Catherine Helen Rose Minchin
Pictures from 9 through 12 Months Old.

Cate with Aunt Kitty

Cate with Walt & Christine

Cate's first trip to the zoo - Lehigh Valley Zoo that is

Cate helping Grandpa play cards

Cate with Oma and the monkey

Cate with her mom and cousins Michael & Marissa

Cate with her dad and his Father's Day present

Cate enjoying her swimming pool

Cate with Aunty Audrey, Uncle Buggs & Aunt Helen

Cate really enjoys her swing

Cate with cousins Zach & Hannah

Cate heading for her dad to get his camera

Cate's reaction when told she can't use the camera and her dad wanted to take a picture of her in her pretty outfit - she loves taking pictures

A musician in the making

Cate with Grandpa

Cate with cousin Marissa and Aunt Dee

Cate and her dad swimming with cousins Nick and Janemarie

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