil
Spouse: Dan
Residence: Peoria, Illinois
Children: Joe 16, Devon 14, Jack and Tony 10
College: Central Michigan University; Eureka College
Occupation: High School Teacher
Other: I would love to hear from you!!  Hope everyone is doing well!!
* Update Submitted: 1/10/09

Douglas Sisco
Spouse: Married Colleen Creighton in 1995
Residence: We live in Upper Black Eddy, Pa.
Children: We have five children: Jeremiah 2-6-86, Caleb 1-9-88, Sam 12-21-90, Ben 1-20-96, Jamie 8-28-98
College: Graduated from Lafayette College in 1988 with a BS in Electrical Engineering
Occupation: owner of Business PC Consultants, Inc. (website is

John Swahn
Spouse: Ex : Kathy
Residence: Bryn Mawr, PA
Children: Tara
College: Columbia University
Occupation: Business Owner
Other: After high school I went to NYC and earned an MBA. I work in advertising while attending school. As time went on I expanded my portfolio to include international marketing and finally global procurement. As my life progressed I became an international negotiator dealing in everything from chemicals and plastics to electronic and OEM commodities. In the early 90’s I got married and left the global market. I opened an antique restoration studio that I own to this day. Although the marriage only lasted 9 years I have a wonderful daughter that fills my life with joy. Now I am semi retired and enjoy traveling and spoiling my daughter.
* Entry Added: 5/3/10

Catherine E. Tarrant
College: Marymount College, Tarrytown, NY
Occupation: Chemist

Dana Tersigni
Spouse: still loving single life
Residence: Annandale, NJ
Children: none that i know of.
College: Allentown business school
Occupation: corporate security
Other: I can't wait to see people i haven't seen in a while.  Have lost most of my hair but still in good physical shape.
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

Mary A (Varga) Capecci
Spouse: Albert Capecci
Residence: Bangor PA 18013
Children: Andrew Albert 12; Audrey Marie   9
Occupation: Day care and Homemaker

Dave Vasquez
Spouse: Vicki
Residence: Easton ,Pa
Children: Son Brandon
Occupation: Work for Warren County Building & Grounds Dept in Belvidere N.J.

Chris Walinski

Thomas E. Walsh
Spouse: Chris
Residence: Lopatcong Township 
Children: Matthew & Nicholas
Occupation: Town of Phillipsburg (STILL)

Terry (Williams) Skovronek
Alex and I have been married 4 years, we have 2 daughters -a 2 year old and a 12 week old, both born right here at home in the living room. We live just outside Boston.


Lisa (Benderoth) Luciano
Spouse: Leonard
Residence: Landing, NJ
Children: Toni Marie 9/16/89, Justin Leonard 5/29/92
Occupation: State certified court transcriber (happily self-employed)

Phil DeRiggi
Web site:
Spouse: Aimee (Primrose) DeRiggi, married May 19, 1990
Children: Michael Nov. 17, 1992 and Angela Sep. 26, 1995
My Occupation: Senior Equipment Engineer, Motorola Semiconductor Product Sector, MOS8 wafer fab
My Wife's Occupation: RN in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Seton Hospital, Austin, TX

John Finegan
Spouse: Married to Maureen McFadden Finegan, class of '81, her e-mail is the same.
Children: We have three kids, John Jr., 12, Tara, 10, and Kaitlin, 8.
Occupation: Maureen is a mother & homemaker, I work for the Finegan Funeral Homes with my brother Jeff, class of '78.

Tom Flanagan
Marital Status: Engaged to Asami Hirano. Wedding Date: Currently procrastinating on this issue.
Residence: Deep in the rice paddies 300 miles west of Tokyo, Japan
Children: I love kids. If there were a Rent-a-Kid program, I would gladly rent a child of my choice for a couple of hours a week. 
College: U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Occupation: International Marketing Director for a very dubious Japanese Internet Company
Other: Holy S...t! I'm getting married! Somebody help me!

Bill Gittler
Spouse: Unmarried
Residence: Alameda, CA
College: U.S. Coast Guard Academy (1985), BSCE, University of Illinois (1990), MSCE
Occupation: Retired!!!  Retiring from the Coast Guard after 24 years (effective June 1, 2005).  Currently enjoying my built up leave (vacation time).

Tom Hartigan
Spouse: Married in 1989 to MaryAnn Sawicki Hartigan 
Children: Three girls: Katie 8 (Feb 92), Maggie 6 (Jun 93), Tori 4 (Jun 95) 
College: Graduated Penn State University in 1985 in Industrial Engineering
Occupation: Working for Dept of Defense at Picatinny Arsenal near Dover, NJ as a RAM Manager in a Project Managers Office for Self-Propelled Artillery (Crusader)
Hobbies: Bass Fishing, Hunting and Basketball (Still)

Lisa Hummell
Residence: Phillipsburg NJ
College: Ramapo College Of New Jersey
* Entry Added: 9/4/08

Gregory J. James
Residence: Phillipsburg
College:  King's College
Occupation: Process Analyst

Christine Johnson Myers
* Entry Added: 11/2/11

Mark Kelly
Spouse: Jennifer
Residence: Brookfield, Wisconsin
Children: Caitlin 4/17/1998; Corinda  11/12/2003
College: BS Industrial Engineering  Trenton State College; MBA IONA College
Occupation: Program Staff Engineer - Harley-Davidson Motor Co.

Kathryn (Kohler) Clawson
Residence: Northeast England
Children: Kaitlyn 19 and Kristin 12
Occupation: RN, Ophthalmology

Timothy J. Langen
E-Mail and
Spouse: Married May 17, 1986
Children: Michael (4/16/90) and Patrick(3/21/97)
Residence: Living in Bath, PA
Occupation: Owner of  Best1Hosting internet webhosting co.
Other: My son Michael is a Junior at Bethlehem Catholic and has Mrs. Conrad for Literature! Cracked me up when he told me how easy it is to get her off subject. Some things never change!

Kathy (Letcher) Andia
Spouse: Mark Andia
Residence: Branchburg,  NJ
Children: Melissa-5
College: Slippery Rock University of PA
Occupation: Adapted Physical Education Teacher
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

Marti Mamrak
Spouse: Charlie
Residence: Portland, Oregon 97201
Children: Kelly, 19
College: Moravian College
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

Lori Mannicci
Spouse: S.O. , Chris, since '94
Residence: Allentown, PA (Upper Macungie)
Children: Chris and I have one "son" who happens to be covered with fur and walks on four legs - his name is Murray - does this count???
College: Glassboro State College, BA Political Science 1986; Thomas Cooley Law School JD, Cum Laude, 1991
Occupation: Attorney, Rooney, Mannicci & Gardner, LLC, Bethlehem, PA

Bernie Mantoni
Email: or
Spouse: Carol (Bucci) Mantoni (Class of 83)
Residence: Lumberton NJ
Children: Alycia (10/22/90), Christina (4/12/93), Daniel (1/15/98)
College: Moravian College  BA Accounting 1985, Widener University MS Taxation 1993
Occupation: Occupation: Federal Tax Manager - Equity One, Inc., Marlton, NJ

Maureen (McFadden) Finegan
Married to John Finegan, class of '81, his e-mail is the same.
We have three kids, John Jr., 12, Tara, 10, and Kaitlin, 8.
I am a mother & homemaker, John works for the Finegan Funeral Homes with his brother Jeff, class of '78.

Sandee (McFadden) Gebhart
Spouse: Douglas R
Residence: Bangor  Pa
Children:Ashley (Gebhart) Johnson, Cottonwood Heights Utah  Alexis Lancaster Pa
College:Centenary College(BS)  East Stroudsburg University (M.ed)
Occupation: 6th grade teacher, Bangor Elementary
* Entry Submitted: 6/21/10

Timothy Mcginley
Spouse: Pamela
Residence: Easton, Pa  18045

Mary (Mondzak) Encke
Spouse: Wayne
Residence: Lopatcong Township
Children: Jimmy-18, Carissa-6 , Katie-4
Occupation: Full-time Mom and also work part-time at Hell Depot-- oops I mean Home Depot.

Sean P. O'Brien
Spouse: Julie O'Brien
Residence: (NEW!) Macungie, PA
Children: PJ (Patrick) - 10/06/1993; Katie (Caitlin) - 09/24/2002; Megan - 12/06/2006 (yes, that's not a misprint!)
College: University of Notre Dame; B. Architecture (1986)
Occupation: Architect
Other: After six years in Indiana, at the University of Notre Dame, I recently relocated back to the Allentown area (live in Macungie) to accept a managing partner position with Howard Kulp Architects, PC.  It's nice to be back in the area!

Michele (Oberly) Levisay
Spouse: Roy
Residence: Alpha, NJ
Children: Chauncey -20, Janelle - 17 Samantha - 4
College: Centenary College, B.S, Business Administration/Management(1989)
Occupation: Manager - Credit & Order Operations, Verizon Wireless, Morristown, NJ

Matt Pavkovic
Spouse: significant other- Eileen, since Oct. 2000
Residence: Phillipsburg, N.J.
Children: are you kidding?
College: Kean University
Occupation: Horticulturist with nursery in Phillipsburg; Landscape design consultant; District Manager for local newspaper in Hackettstown
Other: is everyone done having babies yet? The true black sheep of the class of '81.... baaaah

Mark Piazza
Spouse: Carol    married  4/13/91
Residence: Bethlehem, Pa.
Children:  My two girls Kristen 18 & Brooke 12
College: Keystone College; Glassboro State
Occupation: Realtor (commercial & residential licensed in NJ. - PA.
Owner Cross River Answering Service --- 1996 to present
Viridian Energy Sales Rep.
Other: Coaching my daughter in softball -- still playing a little softball, pitching some quoits, hacking around the golf course and getting as much family time as possible. Hope everyone is doing OK
* Entry Submitted: 11/30/10

Kyle Rounsaville
E-Mail address:
Marital status-single and looking
Living in Palmer Twp, PA.
Occupation-permits inspector for N.J. Dept. of transportation would love to hear from some old classmates
Quote "Life is sweet in spite of the misery, there's so much more to be grateful for"....Natalie Merchant
** Just added - Picture of Kyle and several PC grads in Las Vegas - click here to see.

Kathleen (Ryno) Bechtel
Divorced and remarried on Aug.2, 1998
Step children - Tricia (7/9/83) - Ashley (4/13/85)
Children - Daniel (Petrus) 2/25/86 Stephanie (Petrus) 12/17/89
Living in Easton, PA
Occupation: Senior Premium Accounting Specialist for Chubb & Son Inc. in Bridgewater, NJ

Joseph Sagliani, Sr.
Spouse: Heide
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Joseph, Jr.(19) Samantha (18)
College: Lafayette College/Lehigh University
Occupation: Chief Engineer, Warren Hospital
Other: Traveled to Rome in 1999 and had a private audience with Pope John Paul II.  Resides in a refurbished church...searching for a bell for my steeple.
* Entry Submitted: 9/5/11

Annamarie (Santoro) Struble
Spouse: Peter Struble
Residence: Effort, Pa.
Children: Samantha (10), Joshua (8), Patrick (6)
College: Stockton State
Occupation: Project Manager

Linda Schmeelk
Residence: Stewartsville, NJ
Occupation: Systems Analyst

Mary (Trincheria) Celia
Email: OR
Colleges: The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC 1985, BSN; Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA 1992, PA School Nurse Certification.
Married: Anthony V. Celia (PCHS class of '77) on 10/9/87 
Children: Anthony Joseph (Born 8/24/93)
We are currently residing in East Allen Township, PA (between Bethlehem and Bath).
Occupation: Update as of 8/22/00:  I am now employed full time as a school nurse in the Northampton Area School District!

Justin R Tupik
Spouse: Sherri L Tupik
Residence: Lothian, Maryland
Children: Jered and Juselyn 8 yr old twins (born 1997)
College: St Vincent College Latrobe PA 
Occupation: Supervisor Integrated Scheduling Constellation Energy, Control Room Supervisor Calvert CLiffs Nuclear Power Plant, Maryland
Other: Looking forward to hearing from the people I had the time of my life with

Christine (Yetter) Mauro
Spouse: Jim Mauro (PHS Class of '79)
Residence: Easton (Forks Township), PA
Children: Jimmy (3/9/90); Marissa Marie (1/15/94)


Michelle (Bacho) Wolf
Spouse: Heinz Wolf
Residence: Flanders, NJ
Children: None
College: Somerset County College
Occupation: Technical Writer
Other: Well, there's only Mary Jo registered from our class - what's the deal? Anyway, thought it would be nice to register and see what my old classmates are up to. Val Lusardi from the class of 79 sent me the site. 
I'm married now over 14 years to a great guy (from Switzerland) and we have two dogs (Ted and Sam). I worked for 14 years for Olivetti in Bridgewater, NJ - my most recent position there as Director of Marketing for their Cash and Time Management Systems. I did tons of traveling - literally all over the place - Japan - Europe and domestic cities as well - and now I am a technical writer for an Industrial Manufacturing company in Westchester NY and I love it. I work out of my house for the most part, which is in Flanders, NJ. Keep in touch!

John J. Builes
Residence: Easton, Pennsylvania

Antoinette Calwonsen
Residence: Washington, NJ
College: Somerset Co. Vo & Technical Institute, Licensed Practical Nursing Course (Jan.1985-Jan. 1986)
Occupation: Nursing Consultant/ Purchasing Coordinator for a Long Term Care Pharmacy located in Hackettstown, NJ
Other: United States Naval Service from 1988-1992, Hospital Corpsman Rate

Kathy (Carmody) SLINKER
Spouse: Jack Slinker
Residence: Indianola, IA
Children: Jason Slinker, Robbie Slinker
College: University of Northern Iowa
Occupation: Dental Assistant
Other: I need more information on the reunion.

David Colatriano
Residence: Yardley PA
Children: Chelsea
College: BS Trenton State College, MBA LaSalle University, MS Temple University
Occupation: COO
* Entry Submitted: 3/11/12

Frances (Goble) Graham
Spouse: David Graham, Owner of Oldwick Village Garage, Oldwick, NJ
Residence: Bethlehem Twp., New Jersey
Children: Two children: Cameron-5, Jack-2 and two step-children: Christopher-19, Kimberly-18 
Occupation: Merck & Co., Inc. (Whitehouse Station, NJ)
Other: Hey, where is everybody from the Class of '80??? 

Christine  (Hart) Santini
Spouse: Sam Santini Jr.
Residence: Stewartsville,  NJ
Children: Stephanie and Carly Santini

Shelley Harvey
Spouse:  happily single
Residence: Blairstown, NJ
Children: love those nieces and nephews!
College: BA Rutgers College; MBA Lehigh College of Business & Economics
Occupation: Order Fulfillment Manager/Supply for Mars Chocolate NA; Mars associate since 1987
Other: Thank you for this unofficial site! Glad to see some familiar faces!!
* Entry Submitted: 6/4/10

John Hnatt
Spouse: Melanie (Leiby)
Residence: Cary NC
Children: Allison (1993), Julia (1996)
College: Lehigh University
Occupation: Software Engineer, Tekelec, Morrisville NC

Todd Kalnas
Spouse: Divorced
Residence: West Easton,  Pa.
Children: None that I know of!
College: Rutgers University - College of Engineering but not for long.
Occupation: New York Life Insurance Company, Lebanon, NJ
Other: Nice to see a lot of names I hadn't thought about in a while. Glad to see everyone is doing great. Take care all.

Patrick McGovern
Spouse: Patricia
Residence: Chesapeake VA
Children: Ryan (15), Tanya (14), Brendan (11)
College: Southern Illinois University
Occupation: Corrections Specialist
* Entry Submitted: 1/25/10

Jim Mondzak
Jim passed away on September 7, 2009.

John O'Neil
Spouse: Suzanne
Residence: Easton, PA
Children: Daughter - Kelly age 8; Son - Christopher age 6
College: Ft. Lauderdale College
Occupation: Tax Manager - Johnson & Johnson Corporation

Marianne (Piatt) Gage
Spouse: Steven Gage
Residence: Hilltop Lakes, Texas
Children: Abigail (23), Marielle (19), Rebekah (18), Joshua(16)
College: Lafayette College, BS-Biology
Other: Steven (my best friend) and I are celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary in 2010. We have 4 wonderful, grown or nearly-grown children and we've made our home in 5 states (Delaware, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Indiana and, for the last 4 years, Texas). I am active in the arts community, serving on the local art council board of directors, as a member/officer of several writers groups, and taking and giving a few music lessons. I am currently a student of writing for children.
* Entry submitted: 2/11/10

Beth (VanDoren) Decker
Spouse: Kenneth Decker
Children: Emily & Sarah
Occupation: Doyle-Devlin Funeral Home
* Update submitted: 5/2/11

Mary-Jo Varone
Married: Michael D. Korp - PCHS Class of 1974, Administrative Assistant to the Mayor of Easton, Pa.
Residence: Easton, Pa.
Occupation: Assistant Treasurer & Branch Manager, UnitedTrust Bank

Dan Walsh
Residence: Indy Indiana. ...and yes, its flat in Indiana
Children: Catherine Marie (Katie)  born 6/30/98
Occupation: Senior field support engineer, laboratory systems, Roche Diagnostics Corporation, Basel Switzerland

Bill Wolverton
Spouse: Karen (my second wife, the greatest)
Residence: Washington, N.J.
Children: A step son, Dan, a race retired (rescued) greyhound, Ethan, two cats, Kiwi and Indy.
Occupation: Process Support Specialist, Dry Powders Department, DSM Nutritional Products, formerly Hoffmann LaRoche in Belvidere, N. J. Can't believe I've been there for 24 years!!!!!


John Baker
Spouse: Jean
Residence: Lake Bluff, IL.
Children: Johnny (11-3-92), Jay (10-19-97)
Occupation: VP Sales/Marketing Publications International Chicago, IL

Mary E. (Becker) Hengst
Spouse: Raymond H. Hengst, married Sept. 24, 1983
Residence: Washington Township, Warren County, New Jersey
Children: Mary Lynette Hengst DOB: 12/16/87; Amanda Elizabeth Hengst DOB: 05/28/94
College: Centenary College, Hackettstown, NJ - B.S. 1983
Occupation: Senior Management Assistant  State of New Jersey; Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital
* Update submitted: 6/16/09

Kenneth Bucci
Spouse: None!
Residence: Fogelsville, PA
Children: None!
College: None!
Occupation: Application Developer for Synectics Group, Orefield, PA

John Costantino
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Shea 05/92
College: BA Seton Hall University
Occupation: V.P. Sales Patton Envelope and Printing

Kathy (Cruts) Zengulis
Spouse: Scott
Residence: Washington NJ
Children: 3 children Ryan13, Nicole 11, and Connor 7

Butch Cutsler
Spouse: Brenda Simpson
Children: Jarrett and Austin
Residence: Doylestown, Pa.
Occupation: Mortgage Loan Officer - National Mortgage Group, Inc

Bill Deitman
Spouse: Lucinda (Miller)
Residence: Mount Bethel, PA
Children: Jessica and Matthew
College: Northampton Community College; Kutztown University
Occupation: U.S. Navy-Submarine Service QM2SS; BASF-Chemical Formulator
Scimedx Corp. Technical Service Engineer-Production

Joe DeRiggi
Spouse: Christina (Pagura - Easton H.S.)
Residence: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Children: Jillian; Benjamin
College: Arizona State University; Colorado Technical University
Occupation: Systems Analyst for Hewlett-Packard

Pamela (Drago) Riecke
Spouse: Joseph Riecke
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: I have a step-son. His name is Joey and is 15. I also have two(2)Labradors - one is yellow(4yrs old male) and the other is black(3 and 1/2yrs old male).
College: Went to Sommerset Community College.
Occupation: Computer Operator at Binney and Smith.

Donald E Fabula
Spouse: Luba Semenova
Residence: Neptune, NJ
College: Somerset County Community Collage AAS & AS; New Jersey Institute of Technology BSME
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer (Design) - US Navy

Fiona (Flanagan) Matthews
Spouse: Steven Matthews
Residence: Santa Monica, CA
Children: Daughter Owen born 1999
College: UCLA
Occupation: What, me work? 
Other: Still wear the uniform on occasion.

Tom Flynn
Married to Ellen (Tramutola) of Maywood NJ
Two daughters, Cassidy and Delaney
Living in Phillipsburg, NJ (ever been there?)
Employed by American Can in Washington, NJ

Bob Gittler
Spouse: Susan - married late 1998 (better late than never...)
Residence: Philadelphia
Children: Kurt, born in 1999; Erich
College: Drew University, B.A.,1983  University of Illinois, M.A.,1992
Occupation: Economic Development for the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Pennsylvania
Other: I wish I could recognize the faces in the group reunion pics!
I also would like to know on what occasions Fiona wears her uniform.... (Hi Fiona!)

Matthew Gleason
Spouse: Christina
Residence: Hackettstown NJ
Children: Caitlyn, Lauren
College: FDU, Economics Finance
Occupation: self - employed
* Entry Submitted: 9/19/11

Gary Hank
Residence: Easton, PA
Occupation: Teacher Phillipsburg Middle School
Married Michelle (Miller) 1981 PCHS Grad 
Children: Two boys Cory and Alec
You can also find me at's_page.html

David "Dulla" Ingegneri
Residence: Cross Junction, VA
Children: 3 dogs, Shasta and Shirva (shelties) and Ellie (lab-shepard mix)
College: U of Maryland
Occupation: General Manager at Dominion Valley Country Club, Haymarket, VA

William Jennings, Jr.
Website: I'm on Facebook
Spouse: Patricia Hartley
Residence: Wilson, Pa.
Children: Deidre age 12, Dustin age 10, Heather (step-daughter) age 16
College: U.S. Navy 1979-1984, dental technician, 1983-1984 I was attached to U.S Marines 2nd FSSG out of Cherry Point, N.C., stationed in Beaufort, S.C.
Occupation: I'm now back in college pursuing a degree in Social Work.
* Update Submitted: 11/14/10

Julie (Lauriano) Segreaves
Spouse: John   Married 4-25-1992
Residence: Forks Twps. Easton
Children: Laurie-age12 born 5-20-1993   Stepdaughter Selene-age 28
Grandson--Jacob-age 1 born 01-12-2005
College: Churchman's Business School 1980-1982-Clerk typist.
Occupation: Support Staff Sr. at AIG-American General Life and Accident Insurance Company, Forks Twps.
Other: Laurie has been going to Sts Philip and James School since Pre-K she is now in 7th grade (2006). The school is wonderful and she enjoys playing Basketball for the "Saints". The gym still looks great. LOL

Jim Letcher
Spouse: Susan Tiley
Residence: Maple Valley, WA
Children: Christopher, Nathan, Andrea
College: Drexel University 1984, Seattle University 1996

David J Lucas
Spouse: Catherine O'Neill
Residence: Easton
Children: Steven J , Ashley C. ,Brendan O. , Kathleen O. ,Conor P.
Occupation: Senior Operations and Maintenance Tech. Siemens PT&D  Neptune Project Sayerville N.J.
Other: Yes there are 3 more kids listed. What can I say love is better the second time around. In addition to the extra kids you can also count 3 horses (all paints) 2 boys and a girl. 
When you find your passion in life it fulfills and lifts you above all the noise of the past. With this knowledge you can unleash all the best that life has to offer. See it and it comes to you.

Ken Mondzak
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Occupation: Town of Phillipsburg

Kathleen Murray
Spouse: The Rev. Martha M. Dooley
Residence: New York, NY
Children: A "terrierist" beagle who needs to go to dog obedience school.
College: M.P.A., Columbia University; B.S., Rosemont College
Occupation: Student
Other: A postulant for the priesthood in the Diocese of New Jersey.  Attending The General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church in NYC and will, God willing, be ordained to the priesthood in 2013.
* Update Submitted: 12/8/10

Lisa Nehila Dowell
Website: Facebook
Spouse: Bobby
Residence: Virginia Beach, Virginia
College: Gemoligical Institute of America
Occupation: Jewelery Sales
* Entry Submitted: 1/21/10

James Oberly
Spouse: Which one ?
Residence: Dallas
Children: Blessed with a son
College: UTA
Occupation: Contractor

Terry O'Neil
Children: Ryan (03/02/94), Brendan (04/03/96), and Justin (08/15/97)
Occupation: Director of Applications Development for Catholic Health Initiatives
Residence: Warrington, PA

Valerie (Ostili) Lusardi
Spouse: Joe Lusardi
Children: Lauren
Residence: Lopatcong Township, NJ
Occupation: Assistant Accounting Manager

John Rovi
Spouse:  1 former who brought me to Hawaii for 3 years.
Residence: Tampa, FL
Children: No thank you.  I'll pass.
College: Career #1:  1983 King's College, Wilkes-Barre, PA, B.S. Computers and Informations Systems
Career #2:  1996 Potomac Massage Training Institute, Washington, DC
Occupation: Career #1:  Programmer Analyst - 15 years; Career #2:  Licensed Massage Therapist
Other: The key to happiness is doing what you like and getting paid for it.  I'm very happy.

John J. Russo
Spouse: Amy
Residence: Asbury NJ
Children: Ellen, Alexandra
College: Dean Jr. College AA Music (81); Columbia Southern University BS Criminal Justice (00)
Occupation: Police Sergeant Bedminster Township Police Department NJ; Instructor Firearms / Defensive Tactics / Chemical Weapons; Instructor Somerset County Police Academy
Other: United States Army Military Police Corps 82-85

Tom Salerno
Spouse: Carol
Residence: Flemington N.J.
College: University of Louisville (Equine Business Program)
Occupation: Pennsylvania Horse Racing Commission (Judge)
* Entry submitted: 3/21/10

Jacquelyn (Sands) Cole
Spouse: Robert Cole
Residence: Williams Twps.  Easton Pa
Children: Daniel 4/11/84, Michael 11/24/85, Thomas 2/22/87
Occupation: Retired

Karen (Smith) Connelly
Spouse: Al Connelly
Residence: Stanhope, NJ
Children: Alan (7 yrs.) & Victoria (4 yrs.)
College: Rider College (1983)
Occupation: Self-employed, Karen's Family Child Care

Mary Jean Snow
Spouse: what's a spouse???
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
Children: Jamie (23), Meredith (21), Julian (18)
College: BA Moravian College, 1983; MA East Stroudsburg University, 1996
Occupation: Teacher
* Entry Submitted: 3/1/09

Mary Jeanne Stone
Graduated Fairleigh Dickinson University (Madison) with BA in Spanish 1983, graduated New England School of Law, Boston, MA, 1989.
Partner with the firm of Belford & Stone, 279 North Main Street, Fall River, MA 02720.
Married to David B. McGinnis, with two children: Russell and Kelsey, and living in Somerset, MA.

Barbara (Woolf) O'Donnell
Spouse: Ted
Residence: Madison, NJ
Children: Teddy (16) Kelsey (14) and Megan (10)
College: Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison Campus
Occupation: Legal Assistant, Berman Rosenbach, Morristown, NJ
Other: I can also be reached at

William Wright
Spouse: Terri (Baum)
Residence: Lopatcong Township
Children: Kristin (29), Shannon (26), two grandchildren, Jeffrey (4), Angelina (1)
College: Graduate NJ State Police Academy
Occupation: Owner/Operator of JIMMY'S ON THE DELEWARE, Phillipsburg, NJ
Other: Come down and see me at Jimmy's on the Deleware!


Andrew J. Chando
Email: or
Spouse: Jackie (McGarity) Chando (Major, MSC, USA)
Residence: Columbus, Georgia
Children: Heather Ann (6 years)
College: Rutgers University (BA:1986); Troy State University (MS:1996); US Army Command & General Staff College 2001
Occupation: Lieutenant Colonel, US Army

Tom Chando
Spouse: Karla (Matlock) Chando
Residence: Katy, Texas
Children: Jesse Chando
College: Steven Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Engineering
Occupation: Chief Operating Officer, S&S Technology, Houston, Texas
Other: Give me a call (281-815-1498) or send me an email.  It would be great to hear from you'all !

Catherine Collazo
Spouse: none :)
Residence: Easton, Pennsylvania
Children: Lydia 14, Ida 13 and William 17
College: Empire Beauty School, Easton, Pennsylvania
ITT Truck Driving School, Macon, Georgia
Occupation: Full Time Mother, for many, many, many, yrs. Over The Road Tractor Trailer/Truck Driver
Other: It's wonderful to see names; God Bless you all!

Dave Dapkiewicz
Spouse: Christine
Residence: Essex, VT and Howey-In-The-Hills, FL
Children: Melissa (29), Daniel (26), Justin (25), Sarah (23), Andy and Ben (Twins, 21)
College: Lincoln Technical Institute
Occupation: Retired in March 2008, owner of software company 1992-2008, IBM 1980-1992
Other: Can't believe it has been 30+ years since high school.  Time sure does fly by...  Great to read about you all!
* Entry submitted: 6/9/09

Suzanne (Fuhro) Smith
Spouse: Jim
Residence: Hope, New Jersey
Children: Kaitlin (1-4-91); Allison (4-26-93); Tina (11-29-74)stepdaughter; Carrie (12-14-78) stepdaughter
College: Becker Jr. College, Leicester MA; AS Animal Health Technology; FDU, Madison NJ; Credits in Biology; 
Nyack College, Nyack NY; BS Organizational Management
Occupation: Associate Scientist; Roche Vitamins Inc., Belivdere NJ
Other: The website is great!  I feel like I am back at PCHS!  Sorry I never attended the reunions.  If there is one for 25yrs. I will be there!  Been married for 14 years and loving it.  I have two beautiful girls ages 9 and 11.  Still riding horses.  But I think that my girls have cornered the market on that one!  I coach a 5th and 6th grade girls rec. basketball team with my husband.  Looking forward to seeing you all at the next reunion!  Stay safe and well in God's love!

John Gregory
Residence: Phillipsburg
Occupation: Retired police officer

Frankie Lynn Harvey
Spouse: Steven Buchman
Residence: New York City
Children: Matthew Abraham
College: Bernard M. Baruch, City University of New York; Pace College, New York City
Occupation: Was:  Computer Programmer, Business Analyst, Consultant; Now:  Math Teacher in NYC
Other: Sister = Shelley Harvey, Blairstown, NJ
Brother = Chuck Harvey, Hackettstown, NJ
Brother = Paul Harvey, Texas
* Entry Added: 11/28/08

Joanne (Jebran) Clayton
Residence: Pennsylvania

Paul J. Kaulius, D.P.M. 
Married: Tammy Bray (PHS ,79)
Children: 2 Sons; Christian (5/11/92) & Brendan (3/17/95)
College: Fairleigh Dickinson University, BS, Biology, 1982
New York College of Podiatric Medicine, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, 1986
Occupation: Podiatrist
Office Locations: Health Center at Trexlertown, 6900 Hamilton Blvd., Trexlertown, PA 18087, 610-481-9455
Foot & Ankle Associates, 1901 Hay Terrace, Easton, PA 18042,  610-250-3900

Kevin Kearns
Spouse: Liz
Residence: Ramsey,  NJ
Children: Kelly (14)  Amy (12) Brittany (9)
College: FDU Teaneck 1982 BS Mechanical Engineering; FDU Teaneck 1990 MS Mechanical Engineering
Occupation: Principal Mechanical Engineer for Goodrich Optical and Space Systems
Other: Looking forward to our 25 year reunion.

Donna Kerr
Spouse: Rick Restall
Residence: Steamboat Springs, CO
Children: Kristin
College: Trinity University and Univ of Tx San Antonio
Occupation: CPA
* Entry Submitted: 9/12/11

Tony Marina
Spouse: Angela Litta, Catasauqua PA.
Residence: New Port Richey FL
Children: Jenna (23); Joe (20)
College: Pasco Hernando CC
Occupation: Owner Lordtonster Premium Sportswear
Other: Living in FL for 20 yrs, married 17. Still stay in touch with John Gregory and Larry Shively. Hobbies, Golf, Gambling, Basketball, Bucs.
* Entry Updated: 12/12/09

Faith McCarty
Spouse: None
Residence: Phillipsburg
Children: Nicole 22, Sarah 20 and Jeremy 17...I also have a grandson, Cody, who will be turning 3 in July!
Occupation: I work at a shelter for women who are victims of domestic abuse. I really enjoy helping these families out. It's much better than my last job at Sprint. Big corporations suck!!!
Other: I was glad to find this website....Looking forward to hearing from anyone that wants to talk. Can't wait for our 25th reunion. I missed the last one.

Margaret McFadden
Residence: Somerset, NJ
College: Rutgers University, BS; Kean University, MA
Occupation: Coordinator of Physical Education, Westfield High School, Varsity Field Hockey Coach

Ann Nicolosi-Foose
Residence: Lopatcong
Children: Robert Michael 18 years old, attending Monmouth University
Occupation: I opened my own business "GIANNA'S PRAYER"
I am an active volunteer in many aspects including: Pro-life, in our church (SPSJ) and "Dream Come True"

Angela (Picione) Kiefer
Spouse: The man who inspires me, my husband Jesse (married 23 years!  - yes it's true!)
Residence: Oxford, NJ  (God's country--well, it could be!!!!!!!!)     
Children: Justin- age 16yrs. (My singer/actor); Jarrod- age 11yrs. (My athlete)
College: Fairleigh Dickinson University; EDS Corporate Management Program-Operations Division; WCCC Dental Program 
Occupation: Mom (the hardest job you'll ever have!!!!) AND Dental Assistant (finally, a job I truly love!!)
Jesse: Senior Vice President of Research & Development for Cadbury Schwepps
Other: Why is it that you only see people you know at weddings and funerals???????- and promise you'll keep in touch, but never do!  What's with that???
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

James J. Piperato Jr.
Email:  J pips @ vorizon . Nrt
Spouse: Joelle Piperato
Residence: Pburg
Children: Melissa 28. L j 26  Aimee 22
College: Somerset c c.   Kean col
Occupation: J pips paving co
* Entry Updated: 2/12/12

Georgine (Price) Tracy
Spouse: John
Residence: Brigantine, NJ
Children: Morgan; John
College: Stockton State College
Occupation: Social Work

Michael Radice
Married: Cristine Chisena of NYC on 9-28-91
Children: Nicole Angelina (10-14-92), Michael Joseph (4-18-96), Brandon Louis (11-10-99)
Residence: Basking Ridge, New Jersey
College: Fairleigh Dickinson University, BS, 1982
Occupation: V.P. Pharmaceutical Sales/Marketing/Business Development for North America. Antibioticos, S.p.A., Milan, Italy.

Mike Rapeer (a.k.a. Mick Ryder)
Year: 978 (Warren Tech H.S.) PCHS 74-76
Spouse: Divorced
Residence: Hamilton Twp. NJ
Children: Mike, Shawn, Brandy, Ashley
College: National Radio Institute
Occupation: Chief Engineer. WPST, WHWH, WTHK, WCHR A+F, Nassau Broadcasting Princeton NJ

Joseph Russell
Spouse: Diane
Residence: Bedford Pa.
Children: Joseph; Dawn
College: State University of New York Mooville
Occupation: Dairy Cattle Hoof Trimmer

Larry and Colleen (Shay) Shively
Spouse: yes - still married
Residence: Orlando, Florida
Children: Abby - 17 years old
Occupation: Larry is the Director of Marketing for the NCS Corporation.
Colleen is a Sr. Medical Technologist and the Donor Center Coordinator for the National Marrow Donor Program @ Central Florida Blood Bank

Rita (Stangle) Miller
Husband: Tom
Children: Pete (12-6-79) Monmouth University
Tom Jr (5-26-81) Army
Amber (10-19-83) Sophomore at PHS
Occupation: Housewife and Mother
Married: 10-7-78

Christine (Testa) Rutt
Spouse: Terry Rutt class of 1977 married 05/20/95
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: our son Bryce Logan Rutt- our gifted and talented scholar born 04/08/2000
College: Churchman Business School 1985, Harcourt Learning Direct 1999; Western International University A.A. 2007
Occupation: Sales
Other: glad to see all who attended class of 1978's 30th reunion. Everyone looks great. Let's start planning for our 35th.
* Entry Updated: 12/3/08

Sam Verenna
Spouse: Robin
Residence: Louisville, KY
Children: Ashley 9/22/1979; Tara 3/22/1981
College: Mercer University School of Pharmacy 1983
Occupation: Clinical Pharmacist
* Entry Submitted: 5/18/11

Joe Wilchak
Spouse: Angie
Residence: Phillipsburg NJ,  Mountain Lake NJ
Children: Missy;  Karen; Grandchildren: Brian 9/20/97  Anna 7/8/00  Blaze 2/9/04
Occupation: Retired Correction Officer; Retired E.C.W. Pro Wrestling Security
Other: Being a grandfather is the best job in the world! Being retired at 40 years old is the best revenge to all the B.S. life has to offer!!! Having the time of my life. Doin' nothing and busy as hell.

Christine (Zorn) Close
Spouse: Christian Close
Residence: Freedom, PA
Children: Rebecca, Erin, Megan, Lauren
College: California State College, Duquesne University
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Research Lab Technician
* Entry Submitted: 2/21/11


Carol (Argentati) Schwar
Spouse: Michael
Residence: Alpha, NJ
Children: Megan and Matthew
College: Rutgers Cook College; N.J. School of Public Health
Occupation: Health Inspector

Thomas Bucci
Residence: Washington DC
College: U of Maryland
Occupation: Artist (painter)

Theresa DeMonti

Residence:  Dauphin, PA
Children: Gerald Kinnaman, Martin Kinnaman

* Update Submitted: 2/25/11

Annette (Dyrek) Lund
Spouse: Bill Lund
Residence: Hearne, TX
Children: Patricia (11); Joey (9) and Jeremy (9)
College: Glassboro State College (NJ); Sam Houston State University (TX)
Occupation: Adult Probation Officer (intensive caseload)

Karen (Edwards) Guhl
Spouse: Gary
Residence: Columbia, MD
Step-children, Asa and Jon
Occupation: Computer Aided Drafter

Mary (Ennis) Meo
Spouse: Larry Meo, Jr.
Residence: Clinton, NJ
Children: Katie-18, Larry III-15, Timmy-12, Sarah-9
College: Rutgers University
Occupation: Teacher
Other: Actually, I attended PCHS only until 1975, but I remember you all!

Jim Finegan
1377 Rowe Lane, Phillipsburg, NJ
Married: Maria Elisa
Son: Jimmy, Age 13, Daughter: Alexandra, Age 11

Doreen (Fortunato) Pazumas
Spouse: Pete
Residence: Alpha, NJ
Children: Kristin-25, Megan-24, Jenna-22(Died Oct. 17, 2006)
Grandson Richie-7, Grandaughter Brielle-9 1/2 months

Joe Gercie
Residence: Bethlehem Township, PA
Spouse: Michelle
Children: Joshua is 21 and attending Penn State University and Matthew 19
Employer: Aventis Pasteur, in Swiftwater Pa
For an avocation I officiate football, lacrosse, and I umpire fast pitch softball. This past season I was fortunate to be promoted to officiate NCAA football. (Mostly Division II, and III)

Joe Hnatt
Spouse: Cindy
Residence: Palmer Township , P A
Children: Amy 11,  Bryan 11
Occupation: New Jersey State Corrections Officer

Tracy (Johnson) Lukachek
Spouse: Bart Lukachek
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Ashley and Shane
* Entry Submitted: 9/29/11

Lucy Joyce
Spouse: Christian Lewis
Residence: Slate Hill, NY
Children: Ali, Jazmin, Christian III (Ian), Kevin
College: St. Lawrence University '81; Cornell University '96
Occupation: Manager, Lewis Sign Co.
Attempt to organize home life.

Michael J. Letcher
Spouse: Divorced
Residence: Wellington, FL
Children: Kathryn (Katie) Age 11, Kyle Age 8 
College: MBA Robert Morris College, Pittsburgh, PA 1991
BS St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA 1981
Occupation: Director of Financial Projects, W.R. Grace & Company, Columbia, MD

Valerie (Mamrak) Colbeth
Spouse: Steve Colbeth
Residence: Palmer, PA
Children: Ryan,15; Todd,13

Dave Mancinelli
Residence: Alpha
Children: David, 18; Stephen, 13
College: Alvernia, Class of '80; B.A.
Occupation: Administrative Analyst with NJ Div. of Developmental Disabilities (but looking forward to retirement soon!)
Other: Keep the Faith...Support the Troops....Is it last call yet? Good health to everyone!
* Entry Updated: 7/21/11

Jamie Mcatee
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
Children: Daryl 27, Kaitlin 22  just graduated from Elizabethtown and is an Engineer , Miranda 14
College: LCCC
Occupation: Banker by day, soon to be Corporate Trainer and artist in my spare time

Debi (McFadden) Herbert
Spouse: Mark
Residence: Phillipsburg
Children: Gwen
Occupation: Controller at Harmony Sand & Gravel Inc.

Mary (Minchella) Devine
Spouse: John
Residence: Ramsey, NJ
Children: Chris and Adam
College: Morris County College A.A., William Paterson University B.A., Montclair University, Special Education Certification, Ramapo College for Masters of Science Degree in Education Technology, currently attending Montclair University for a second Masters in Reading.
Occupation: Special Education Teacher, Private Music Instructor

Jody Lyn Oberly
Residence: Dallas, Texas
College: University of Texas 
Occupation: Master Re-Construction Contractor, Keynote: Leadership Speaker
* Entry Updated: 12/5/10

Kathleen Pursell
Teacher @ Saints Philip & James School
Married: John J. Korp, Class of 1976, Associate Director NORWESCAP, Inc.
Children: John M. Korp, Thomas E. Korp, Mary Kate Korp

Terry Rutt
Spouse: Christine (Testa) Rutt class of 1978
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: son Bryce Logan Rutt born on 04/08/2000
Occupation: program support clerk
* Entry Updated: 12/1/08

Valerie (Stabp) Szymanski
Spouse: Al
Residence: Milford, NJ
Children: Conor 10; Aedan 6
College: Lorain County College, Elyria, OH
Occupation: V.P. family business

Mary (VanDoren) Mugavero
Spouse: Thomas (Muggy) Mugavero
Residence: Phillipsburg,NJ
Children: Michele, Eric
Occupation: Finegan's Front Desk Clerk
* Posting submitted: 10/8/09

Ed Weiss
Spouse: Karen (Martz) - married 8/2/86
Residence: Lopatcong Township, NJ
Children: none
College: BA Muhlenberg College - 2000; MBA DeSales University (currently attending)
Occupation: Plant Manager - Pretium Packaging, Forks Township, PA


Jim Bottos
Spouse: Not Anymore
Residence: Phillipsburg / Easton
Children: Jessica Lynn (born 1980); Rob Andrew (born 1985)
College: Northampton Community College; Warren County; Lafayette
Occupation: Design Engineer; Lead Guitar

Ken Dale
My wife Natalie and I have two kids, Courtney Lynne who is two, and Haley Maree who is just ten weeks.
I am an Emergency Medicine physician in Southern California

Joe Eckel
Spouse: Teri Eckel
Residence: Rockaway, NJ
Children: Shannon 6 yrs old
College: Monmouth University
Occupation: Sales Manager
Other: Let's put a mid '70s reunion together.... even if it is just an open invitation to a Restaurant/Bar where we can all talk????(11/05)

Angela Marie Fioranelli
Residence: Phillipsburg NJ (Pohatcong   Twnshp)
Children: Jesse,30  Cheyenne,22    Cody,16
College: Trade School   Allentown/Stroudsburg School of Cosmetology
Occupation: Professional  Hairstylist
Other: not married at present time
* Entry submitted: 7/17/09

Karen (Fortunato) Nelson
Spouse: Rick
Residence: Pen Argyl, PA
Children: Lauren

Pamela (Kollar) Marshall
Residence: Pen Argyl. Pa
Children: Kerry,20 years old. She is a Junior at Shippensburg University in PA, majoring in Criminal Psychology.  Danielle,15 years old, a freshman at Pen Argyl High school. Nicholas, 8 years old. Second grade  and a soccer and gymnastics nut.
College: Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Occupation: Production and  Sales Manager for an Outdoor Advertising Co. in Allentown, Pa. (Billboard Advertising)
Other: Lost touch with almost everyone except Karen Fortunato. Would love to hear from you guys....

Ann (Korp) Kelly
Spouse: Michael (PHS 76)
Residence: Phillipsburg
Children: Kristin Leigh 23, graduate of Wheelock College of Boston, and Jeremy Michael, 17
Occupation: Legal Assistant
Other: We are looking to get a class reunion together this year (2007)  Anyone interested please email me.  Looking for addresses for lots of people.

Dave Korp
Spouse: Patricia
Residence: Easton PA
Children: Thomas A ; Elizabeth l
College: Cook College
Occupation: Owner Cutting Edge Landscaping  12 yrs

John J. Korp
Associate Director NORWESCAP, Inc.
Married: Kathleen Pursell, Class of 1977, Teacher @ Saints Philip & James School
Children: John M. Korp, Thomas E. Korp, Mary Kate Korp

Maryann (Lear) Cicale
Spouse: Gerry "Squeak" Cicale PHS, 1974
Residence: Blandon, PA  (Berks County)
Children: Matthew, 20; Eric, 17; Samantha, 15
College: West Chester State College, 1980
Occupation: Social Worker
Other: I'm also a born-again Christian. Had a blast at the 31st class reunion!
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

Rosemary (Mazza) Kumma

Eileen McFadden-Hartman
Spouse: Jim Hartman
Residence: Palmer Township, Pa
Children: Alesha, Tiffany, Jamie All stepdaughters and one granddaughter Emily
College: Bryman's Medical Assisting
Occupation: Medical Assistant and Office Manager
* Update submitted: 4/21/11

Bob Minardi
Spouse: Pompea
Residence: Bolton, MA
Children: Christiana (11 yrs)
College: Somerset County CC & UMass
Occupation: IT Manager

Mary "Murphy" Falcone
Email:    or
Spouse: Joe Falcone
Residence: Goldsboro, N.C.
Children: three girls, Nicole 19, Taylor 16, Erin 14
College: North Carolina Wesleyan
Occupation: Dental Hygienist self employed with the military

Mike Nehila
Spouse: Cindy
Residence: Lumberton, New Jersey
Children: Kristin 17 and Chelsey 11
College: Kean University
Occupation: Vice President, Transitional Housing Services for the Homeless; Special Olympic Gymnastic Instructor

Thomas J. O'Neil
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
College: Mount Saint Mary's College
Occupation: Account Executive - advertising sales

Dana R. Rounsaville
Spouse: Marie
Residence: Basking Ridge, NJ
Children: Nicole 16, Christina 12
College: Kutztown State University
Occupation: VP, Operations

Kathleen (Stillo) Decker
Spouse: Jeffrey Decker
Residence: Lopatcong Township
Children: Alexandra and Catherine Decker
College: Marywood University
Occupation: Registered Dietitian

Christopher P. Tarsi
Spouse: Chong , married Feb 1980
Residence: Havre de Grace Marlyand
Children: Christopher A, Graduate of Villanova University, Chemical Engineer
College: AA Central Texas Criminal Justice; BS Colorado Business Administration
Occupation: Security Specialist, DA Civilian, US Army Aberdeen Proving Ground Maryland
Other: Retired 2001 after 25 years Active Duty US Army
* Entry submitted: 2/1/09

Jim Trincheria
Spouse: Roxanne
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Aimee (22) Stepdaughter
College: Churchman's Business College
Occupation: URD Technician - Jersey Central Power & Light

Barbara (Williams) Duda
Spouse: Paul Duda (class of 76 also)
Residence: Bath, PA
Children: Jenny and Stephen
Occupation: Banking


Maria (Baldascino) Zuccarello
Email: unum@comcast.,net
Spouse: Greg
Residence: Sewell, New Jersey
Children: Jim (19 yrs. old)- Soon to be a Sophomore at Rowan University.  Undeclared for now.  Loves his music--plays guitar, bass, drums, and piano. Not too proud, am I?
Jeremy (11 yrs. old) - Soon to be a 6th grader in middle school.  He loves Karate.  Actually won a gold medal in an Atlantic City Competition.  Has his green belt.  A sweet kid with a great sense of humor. 
College: Villanova University--College of Nursing BSN with specializations in oncology and cardiac care
Occupation: Worked in nursing in the Philadelphia area for 15 years. Not working now. I am a cancer survivor and currently dealing with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.
Other: The 30th reunion was fantastic!! It was great to see everyone. Thanks to Tony Leggio, his wife, and everyone else who worked on making the day a success. We were all so lucky to have had the experiences that we did at PCHS. Peace to all of you.

Cheryl (Cesari) Jessamine
Email: Cherylann.Jessamine@CHASE.COM
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
Children: April - age 12.
College: William Paterson College B.A. Psychology (1979).  NCACC Computer Science (1986). Landmark Education (last year 8 mos.) - Introductory Seminar leader.
Occupation: Sr. Technical Officer Chase Bank.  Been with the bank for 15 yrs.  Systems Analyst and Tech support for ATM and Funds Transfer businesses running on Compaq Systems.

Tony Leggio
Spouse: Theresa - Professional Photographer (check out the web site I designed for her)
Residence: 5 Cameron Lane, Lumberton, NJ 08048
Children: Amanda 15 and Stephanie 13
College: County College of Morris - A.A.S. Computer Science 1977; Glassboro State College - B.S. Marketing 1989; St. Josephs University - M.B.A. Business 1995
Occupation: Vice President AT&T
Other: Let's get the class of '75 together again.

Terry (Letcher) Zvolanek
Spouse: Darrell (11/23/1985)
Residence: Bloomsbury, NJ
Children: Amy (04/19/1988) DeSales 2011; Matthew (08/16/1991) WCC 2011
College: University College of Rutgers Unversity (20 year plan)
Occupation: IR (1975-1988); Midland School, Adm. Asst. to Principal (1999-present)
Other: 35th Reunion plans???
* Entry Updated: 12/12/09

Susan (Mazurek) McCauley
Spouse: William
Residence: Bethlehem, Pa.
Children: Jeffrey 28, Joshua 25 and Jason 21
College: Hahnemann/Drexel University
Occupation: RN LVH trauma and NCC nursing clinical instructor
* Entry Updated: 11/28/08

Paul Lockely Minchella
Spouse: Ginger B. Taylor
Residence: Roswell, GA
Children: Nicholas (Nicky) 12, Meghan 10, and Lockly was born July 2nd, 2004. A healthy little monster
College: University of San Diego
Occupation: Home Depot Corp Paralegal/Mediator
Other: Married to the most beautiful woman in the world!

Kevin Mulligan
Spouse: Laurie
Residence: Wilmington, Delaware
Children: Christopher (16), Daniel (14) and Katelyn (9)
College: University of Dayton - BS Mechanical Engineering; University of Delaware - MBA
Occupation: Business Owner - manufacture of military support equipment

Kevin M. O’Brien
Spouse: Elizabeth  (deceased-1999)
Residence: Spring, TX
Children: Deidra Jeanette O'Brien
College: University of Texas School of Allied Health Sciences (Paramedic School 1979)
U.S. Army Aviation Center (Rotary Wing Training 80-81)(Instructor Pilot School 85')(Aviation Safety Officer School 87')
Houston Police Department Academy (81'-82')
Occupation: Master Army Aviator/Instructor Pilot-U.S. Army Reserves (Ret.); Sergeant of Police/Field Training Supervisor  Houston P.D.
* Entry submitted: 7/14/11

Ellen (Phelan) Smyser
Spouse: Steve
Residence: Bolivia, North Carolina
Children: Tom-24  Kate-21  Molly-18
College: Undergraduate-East Stroudsburg, Graduate-College of New Jersey, Tech Certification-Seton Hall
Occupation: Special Education Teacher
* Update submitted: 4/18/09

Ricky Rutt
Residence: Still in P'burg
College: Trenton State, Northampton County Vo Tech AS Electrical Engineering
Occupation: Telecommunications Engineer/Consultant; Design global voice and data networks. Currently at MCI/Worldcom.
Other: For 25 years I've been a semi-professional race car driver. Stock Cars and small Indy cars. Still hoping to make it a full time profession.

John Sands
Residence: Seville, Spain
Children: Vanessa and Joseph
Occupation: Electrical Manager, Morón Air Base, Spain

Patty (Stewar ) Steele
Residence: Easton ( Palmer ) , Pa
Children: No  kids, but an 11 lb. shih tzu who runs my life.
Occupation: Retired Medical Technologist.
* Entry submitted: 3/23/10

Susan (Stillo) Wilkins
Spouse: Thomas
Residence: Strousburg, PA
Children: Morgan, 9 yrs., Tommy , 7 yrs.
College: Bachelor of Music from Marywood University
Occupation: 1979-1988 Music Teacher grades 1-4 Pocono Mountain School District; 1988-1996 Owned and operated Stillo's Music School, Kindermusik of the Pocono Mountains and Musicgarten Preschool in Reeders,Pa. Founded the Fine Arts Discovery Series: Concerts for Families, 1990. Currently teaching at Notre Dame Elementary School East Stroudsburg, 1996-
Other: It's 25 years---is anybody interested in helping to get together a reunion?

Carol Ann Sylvester Rosete
* Entry submitted: 7/14/11

George Varga
Spouse: Judy Guevara
Residence: Springfield VA
Children: Chris - 16; Angela - 9
Occupation: Chief Master Sergeant, USAF, Enlisted Training Manager, Pentagon

Jeanette (Winfrey) Jahnke
Spouse: Karl
Residence: Norman, OK
Children: Emma is 15 and Kara is 11 years old.
College: University of Oklahoma BA in 1979, MS in 1981
Occupation: Speech-language pathologist in the public schools for 23 years!


Dennis Alichwer
Spouse: Tanya
Residence: Coos Bay, OR
Occupation: Electronics Engineer
* Entry submitted: 8/15/09

Joseph Boyle
Residence: Phillipsburg NJ
Children: Justin 19yrs. old, Alissa 18yrs.old
Occupation: Bridge Officer

Eileen Brotzman
Occupation: Purchasing Agent
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ

Tom Bruno
Spouse: Robin
Residence: Easton, PA
Children: Thomas, III, Michelle, Patti
College: Belmont Abbey College, Belmont, North Carolina
Occupation: Legislative. Political Coordinator and Staff Representative/Organizer for CWA Local 1040

Jean (Calwonsen) Padgett
Residence: Hackettstown, NJ
College: Warren County Vo Tech Nursing Program, Graduated 1976
Occupation: Director of Pharmacy Services, Bach's Pharmacy Services, Hackettstown, NJ

Karen Connolly
Residence: Stroudsburg, Pa
Children: Thomas Happel, Brian Happel
College: Hood College, Frederick, Md.
Occupation: Social worker...Welfare dept.
Other: As you can see by my kids names I was married ...took back my maiden name I've run into a few PCHS alumns on aol...del tersigni..bill rossnagle...chuck mcinerney...tony sagliani

Gary DeGerolamo
Spouse: Brenda 
Residence: Palmer, PA
Children: Jared, Janel
Occupation: Buyer
* Update submitted: 8/22/09

Jim Ennis
Spouse: Van
Residence: 82 Kenvil Ave, Succasunna NJ 07876
Children: John 1977, James 1986, Joe 1988, Jenn 1988, Jackie 1997
Occupation: Technology Consultant

Scott Fina
Spouse: Barbara Courain
Residence: Philadelphia, PA
Children: Sean, Matthew, Luke (triplets)
College: Niagara University, Seton Hall, Temple University
Occupation: Grants Administrator

Daniel Galloway
Spouse: Denise
Residence: Moore Township - Bath, Pa.
Children: Zachary [14] Melissa [12]
College: Louisiana Tech
Occupation: Owner - Tire Associates of Washington

Linda Kaulius
Spouse: Shawn Klingensmith
Residence: Champion, Pa
Children: 2 girls: Hunter/8, Margaux/4
Occupation: Freelance Artist

Jim Kelly
Spouse: Florence Kelly
Residence: Manville, NJ
Children: Jim Jr.; Hannah
College: Villanova University; Trenton State College
Occupation: Science Department Chairperson; East Brunswick High School

Patrick Kearns
Spouse: Debbie (Kochis)
Residence: Belvidere (White Township) NJ
Children: Taryn, Lauren and Sean
College: Villanova University
Occupation: Engineer

Michael D. Korp
Administrative Assistant to the Mayor of Easton, Pa.
Married: Mary-Jo Varone - PCHS Class of 1980, Assistant Branch Manager & Assistant Cashier - United National Bank, Phillipsburg
Address: Easton, Pa.

John Lawler
John_Lawler@IDPump.Com or
Residence: Phillipsburg
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer Ingersoll Dresser Pump

linda (macarthur) ball
Spouse: michael
Residence: easton, pa.
Children: n/a
College: georgian court college; northampton community college
Occupation: registered nurse; board certified in mental health and psychiatric nursing
Other: very interested in hearing from my classmates, and am sad that i never attended any class reunions! really would be interested in seeing everyone at a 30th reunion this year!!!!!! feel free to e-mail me with your opinions about this!!!!!
lots of love to all!

Kathie McAtee

Betsy McFadden
Spouse: Phil Fluke
Residence: Big Sky, MT
* Entry submitted: 12/1/09

Rosa Najjar
Residence: Phillipsburg,NJ
Occupation: Administrative Secretary, NJ Dept. of Corrections
* Entry submitted: 6/12/11

Janice (Pierfy) Langen
Spouse: John
Residence: Alpha, NJ
Children: Melissa and Melanie
Occupation: Legal Assistant

Scott L. Reda
Spouse: Debra R. (Badway) Reda
Residence: Harmony, NJ
Children: Adam,17; Joshua,15; Marc,12
College: Seton Hall University
Occupation: CEO

Gary Sanguinito 
Spouse: Mary Ann Jiorle
Children: Scott; Greg

James Somogyi
Residence: Easton, PA
College: Lafayette College '84
Occupation: Engineering System Specialist
Community: Chairman, Saint Bernard and Saint Michael Buildings and Grounds Committee

Larry Tersigni
Spouse: Elizabeth Kark
Residence: Palmer PA
Children: Kate 21; Alexa 19
Occupation: CEO Green Pond Group, Inc.

Autumn (Ulmer) McClain
Website: http:/
Spouse: None
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Shawna, Christopher, Amber and Dara
Occupation: Food and Nutrition, Warren Hospital
Other: Who says you can't go home?!
* Update Submitted: 2/13/10

Residence: NYC
College: Rutgers University
Occupation: Local One Stagehand
* Entry Submitted: 9/18/10

Tom Zammatore
Spouse: Migdalia
Residence: North Arlington, New Jersey
Children: Tommy.  Also Steven, due August 16.
Occupation: Insurance defense lawyer.

Keith Zwicker
Married Susan Smith ( Belvidere)
Three children, twins Keith, Korin (24) and Staci (22)


Rosemary (Carberry) Towle
Residence: Columbia,SC
Children: Connor
College: Trenton State (The College of NJ) Univ. South Carolina/The Citadel
Occupation: Teacher

Thomas A. Casey
Residence: Phillipsburg, N.J.

Nancy (Cassedy) Klass
Spouse: Louis S. Klass
Residence: 1346 Ridge Trail, Easton, Pa. 18040-1136
Children: 2 daughters - Merranda 28, Nicole 25  - and -  2 grandchildren -  Bryanna 3, Sage 11 months
College: Northampton Community College
Occupation: Chef

Robert T. Coyle, Jr.
Spouse: Denise A. Coyle
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Kathryn E. Coyle, Jennifer Coyle, Robert T. Coyle, III
College: University of Scranton
Occupation: Sales

Keith Davis
College: Northeastern University
Occupation: staff

Marjorie (Deutsch) Bigelli
Spouse: Frank Bigelli
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Ryanne, Matthew, Mark
College: St. Francis Hospital School of Nursing
Occupation: Registered Nurse
* Update Submitted: 9/30/11

Debbie (Giamoni) Chando
Spouse: George
Residence: Forks Township, PA
Children: Erica and Mark
Occupation: Executive Administrative Assistant
* Entry Submitted: 4/9/10

Richard "oj" Joyce
Spouse: Manuela
Residence: Miami, FL
Children: Kristin 21, Kaitlin 13, Katherine 8
College: Belmont Abbey College, 1977, BA, Recreation
University of Miami, JD, 1990
Occupation: Attorney

Laurie (Mangan) Bauch
Spouse: Reverend Alan J. Bauch
Residence: Lockport, NY
Children: Dorothy, Kevin and Carolyn
College: Dorothy  (University of Rochester);Kevin (Colgate); Carrie (SUNY @ Alfred University); Laurie D'Youville College
Occupation: Occupational Therapist
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

Colleen (McGinley) Kaulius
Spouse: David Kaulius
Residence: Easton, PA
Children: Justin; Joshua
Occupation: Accounting Associate, Atlantic States Pipe Co.
* Entry Updated: 11/28/08

Cheryl Normandeau
Residence: Lewes. Delaware
College: Temple University BS; University of Phoenix MBA
Occupation: RETIRED!!
Other: feel free to contact me
* Update Submitted: 8/1/11

Donna (Porter) Mammana
Spouse: Pat
Residence: Venice, Florida
Children: Jeremie 12, Bryana 2

Eileen (Roberts) DeSalva
Email: erdes0502    -   Please e-mail Harvey with your complete e-mail address and it will be added.
Spouse: Gregory
Residence: 4040 Ruth Road, Bethlehem, PA 18020
Children: Meredith, 18 University of Delaware, Alexis, 14 Notre Dame High School
College: College Misericordia
Occupation: Registered Nurse, Nursing Coordinator Orchard Hills, KidsPeace, Orefield, PA.

Anthony J Sagliani jr
Spouse: Jean
Residence: Phillipsburg
Children: 2 boys Anthony 3rd, 22 and Michael 19
Occupation: regional manager for NJ DMV inspection stations.
Other: Hello everyone. feel free to e mail me.

Andy Sawran
Residence: Hershey, PA
College: Moravian College
Occupation: Sales Manager for West Coast software firm.

Natalie (Verenna) Coleman
Spouse: ROBERT
Children: MATTHEW (AGE 12); MARISSA (AGE 6)


Cindy (McAvoy) Engle
Spouse: Wayne Engle (Deceased)
Residence: Bernalillo, New Mexico
Children: Wayne Engle Jr., stepson
College: University of New Mexico
Occupation: Special Education Teacher; Albuquerque Public Schools
Other: Hi, y'all!! Has anyone ever heard from Barbara West?? I've been trying to track her down for years! Thirty of them!

Sandra (Pizzo) Howey
Website: Facebook
Spouse: Gene E.
Residence: Easton, Pa
Children: Christopher 33 & Kimberlie 32
College: Empire Beauty School
Occupation: Cosmetologis Generation Family Salon
Other: We have 4 grandchildren & 1 on the way due in August 3 boys ( Ty 6, Mason 4, Myles 3) 1 girl Lyla 4 mo.
* Entry submitted: 2/27/12

Julia (Joyce) Piazza
Spouse: Samuel
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
Children: Samuel, Jr. - 11.; Nicholas - 10;  Mary - 8
College: College of St. Elizabeth
Occupation: Homemaker (pres. home and school assoc)

Matthew T. Korp
E-mail address:
News Director of WAEB AM 790 - Allentown, Pa.
Married Joan Stahl
Children: Matthew T. Korp, Jr., Meghan E. Korp, Anne Marie Korp
Address: Catasauqua, Pa. 18032

John J. Langen
Spouse: Janice
Residence: Alpha, NJ
Children: Melissa & Melanie
Occupation: Sales Supervisor

Carol (Lukachek) Franco
Spouse: Anthony (Tony)
Residence: Nazareth, PA
Children: Jennifer (31); Matthew (28); Samantha (26)
College: Northampton Community College
Occupation: Preschool Teacher
* Entry submitted: 8/27/09

John McCormack
Residence: Wilmington, DE
College: Florida State University; University of Florida College of Medicine
Occupation: Radiologist

Bernie Sampson
Spouse: Imogene
Residence: Whitehall Pa.
Children: Krista, Ben
Occupation: CEO

John Sharpe
Spouse: Mary Louise Celia (deceased)
Residence:  Bethlehem, PA
Children: Jennifer(28), Aimee(23), and Lauren(17)
College: Northwood U.
Occupation: Toll Collector (D.R.J.T.B.Comm.)
* Entry submitted: 5/7/11

Ann (VanDoren) Dommer
Spouse: James
Residence: Batavia, N.Y.
Children: Laura - age 13
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Other: What's being planned for our 30th Reunion, really missed having the 25th.

Frank Zacharias
Residence: Harmony Twp.  NJ
Children: Sarah 25
* Entry submitted: 7/4/11


Joanne (Bosze)Anderson
Spouse: Richard
Residence: Sylva, NC
Children: Jessica 31; Ryan 29
Grandchildren  Caden 3, Abram 7 months
College: Trenton State College
Occupation: Teacher
* Update Submitted: 11/19/09

Carla (Carita) Curcio
Residence: Bethlehem Twsp., PA
Children: Michael, age 16
Occupation: Director of Sales

Colleen (Flynn) Laros
Spouse: Michael
Residence: Washington Township, PA
Children: Chuck, Marc, Jon & Christina Wilson
College: NACC
Occupation: Executive Assistant/Office Manager
* Entry Submitted: 11/19/09

Matthew Frinzi
Spouse: Mary Ann
Residence: Allentown PA
Children: Mike - 25 years old; Matt - 22 years old
College: Kings College; Bowling Green State University
Occupation: Purchasing Agent, Rotating Machinery Services
* Update Submitted: 11/8/10

Linda (Geklinsky) Mauser
Spouse: Wasyl
Residence: Kreidersville,PA
Children: Holly 19,Wasyl 22
College: NYU's FIT New York City, Elizabethtown College
Occupation: Freelance Artist, Web Designer, Substitute Teacher
* Update Submitted: 1/10/09

David M Johnson
Email: or
Spouse: Mary Pat
Residence: Uncasville,Conn.
Children: Meghan 23,Jen 21, Kaitlyn 14, Emily 11
Occupation: Area Superintendent/Production Manger
* Update Submitted: 1/25/11

Residence: NEW YORK, NY
Occupation: CPA
* Entry submitted: 7/10/09

Michael Mulligan
Spouse: Regina
Residence: Glen Allen, Virginia
Children: Carrie age 25, Christy age 22
Occupation: Region Director of Risk Management- SUPERVALU INC.

Donna Marie Napoli
Residence: Tampa, FL
Children: Kristopher, age 30, married to Elizabeth Olsen and Erin, age 28, married to Richard Alvez.
College: Moravian College and The University of Tampa
Occupation: Administrative Professional

Deanna (Paini) Papa
Spouse: Al
Residence: Allentown,PA
Children: A J-19 Years old- Penn State University, Ariana-17
College: Boston University
Occupation: Classic Marketing-Rep Principal

Joyce (Pados) Martin
Website:   and
Spouse: Thomas
Residence: Hilltown, PA
College: Rider College-undergrad; Lehigh University- Masters in Education
Occupation: Retired from teaching @ New Hope Solebury School District for 35 years
* Update submitted: 1/21/11

Sal Pizzino
Spouse: Gail
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
Children: Nicholas (24), Danielle (21)
College: University of Dayton
Occupation: Program Manager for Navy Overhaul Program
* Update submitted: 11/13/09

Judy Ann (Sass) Brown
Residence: Brodheadsville, PA
Spouse: Jay
Children: Jennifer 19
Employer: The Math Forum

Susan (Stewart) Fishbough
Spouse: Glenn
Residence: Wind Gap, PA
Children: Gregory
College: Trenton State College
Occupation: Supervisor, Warren County Board of Social Services
Other: I'd be willing to help plan a Reunion.

Ginny (Yetter) Wilson
Spouse: Les
Residence: Phillipsburg, N.J.
Children: Amy 27, Christopher 24, Jeremy 20
Occupation: Customer Service/Operations Supervisor
Other: We are planning  a class reunion for 2006.


Deb (Aiello) Ciardi
Spouse: Don
Residence: Stanhope, NJ
Children: SON, DAN...AGE 27
College: Alvernia College, Reading, PA
Occupation: Office Mgr. at a Chevrolet dealership
* Update submitted: 10/1/09

Frank Baldascino
Spouse: Spouse: Kathleen - Graduate of Marist College 1975 - BA in English
Residence: Highland, NY
Children: Anthony (26) graduated Syracuse University (Computer Graphics and Web Design), owner and partner of Razolution LLC; Christina (22) graduated from The College of St Rose in Albany, NY with a BS in Speech Disorders and begins her graduate studies September 2008.
College: Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY; BA in Communication Arts, 1974
Occupation: Executive IT Specialist in Security, IBM Global Services with the CISSP and CISM certifications
Other: I am very active in Crew (rowing) from my college years and both of my children were involved in the sport. I am the Girls Freshman and Varsity coach for the FDR High school Crew team and Secretary for the Hudson River Rowing Association.
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

Patricia (Brown) Francett
Spouse: Bob Francett
Residence: Anchorage, Alaska
Children: Christine, Vicki, Jeffrey
Occupation: Store mgr. Just For Me Inc.

Joseph P. Casey
Spouse: N/A
Residence: Dallas TX area
Children: Joseph Casey, Jr., Hayley Casey, Sean Ryan Casey
College: University Of New Mexico
Occupation: System Administrator for CitiGroup

Rosemarie (Chando) Person
Spouse: Charles "Skip" Person
Children: Aubrey Lynn and Ashley Marie
College: College Misericordia - B.S. Elementary/Early Childhood Education; New Jersey City University - M.A. Early Childhood Education
Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher; Adjunct Professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University; Educational Testing Services - Praxis Item Writer

Richard V. Daniels
Spouse: Kathleen (McFadden) Daniels
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Kristi Daniels, Rebecca Daniels Biggwither, James Biggwither, Ian Richard Biggwither (Grandson)
Occupation: Retired Contractor
* Entry Updated: 11/28/08

Gene Flynn
Spouse: Divorced
Residence: Nine Mile Falls, WA
Children: Daniel (9) and Nathan (7)
College: Lasalle College ('74), Univ of California, Hastings College of the Law ('78)
Occupation: Founder & President Commissioner of Lexindo Consulting, Jakarta, Indonesia
* Update Submitted: 9/1/10

Matthew A. Frinzi
Residence: San Francisco CA
College: Bowling Green University (1974); Bowling Green Ohio
Occupation: CEO, PelviCare Inc.

Pat (Marchetti) Campbell
Spouse: Rob Campbell
Residence: Deptford, NJ
Children: Robbie and Matt
College: Trenton State College, BS in Business Administration/Marketing; post bac certification from Glassboro State Collge in secondary education
Occupation: Business/Marketing Teacher at Buena Regional High School, Buena, NJ

Kathleen (McFadden) Daniels
Spouse: Richard Daniels
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Kristi Daniels, Rebecca Daniels Biggwither, James Biggwither, Ian Richard Biggwither (Grandson)
Occupation: Retired Contractor
* Entry Updated: 11/28/08

Francis J. Minchella, Jr.
Spouse: Rosario Minchella
Residence: East Brunswick
Children: Michael - senior University of Massachusetts; Kevin - sophmore Univesity of South Carolina
College: Rider University - BA; Rutgers University - Masters of City and Regional Planning
Occupation: AEGON USA Realty Advisors - Real Estate Portfolio Manager; Partner - MCRP Realty Investments, LLC
* Entry submitted: 4/10/09

Pat (O'Brien) Walter
Spouse: Doug Walter
Residence: Nazareth, Pennsylvania
Children: Mark (14) and Brian (11)
College: Northampton County Area Community College
Occupation: R.N. - Certified Professional Childbirth Educator
Certified Lactation Counselor

Diana (Peroni) Edwards
Spouse: Bob Edwards (Also Class of  1970)
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Stephanie (33); Christina (Edwards) Gerould (31)
Granddaughter: Gianna Gerould (2)
Occupation: Unemployed at the moment.
Other: Looking forward to our 40th Reunion next year. Did I say 40th? OMG!!
* Update submitted: 8/28/09

Jack & Diane (Carita) Price
Residence: Tulsa OK
Children: No Children
College: BA Moravian College, Bethlehem Pa
Occupation: CFO
* Update submitted: 10/7/09

Joanne Sagliani
Residence: Golden Beach, Florida
College: Thomas Edison
Occupation: Admininstrator Clinical Research
* Entry Added: 9/28/08

Vickie Tolotta Petfield
Spouse: Larry
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
Children: 3 sons, Joseph 26, Stephen 24, Matthew21
College: College Misericordia B.S.; Lehigh University, M. Ed.
Occupation: Teacher (special ed. (autism))
* Entry Submitted: 11/5/10

Jim and Barbara (Wilson) Stettner
Residence: Phillipsburg NJ same Stettner Houshold
Children: Robert Age 30 Jim 2nd Age 29 Ashley 23
College: Moravian.Rowan, East Stroudsburg
Occupation: Retired Police Chief, Current Director of Security and Day care Provider

Vivian (Tannasso) Albert
Spouse: Lou
Residence: Cocoa, Florida
Children: Tiffany 35
* Entry submitted: 2/10/10

Fred Tedesco
Spouse: Karen Murphy
Residence: Succasunna, NJ
Dana - 20 yrs old, Sophomore at Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA majoring in Bio-Chemistry
Allison - 16 yrs old, Sophomore at Roxbury High School, Varsity Lacrosse and Field Hockey Teams
College: B.A. Liberal Arts, Wilkes College, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Occupation: Senior Technical Manager, Verizon Communications, Basking Ridge, NJ
* Update submitted : 3/16/09

Ellen Thomas
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
College: Warren County Community College
Occupation: Medical Assistant

Jo Anne (Tolotta) Riddle
Spouse: Thomas
Residence: Bethlehem, PA
Children: Erika(Riddle)Petrozelli, husband Matt, both 2003 graduates of Lehigh University.   Erika is a CPA and works at Magnitude Capital, in New York City.  Jennifer Riddle, graduate of St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, employed with Cengage learning and residing in Philadelphia.
College: Husband Tom and 1973 graduate of Lafayette College, Masters Degree from Lehigh University.   President of Valley National Financial Services.  
Occupation: Jo Anne previously employed at Ingersoll-Rand in Phillipsburg and Fox/Roach Real Estate in Devon, Pa.
Other: Enjoy being with my family and golf outings with my friends.
* Entry submitted: 2/23/10


Residence: Bethlehem  PA
Occupation: pipefitter tech. at DSM nutritional products , inc.

Margie (Brotzman) Markus
Residence: Palmer Township, PA
Children: Megan, Kelly and Matthew
College: College Misericordia - BS in Elementary Education
Moravian College - Masters in Curriculum and Education
Scranton University - Principal's Certificate
Occupation: NCLB Coordinator for the Phillipsburg School District
* Entry Submitted: 4/7/10

Marisa (Cenci) Brown
Spouse: Douglas Brown
Residence: Vienna, Virginia
Children: Rebecca (29 years); Paul (27 years) Meredith (25 years)
College: BSN Niagara University; MSN George Mason University
Occupation: Registered nurse and research instructor, Georgetown University
Other: Granddaugher 18 months, Rebecca's daughter
* Entry submitted: 6/28/09

Charlene (Chando) Barto
Residence: Easton, Maryland
Children: J.D.-23yrs. old: Katie- 20 yrs. old
College: St. Peter's School of Nursing
Occupation: Registered Nurse

Christine A (Chando) Erck
Spouse: Daniel J Erck
Residence: Marlborough, Ma
Children: Alan 26, Graduated from WCSU in 1997,lives and works in NJ.  Jessica 22, recent graduate from UMASS/Amherst.
College: College of St Elizabeth
Occupation: Manager for the Taxpayer Advocate Service, IRS, Boston

Marty Coyle
Living in Collegeville, PA with wife, Jeane, and 12-year-old twin boys, Jonathan and Christopher.

Mark Anthony Gallagher
Spouse: Rita Marie
Residence: Tannersville, Pa.
Children: (2) step children,...Tina (41) Robert Jr. (39)
College: Lafayette College ( 1.5yrs.)
Occupation: Cemetery Sales Specialist (Retired)
Other: I have (4) grandchildren  Austin (8) Zachary (7) Mason (5) Kylie (2)
* Entry submitted: 3/25/09

Jamie (Gebhardt) McDevitt
Spouse: Philip (deceased)
Residence: Phillipsburg N.J.
Children: 4 children... Philip 28, Jason 27, Veronica 23 and Kyle 22, also have 1 grandson and a grand daughter on the way.
College: WCCC
Occupation: stay at home Mom, Daughter is handicapped needs full time supervision

James Hegedus
Spouse: Married 35 years to Jill hegedus
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ.
Children: One child. James IV 33 yrs old
Grand-daughter Claire Hegedus
College: Northampton Community College AAS in Banking 1981
Occupation: Keystone Nazareth Bank & Tr.; Indirect Lending Mgr.
* Entry Updated: 8/15/11

Frank A. Janosa, Jr
Spouse: Luella for 26 years
Residence: Leesburg, VA
Children: Two children and three grandchildren
College: Attended Southeastern University in Washington, DC
Occupation: Recently retired from the FBI after 34 years. I am currently working as a consultant in DC
* Entry submitted: 7/13/09

Bill Lansche
Spouse: Helen Lansche
Residence: Phoenix, AZ
Children: Loretta
Occupation: self-employed, Bill's Computer Repair

Chip McFadden
Spouse: Pamela Dunkel for 34 years
Residence: Harmony Township, NJ
Children: None
College: B.S.Salem College, Salem,W.Va.; M.Ed College of New Jersey
Occupation: Retired after 37 years from the Phillipsburg School District
Presently EMS Program Administrator @ Warren County CC
* Update Submitted: 9/9/10

Ed Rafferty
Spouse: Kathleen
Residence: Herndon, VA
Children: 3 children ages 17, 15 and 11
Occupation: I am a computer project manager at PRC

Wayne Roberts
Spouse: Jeanne
Residence: Easton, PA
Children: Wayne Jr.; Dan; Greg

Mary (Steen) Hartsell
Spouse: Larry
Residence: Chester, VA
Children: 2 children, ages 25 yrs and 22 yrs old and 3 step-children, ages 28 yrs., 23 yrs., and 21 yrs. old (2 grandsons)
College: John Tyler Community College, Chester, VA
Occupation: Asst. Deputy Treasurer for Chesterfield County, VA

David VanDoren
Spouse: Sally (Smith) VanDoren
Residence: Living in sunny Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Children: Christopher; Jennifer; Patrick
College: USN
Occupation: Supervisor, 2nd shift, Cordis Corporation


Jo Marie (Baker) Gray
Spouse: Bud Gray
Residence: Easton, PA
Children: Jason and Erin
College: BS Trenton State College (now The College of New Jersey)
MEd.Lehigh University
Occupation: Second grade teacher in the Phillipsburg School system.

Kathleen (Baker) Lawrence
Spouse: Michael
Residence: West Orange, NJ
College: Douglass College, Rutgers University
Occupation: Developmental Disabilities Trainer

Richard J. Belles
Spouse: Reine
Residence: Burlington, Massachusetts
Children: Chris, Roxanne, Greg, Jon, Danielle, Noah, Bolin
College: Saint Michael's College, Middlebury College
Occupation: Senior iSeries Administrator, Fidelity Investments, Boston

Michelle (Berretta) Beebe
Spouse: Leonard  Beebe Jr.
Residence: Phillipsburg, New Jersey
Children: (3) Christopher, Jennifer & Kasey
College: Churchman's Business School
Occupation: Early Childhood Education

Jerry Coyle
Spouse: Yuvonne Woolf
Residence: Pohatcong Twsp, Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Jeff,32,1978 and Ryan,26,1984
College: Trenton State, BA;  Rider University, MBA
Occupation: Human Resources Director, Warren County; Adjunct Professor, Business Coordinator, Muhlenberg College, Pa
Other: God, how I miss the Sisters of Mercy. Did I say mercy?? I hope all of you have had as great a journey through life as I. God bless.
* Entry Submitted: 6/30/10

Bernie Dapkiewicz
Spouse: Joanna
Residence: Cary, NC
Children: Jason(21), Jared(18), Taylor(10)
College: Saint Michael's, Trinity College, University of Vermont
Occupation: Bernie-Software Engineer, IBM; Joanna-Executive Customer Loyalty, IBM
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

Thomas Korp
Spouse: Diane
Children: Bethany Michelle Korp-Edwards (1978); Susanna Lynn Korp (1984)
Occupation: Operations Director, Rutgers University

Bill & Peggy (Mangan) McIntosh
Residence: Myersville Maryland
Children: (2)Jennifer 31 Viewer Services Supervisor @PBS;  Heather 30 Environmental Biologist SAIC
Occupation: Peggy Client Services/Marketing Hagerstown Medical Lab
Mac History Teacher/Football Coach

Pat Masterson

Linda (McFadden) Souders
Spouse: Frank Souders
Residence: Pohatcong NJ
Occupation: Branch Manager Vista Bank, Alpha
Other: Over recent years class members have expressed interest in having an Alumni reunion. Great idea to have this at Walter's park. This holiday season we attempted to plan a family at Flynn's. However, this idea is better. I will try my best to gather the McFadden clan together for this event, hoping all will attend on the 18th. Hope to see you there!   ~Lin (McFadden)Souders

Art Montesi
Spouse: Maria
Residence: Leesburg, FL
Children: Monica-31,step children Cindy-30, Steve-29, Kelly-28, Brian-25; 6 grand children
Occupation: retired
* Entry Updated: 8/27/08

Jim Mulligan
Spouse: Holly
Residence: Spartanburg, SC
Children: Kimberley (33)
Occupation: Various positions in IT industry

Jim O'Brien
Spouse: Gretchen
Residence: Olney, Md
Children: Bobby, Janet, Susan, Michael
College: U.S. Military Academy
Occupation: Leasing rep, IBM
* Entry Updated: 9/25/08

Frank Puziene
Residence: Arlington, VA

Edward  Wieder
Spouse: Marita (Fowler)
Residence: 27321 SW 164 Ct   Homestead, FL 33031
Children: Erik 21;   Tara 19
Occupation: Accountant in Homestead, Fl for 23 years


Bernard Brotzman
Spouse: Eileen
Residence: 28 Davis St. Phillipsburg
Children: Lori, Brian, Kevin, Nicholas
College: King's college 1971- Ba\A in History
Occupation: Settlements manager at AT&T,
Other: Member of the Phillipsburg Board Of Education

Catherine (Hedges) Lutz
Spouse: John Lutz
Residence: Mount Pocono, PA
Children: Lynette (Lutz) Huey
Occupation: Assistant to GM

Thomas Mannick
Spouse: Lisa
Residence: Temple Texas, Just North of the 'Austin City Limits'
Children: Trisha 30, Kelly 24, Meghan 20
College: The Ohio State University
Occupation: Southwest Regional Logistics Manager

Patricia Gaughran Modestino
Spouse: David
Residence: Woodstock, Va
Children: Stacy & Marc
College: Shenandoah University; Eastern Mennonite University
Occupation: RN

Earl Roberts
Spouse: Denise
Residence: Tobyhanna, PA
Children: Christopher; Chandra
College: Belknap College; Kutztown State
Occupation: Retired Marketing Director, Deacon - St. John Neumann - Califon, NJ
* Update Submitted: 8/15/11

Don Tanasijczuk
Spouse: Divorced
Residence: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Children: Justin - 25, Alexander - 21
College: School of Visual Arts, NYC
Occupation: Marketing, former professional musician
Other: I'd love to hear from Class of '67 grads.

Diane Weber
Residence: Allentown, PA
Children: Scott (29) Brent (27)
College: Churchman's Business School
Occupation: Daycare Operator
Other: Had a wonderful evening at our 40th year reunion (combined with PHS) at the Club at Morgan Hill.  Thanks very much to Linda Souders and Bernie Brotzman for their work--looking forward to our 45th (if PHS will have us)--we were pretty rowdy!  Fun!


Bob Byrne
Spouse: Mariann
Residence: Lima, OH
Children: Christian 1969; Britton 1971
College: Ashland University 1977, BA Bus. Adm; Ashland University 1982, MBA
Occupation: Vice President, New Product Development, American Trim, L.L.C.

Lawrence Coyle
Spouse: Anne Mengucci Coyle
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Kelly and Will
College: Teterboro School of Aeronautics
Occupation: Maintenance Supervisor for the Housing Authority of Phillipsburg

Ellen Fahey
Residence: Belvidere, NJ
Children: Khristine (1970), Mary Ellen (1972), Kathleen (1975)
College: BA, MA in Education East Stroudsburg University
Occupation: Elementary School Teacher grade 3, in Belvidere
Other: I was the "shy" girl from CA who came in Junior year.

Roseann (Galati) Ziegler
Spouse: Norman C.
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Two daughters: Micalann 27 and Geanna-Marie 25
Occupation: Processing Coordinator-Sheridan Printing Co. Inc.

Neil Gallagher
Spouse: Suzanne
Residence: Easton, Pa 18040
Children: Megan, Keith, Elizabeth, Joe
College: Mechanical Engineering - University of Dayton; MBA - Lehigh
Occupation: Senior Project Manager - Minerals Technologies, Inc

Bonnie (Langston) Parker
Residence: Durham, NC
Children: Natasha 1972, Tucker 1983
College: UNC-C
Occupation: Retired nurse, health administrator, educator
Other: I have lots of room for visitors and I'm right off I85 for weary travelers.
* Entry submitted: 9/6/09

Ronald J. Macaulay
Spouse: Lorinda
Residence: New Tripoli, Pa
Children: Laura- 1977, Nick-1979, Dan-1980
College: B.B.A-Ft. Lauderdale Univ. & M.S. Univ of Scranton
Occupation: Major Gift fundraiser @ Lehigh Valley Hospital
Other: Can somebody send me an email !

Andrea (Makatura )Posivak
Spouse: David
Residence: Bethlehem Pa.
Children: Tracy, Christopher, Scott
Occupation: Child Care

Anne (Mengucci) Coyle
Spouse: Larry Coyle
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Kelly and Will
College: Alvernia, Warren County
Occupation: Purchaser, Importer/Exporter

Noreen (Mulligan) Mc Donough
Spouse: John McDonough
Residence: Easton, PA
Children: Ryan, Univ. of Delaware, Mechanical Engr, CRB Engr.Consults.
      Sean, Kings College, Univ. of Baltimore Law School, Peter Angelos Law Firm
      Kevin, Notre Dame High School (2002) Keystone College
Occupation: Business Manager, St Jane's Church, Easton PA

Timothy E. Snyder
Residence: Salt Lake City, Utah
Children: Matthew T., Ryu P.
College: Fullerton Jr. College, East Stroudsburg University
* Entry Submitted: 7/31/10

Michael J Walsh
Spouse: Karen
Residence: Franklin, NC
Children: Christopher
College: University of Montevallo, Al
Occupation: Sr Vice President, Director of Operations - Banking (Retired)
* Entry Submitted: 2/5/11


Bernadette M. Easterly (Martyak)
Widow since 1984
Employment: Certified Dental Assistant
4 children: Monica (28) Assistant Marketing Mgr, for McNeils (Johnson & Johnson)
Emil (27) Sergeant - U.S. Army (Germany)
Stephen (25) Sergeant - U.S. Army (Germany)
Mary (20) Medical Assistant Student -Central Penn College
Residence: Hazleton, Pa. (right smack in the middle of the Pocono's

Mike Sheeran
Spouse:  Norma
Residence: Houston, TX
Children: Rhonda, Robin, Laura
College: University of Pittsburgh
Occupation:Broadcaster, Computer tech, truck driver


Patricia (Doyle) James
Spouse: Howard M. James  (PCHS Class of '64)
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Michael, graduate of Rutgers University, degree in Computer Engineering   Heather, graduate of Colgate University, degree in Mathematical Economics, graduate of University of Rochester's Simon School of Business with her MBA degree  Megan, graduate of Dickinson College with a degree in German
College: Pat - graduate of Trenton State College, BA in Elementary Educ., Mike (Howard) - graduate of Rutgers University
Occupation: Pat - teaching at Stepping Stone School, Mike -Controller - Affiliated Manufacturer's Corporation, Branchburg, NJ

Joseph P. Flynn Jr.
Spouse: Ann (Thomas)
Residence: Pittsburgh, PA
Children: Christopher, Timothy, and Erin
College: LaSalle University, 1968, BA Political Science; The George Washington University, 1975, MSA
Occupation: SVP Community Development, WesBanco Bank, Wheeling, WV

William J. Jiorle
Spouse: Gloria
Residence: Easton, Pa
Children: Jennifer, Lisa and Joseph
College: LaSalle College
Occupation: Sales Rep.

Larry Larrichio
Spouse: Alida
Residence: Albuquerque, NM
Children: Kim, Scott
College: BA Rider, MA Lehigh, MA New Mexico, PHd U New Mexico (ABD)
Occupation: Employer Relations- Continuing Education UNM

Frank J. Leggio Jr.
Spouse: Yvonne (Bonnie)
Residence: Fairport, NY
Children: Frank J. Leggio III, Michael Scott Leggio
College: The Citadel 1968, BS Business Admin, Florida Tech 1975, MS Transportation Management
Occupation: Retired U.S. Army LTC; Currently President & Owner of Skyline North a company that designs, builds & services trade show exhibits & graphics.


J Paul Bolcar
Married to Judy (Gollin) Bolcar (26years) Class of 1962 (first high school class to graduate from Roseberry St.)
She presently teaches 1st grade at Sts. Philip and James at Roseberry St.!
Two children:
- Jennifer (24), Class of 1994 (last high school class to graduate from Roseberry St.) Graduate of Ithaca College School of Music in Violin Performance.
- Matthew, (20) is a sophomore at Cornell University studying Applied Engineering Physics. (He graduated from Notre Dame Green Pond because there was no more PCHS.)
I have been employed by Elastimold in Hackettstown for 26 years and presently manage their Materials Science Laboratory.
We all reside happily in a corn field near Bangor Pa.

David Klega
Spouse: Ginger
Residence: Orlando, Florida
Children: Ann (b.1975) and Kelly (b. 1978)
College: Lafayette (1967), Lehigh (1974)
Occupation: Financial Manager, Orange County, Florida
* Update Submitted: 12/20/08

Jim O'Hare
Spouse: Sandra O'Hare
Residence: Lebanon, KY
Children: Sean O'Hare, 1994 graduate of Miami of Ohio, Finance Major, currently employed by Nationwide Finance Group in Columbus, Ohio.
Tim O'Hare, student at University of Tennessee, Graphic Arts Major, just completed last year of NCAA eligibility as a Pole Vaulter for UT's Track and Field Team. Just received his 2nd SEC Scholar-Athlete Honor Roll.
Ryan O'Hare, just graduated from Glasscock Elementary School with five years perfect attendance. He will be in 6th grade next year.
College: Graduated in 1968 from University of Dayton with comprehensive major in English and Business. Received Masters Degree from Wright State University in 1975. 
Occupation: Currently teaching English at Marion County High School, Lebanon, Kentucky. Also, assistant football coach and head track & field coach.
Other: Sandra teaches at St. Catharine College near Springfield, KY.

Ron Rossini
Spouse: Donna
Residence: 1605 Deer Path Road  Easton PA 18040-8167
Children: Carolyn, Barbara, Robert
College: Villanova University
Occupation: Wine and Liquors salesman for R&R Marketing LLC (wholesaler)
If buying a Liquor Store or Bar or Restaurant---call 610-258-5426

Joan (Trunk) Kremzir
Spouse: Bob
Residence: Richmond, Virginia
Children: Chris - 18
Occupation: Adm. Asst. for Independent Sales Director of the Longaberger Company


Karen J. (Easterly) Hoffman
Spouse, Eugene
Children, also graduates of PC, Elena Kays, Veronica Broomell. A son, Kevin, currently a senior at PHS.
I am retired, taking care of grandchildren, with hobbies and interest in horticulture, photography, painting, and genealogy; Gene works at NCC in the Electronics Tech Application Center; Elena, (PCHS Class of 1985)  teaches at Kean University and Veronica, (PCHS Class of 1986) married to Mark Broomell, is in marketing. Kevin a senior at PHS plans to attend college majoring in music education and has a ska band called LGD or LosinGround.
* Update submitted: 2/25/09

Joan Ellen (Ferraro) Albus
Spouse: Paul (Married) 38 years
Residence: Bethlehem PA
College: College of St Elizabeth '66
Occupation: Retired

Barbara (James) Emery
Email: *****
Spouse: Jack Emery
Residence: Forks Township, Easton PA
Children: 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren
College: Trenton State College....BA in elementary education
Occupation: retired educator


John J. Coyle, Jr.
Spouse: Marjorie H. Coyle
Residence: Stewartsville NJ 08886
Children: Maureen 39, Mary 30 three grandchildren
College: Univ. of Dayton, Notre Dame Law School
Occupation: Legal

Judi (Giroux) Douglas
Spouse: Scott
Residence: leesville, s.c.
Children: kevin britt 44 chapin, s.c.; lisa crow 43 centerton, ar.  have 4 grandchildren 1 great grand
College: Allentown Business College, Allentown, Pa.; Edison Community College, Ft. Myers, Fla.
Occupation: owner of the black dog inn bed & breakfast boarding dogs/cats, grooming shop, have non=profit Friends Of The Animals Inc.
* Update Submitted: 9/5/10

Maryann Smith
northampton comm. college - 1977 -finally got my R.N.
* Update Submitted: 11/13/10

Robbie (Starr) Gould
Website: Facebook
Spouse: Bill
Residence: Deltona FL. 32725
Children: Tom Brown, Robin Orenish, Tim Brown, Beth Boos, Jennifer Bowman, John Brown, Joe Brown
Occupation: retired
* Update Submitted: 8/10/11


Catherine (Carberry) Weber
Spouse: Allan C. Weber
Residence: Nazareth, Pa
Children: Michael 46, Andrea Kiskeravage 44, Carol Snyder 44, Robert 35
College: St. Agnes Hospital Sch. of Nsg;  University of St. Francis,  BSHA
Occupation: Hospital Supervisor semi retired
* Entry Submitted: 4/16/11

Jeanette (Durnin) Rothenbeck
Spouse: Charlie "Dave"
Residence: Washington, NJ
Children: Sam(42), Celeste(39), Christina(27), Brian(24), 8 grandchildren, 1 great grandson
Occupation: Retired/previously certified home health aide, deputy administrator municipal court, cashier/waitress/night manager-parents diner-restaurant/jack of all trades
Other: Enjoying grandkids & lots of hobbies

Betty (McDevitt) Franceschino
Email: None
Spouse: John Franceschino, Class of 1953
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Janet Whitehead; Beth Lilly, Class of 1990; Donna, Class of 1991; John, Class of 1994
Occupation: Billing for a Phillipsburg cardiologist
Other: I am the proud grandmother of 4.  Justin age 16, Julie age 13, Joseph age 10 and T.J.(Travis James) age 6 months.  The class of '60 just celebrated a 40th reunion in the Poconos at Pocmont Resort.  A good time was had by all who attended.

MaryAnne (Minardi) Talipan
Spouse: Richard J. Talipan
Residence: Bethlehem, PA 18017
Children: Bridgette Martin Alfonso; James Brian Martin
Occupation: Medical Receptionist
Other: We had a wonderful 40th reunion at Poc-Mont in the Poconos. We saw old friends and reminisced about our years at Parochial. Would love to hear from the Class of '60. I am a proud grandmother of two absolutely gorgeous- John Joseph 4 years and Colette age 1. They live in New York.

Yvonne (Nonny) (Volkert) Evans
Residence: Inverness, Florida
Children: Jim and Gregg
Occupation: Retired
Other: 4 granddaughters, 1 grandson and 1 great grandson
* Update Submitted: 5/15/10


Nancy Lee ( Boyle) Nall
Spouse: William S. Nall
Residence: Greenwood, South Carolina 29649
College: St. Peter's School of Nursing New Brunswick. N.J.
Occupation: Retired R.N in 2006

Jack Sepple
Spouse: Joann Rader Sepple
Residence: Shady Side, Md
Children: John Scott; Stephen
College: Rutgers University
Occupation: Retired - CIO - Nera Consulting Economists


Elizabeth (Betsy) Casey Dicker
Spouse: Robert (deceased)
Residence: Easton, PA 18040
Children: Valerie Lempka, Edd Dicker and Elieen Dicker
College: Warren County Comm. College
Occupation: Part-time  Medical Secretary (Sec. to the SPSJ Class of 1958)

matthew bill
Spouse: maureen e. Mulvaney
Residence: phoenix, az.
Children: mary agnes, catherine elizabeth, patrick matthew, patricia rose & theodore joseph
College: churchman business college part tine
Occupation: retired us postal worker
Other: please pray for tj (theodore joseph) he's been activated by the arizona national guard and will be on his way to afghanistan in jan.07 also pray for mary agnes, expecting her first child in aug.

Ed Coyle
Spouse: Joby Jeffrey
Residence: West Boylston, Massachusetts
Children: Ted (11/11/69) and Brian (12/7/72)
College: Newark State College, BS 1967; University of Massachusetts, MS 1971
Occupation: Labor Relations
Other: Kudos to Harvey Minchin for establishing this pleasant site.


Danny Boyle
Spouse: Janice Heath
Residence: Easton, PA
Children: Daniel Jr., Lori
Occupation: Retired
Other: 3 Grandchildren

Mary (Durnin) Rupell
Spouse: Orville, Jr.
Residence: (Mansfield Township), Oxford, NJ 07863
Children: Patrick Boyle, Bridget Boyle, Christopher Rupell; Patrick's children: Lauren, Megan, Katherine; Bridget's children: Stephen and Keira Hedges; Chris', Christopher, Jr.
College: Warren County Community College
Occupation: Retired; however, I am a motovational speaker for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society's Team In Training (fund raising athletes; also provide encouragement to newly diagnosed leukemia patients for the Cancer Institute of NJ/Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

Ruth (Gavin) Patti Davitt
Spouse: Charles Patti (deceased) Class of 1956/Joseph Davitt (deceased) Class of 1955
Residence: New Ringgold,  PA
Children: Samuel Patti (deceased); JoAnne Davitt Stewart (36); Jeffrey Davitt (34); Mark Davitt (28); 5 grandchildren
Occupation: MD receptionist/biller/retired
Other: I am semi-retired but always on the go and loving it. Spend a lot of time at grandchildren sporting events and watching the Yankees and NY Giants on TV or going to stadium.

John A. Harobin
Colleges: Lafayette 1961, BSME; University of Florida 1966, MBA
Currently retired and have lived in Houston Texas since 1977.
Married to Susan Jane Davis since November 1969. I think!
Children: Andrew 9/21/71: Christine 8/20/72
Andy lives in Philadelphia, graduated from Lafayette; recently married, no children.
Christine lives in Berea Kentucky, two children.

Renee (klega) Rumore
Spouse:  Sal Rumore  '56
Children: Paul- 41, Steve-39, Karen-35, Lisa Moniz- 30
Occupation: Retired from Guardian Insurance Co. and loving it

Millie Todaro Reichard


Lawrence "Larry" Duquette
Spouse: Carole Williams
Residence: Northborough, MA
Children: Robin, Lisa and Michael
College: Lafayette College and University of Rhode Island
Occupation: Purchasing Manager (semi-retired)
* Entry Added: 11/28/08

John Galati
Spouse: jane a galati
Residence: orlando,fla
Children: john jr erik mickey beth billy
Occupation: letter carrier retired

Sal P. Rumore
Spouse: Renee Klega
Residence: Easton. PA
Children: Paul, Steve, Karen, Lisa
College: Lafayette class of 1962
Occupation: Retired


Eileen (McDevitt) Mondzak
Spouse: Kenneth F. Mondzak Sr.
Residence: Phillipsburg, N.J.
Children: Kenneth F. Jr., James[deceased], Mary, Kathleen, and Michele
College: St. Francis Hospital School of Nursing
Occupation: Retired Registered Nurse
* Entry Added: 5/27/10 


Eleanor Durnin
Residence: Woolrich, PA
College: Georgian Court University, Dequesne University
Occupation: Retired Executive Director-CEO
Other: Enjoying family, nieces, grandnieces, nephews,  traveling, cruising, writing studying online, volunteering, gardening, computing, dedicated to Church work, having fun!


John Franceschino
Email: None
Spouse: Betty McDevitt, Class of 1960
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Janet Whitehead; Julie (deceased); Beth Lilly, Class of 1990; Donna, Class of 1991; John, Class of 1994
Occupation: Officially retired and loving it!
Other: As of this year (2000) I have 4 wonderful grandchildren and enjoy spending my time with them.  Justin age 16, Julie age 13, Joseph age 10 and T.J. (Travis James) age 6 months.

Occupation:  RETIRED FROM I-R CO.


Agnes Kosa Kaulius
Year:                       1950
Spouse: Deceased -Leonard Kaulius-class of 1949
Residence: Easton, Pa
Children: David, Linda, Steven, Paul, Clairann and Michael
* Update Submitted: 7/7/11

Bob Sheridan
Spouse: Eleanor (deceased)
Residence: South Daytona,  Florida
Children: Chris (Sheridan) Colangelo PCHS 1977,  Robin (Sheridan) Noll PCHS 1978, Linda Sheridan PCHS 1980, Pamela (Sheridan) Troxell PCHS 1985
Occupation: Retried
* Update Submitted: 7/26/11


Joan ( Davitt ) (Geklinsky) Beishline
Website: Palmer Twp. Easton, Pa
Spouse: Richard O. Beishline
Children: Barbara, Linda,  Patti, Joseph, Susan, Kevin & Rosemarie (Geklinsky's) & step son Richard R. Beishline
College: Vo Tech Licensed Practical Nurse Course, (Graduated)1973
Occupation: Easton Hospital & private duty for medical personnel pull, as a licensed Practical Nurse
Other: I have a twin Brother that graduated in 1948 also John Davitt, he lives in Ark.

Joseph A. Merlo
Spouse: Jane Catherine (Hertkorn) Merlo
Residence: Phillipsburg, NJ
Children: Mary-Elizabeth (DePree) Merlo; Robert J. Merlo
College: School of hard knocks.
Occupation: Retired from JT Baker Chemical, Co. after 43 long years.


Jean (Jezorski) McFadden
Email: none
Spouse: Joseph E McFadden (deceased)
Residence: Phillipsburg NJ
Children: Linda Souders, Kathy Daniels, Ed McFadden, Debi Herbert, Sandee Gebhart
Occupation: Switchboard operator, Warren Hospital
Other: Grandchildren: Kristi & Becky Daniels, Katie, Ian & Emily McFadden, Gwen Herbert, Ashley & Alexis Gebhart.


Florence Lea (Connolly) Rooney
Spouse: Jerry Rooney...deceased 1997   Class of 1940
Residence: Furlong, Pa  18925
Children: Pat Evans, Molly LaPorta, Terry Wilson, Jerry Rooney Jr.; 8 grands and 1 greatgrand
College: Kent State  Monroe College  Russell Sage  Clarion
Occupation: Mother, Grandmother and greatgrandma and Breathing


Margaret "Casey" Heiser Salitz
Children: Nancy, Peggy, John, Patrice, Michele, June
College: Navy WWII
Occupation: Retired
Other: New Brunswick, NJ


George A. Franco
Spouse: Felicia  (Pignotti) Franco
Residence: Hampstead, NC
Children: George, Quentin. Grandchildren: Joshua, Quentin, Nicholas, Caitlin, Patrick.
College: Lehigh University
Occupation: Retired

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