Catherine Helen Rose Minchin
Pictures from 4 Months Old through 6 Months Old.

Cate laughing at her bee - she loves toys that play music and light up.

In mid-December 2004 Cate was weighed and her weight was 14 pounds 11 ounces and was 26 inches long.


Cate watching her Pooh bear walk and talk.
On December 17th Cate figured out how to roll over and by early January she could roll over easily whenever she felt like it. Once on her stomach she'd get fussy because she preferred being on her back but couldn't figure out how to roll back over again.

By around 5 months old, Cate is getting pretty good at sitting up by herself.

Cate's new thing is to roll over in her crib and peek over the bumper pad to see who's around.

At the end of January Cate started eating baby food - and provided us with some great pictures.

This is the picture we had taken in February 2005 around Cate's 6 month birthday

In Early February Cate got to meet some of her relatives from Pittsburgh

Cate with more of the Pittsburgh crew.

Cate with Aunt Milly and Uncle Carl from Pittsburgh

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