Catherine Helen Rose Minchin
Pictures from 7 through 9 Months Old.

Cate met some relatives from England - Cousin Joe and Aunt Barbara

Cate is eating food much better - and not as messy

Cate in her "Big-Girl" inflatable bath tub

On March 12 Cate started crawling forward - she was getting pretty good at moving backwards before that

Cate with one of the toys she got for her first Easter

Cate with her Pappy

Cate and her mom - dressed for Easter Mass

Relaxing with a bottle in the great outdoors.

Trying out her new swing for the first time.

Cate at one of her cranky moments.

Cate with Uncle Tom.

Cate with Uncle Tom - in a better mood this time.

Cate with Danielle & Becky.

Cate with Uncle Dink

Cate with Uncle Tom, Uncle Dink, her dad and Pappy

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