Catherine Helen Rose Minchin
Pictures from 13 through 18 Months Old.

These are Cate's 1 Year Old picture taken in early September 2006.

Cate with cousins Melissa and Jane Marie

Cate with her Pappy

Cate with Mary

Cate with Uncle Dink

Cate with Uncle Tom

Cate wearing her first pair of shoes

Cate's first trip to Merrill Creek

Cate with Oma and the Swinging Monkey

Cate with Jane Marie

Cate Oma and Grandpa

Cate with having fun at the park with her mom

Cate the Dalmation at the Halloween Party

Play Group's Halloween Party

Cate with Ashley and Christopher

Cate with Aunt Nancy

Cate heading out for Trick-Or-Treat

More to come  - this is just through Oct. 2005 - I still have to put pictures through Feb. 2006 to get to when she was 18 months old.

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